US Bath & Body Works New Year Shower Gel Haul

These are the Shower Gels I purchased on New Year’s (here).

I’d fallen in love with Little Black Party Dress (so sexy!) and Snowy Morning (so fresh!) and Coconut Lime Breeze (Skittles!) all purchased in My 2nd U.S. B&BW Haul (here) and definitely needed to repurchase them not only as Shower Gels, but also as Body Lotions and Fragrance Mists!

Sadly, once the prices got slashed, they went out of stock pretty quick. I’m sooo happy I managed to get a back-up of Little Black Party Dress and Coconut Lime Breeze as Shower Gels though ^_^

The rest were all new to me, granted I had seen Under Water Oasis in our local stores back in Summer.

Apple Blossom and Black Amethyst and Night Blooming Jasmine were clearly florals. Honestly, I thought they were all new because the U.S. B&BW tend to roll out the Spring/Summer Collections 2-4 months in advance, but apparently the latter two were “retired fragrances” that had been brought back for the semi-annual sale.

Rose Water Meringue and Pink Velvet Cupcake appeared to be gourmands from more recent collections, in addition to Christmas Cookies.

Mineral (Men’s Collection) and Under Water Oasis were some nice freshies, to round everything out.

They all arrived sealed ♥

Instead of $14.50 or $13.50 or $12.50 or whatever, I got most of these babies for 50% off and in some cases, more than 75% off.

Mineral (Men’s Collection) was reduced to $6.75
Rose Water Meringue was reduced to $6.75
Little Black Party Dress was reduced to $6.25
Black Amethyst was reduced to $6.25
Night Blooming Jasmine was reduced to $6.25
Apple Blossom was reduced to $6.25
Underwater Oasis was reduced to $6.25
Coconut Lime Breeze was reduced to $5
Christmas Cookies was reduced to $3.37
Pink Velvet Cupcake was reduced to $3.12
Iced Pear Margarita was reduced to $3.12

Unfortunately, several Shower Gels were missing from my order (probably went out of stock) including Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread (reduced to $3.37) and Snowy Morning (reduced to $3.12) and Champagne Toast (reduced to $3.12).

I’m just grateful that the ones that got to me didn’t go out of stock as well, especially at those prices!

I was pretty excited when this little package arrived, only to find out that I’d payed so much (shipping fee) for a single Shower Gel lol

It had arrived way earlier, on its own (small box), before the rest of my shipment (huge box). That said, it did come with the 20% Off Coupon Code (for a future order), just like all my other U.S. B&BW Online Orders.

Christmas Cookies (Land of Sweets Collection)

Get sweet on the holidays with ooey-gooey sugar cookie goodness

Christmas smells like a sweet-as-sugar blend of creamy cookie dough, almond biscotti & caramel wood

Land of Sweets Collection:

Winter Candy Apple – Never!
Christmas Cocoa & Mint – skipped because of the scary reviews (allergic reaction?)
Santa’s Blueberry Shortbreadtried to purchase but it went out of stock
Bright Lemon Snowdrop – purchased (here)
Hot Cocoa & Cream – purchased (here)
Christmas Cookies – purchased

The cutest collection from B&BW in 2019, was definitely the Land of Sweets Collection, released for Holiday 2019!

Everything in this collection, from the 3-Wick Candles (here) to the Shower Gels (here) to the Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps (here and here) and even the Wallflower Fragrances (here) had impossibly cute packaging! Everything was all sparkly and iridescent and glittery with delightful festive imagery! Each of the yummy scents had an equally adorable name and matching description too!

With that being said, while some of the 3-Wick Candles barely had any scent to them, the Hand Soaps were a bit too sweet for my taste. Thankfully, the Shower Gels smelled wonderful (as described)!

I’d already purchased the ones I’d wanted, and felt like that was enough. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself by purchasing a back-up of Bright Lemon Snowdrop and consequentially getting annoyed by the scent over time (familiarity breeds contempt). I just wanted to enjoy and savor the the one I had, while it lasted.

As for Hot Cocoa & Cream, it was good, but I was sure they were going to be re-releasing in another holiday collection, next year. I definitely didn’t need to stock up.

I truly hated Winter Candy Apple and instead of B&BW releasing it in several holiday collections at a time (around 3 to 4), I wished they’d just discontinue it already because to me, it smelled vile.

Christmas Cocoa & Mint sounded promising, up until I read the reviews, which scared me off of it. Apparently, several products in that scent, left some sort of “minty” cooling effect. So, I quickly lost interest.

That left only Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread and Christmas Cookies, both of which actually had pretty positive reviews. I tried to order Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread in several forms, but once the prices got significantly reduced, it sold out.

Thankfully, Christmas Cookies made it to me. The packaging was just as cute as the rest of the products in the collection, especially the glittery technicolor piles of snowfall! It was the most Christmas-y out of all of them and how cute was its description too!

It had a wonderful warm vanilla scent, that wasn’t quite as boozy as its Hand Soap counterpart Merry Cookie (here), but was quite lovely in its own right!

It was actually perfect when I wanted something nice and light yet pleasantly sweet, especially for those times when I’d be sick of some of my more fruity Shower Gels or freshies or florals. As mentioned in the description, it truly did smell like an Almond Biscotti!

I see myself getting a lot of use out of Christmas Cookies, year-round! Needless to say, I’m happy I went for it (and got it for only $3.12 too)!

Little Black Party Dress (All That Glitters Collection)

Flirty & fabulous at the stroke of midnight.

Christmas smells like a party-perfect floral blend of frosted nectarine, black peony & white patchouli

All That Glitters Collection:

Black Cherry Merlot – Never!
Champagne Toast – purchased travel size (here)
Twinkling Nights – purchased (here)
Fresh Sparkling Snow – purchased (here)
Little Black Party Dress – purchased (here)

I was less lucky with the All That Glitters Collection. The packaging was definitely not my aesthetic (too extra for my taste) and aside from Little Black Party Dress (which was love at first sniff), the rest of the scents needed a lot of time, to grow on me (for different reasons).

I’m never going to purchase Black Cherry Merlot, because eww, Cherry.

Champagne Toast and Twinkling Nights confused my nose, because they both came across as pleasant, bar that one unpleasant note that kept appearing and disappearing.

Fresh Sparkling Snow was underwhelming at first, but with use, I actually grew quite fond of it! The design on the packaging was pretty chill too! I wish I’d gotten a back-up now.

Little Black Party Dress though was everything! It smelled insanely awesome! It had the cutest name and even the packaging looked pretty cool !

Little Black Party Dress smelled so sexy! I got floriental vibes (even though it’s not listed, I could swear I was smelling Oud in there)! I got masculine vibes (possibly the Peony?) and oddly enough, I even got berry vibes (again, not listed, but I could swear I was smelling Grape)!

Little Black Party Dress was my most favorite Shower Gel discovery of 2019… after Snowy Morning. I’m just as obsessed with the one I got, as the day I got it! Naturally, I needed to get a back-up, so I did.

Sale or no sale, I’m so grateful I managed to get my hands on a back-up!

Pink Velvet Cupcake (Fall Into Holiday Collection)

Sweetness scents the air. Memories of lovingly made desserts swirl about.

Pink Velvet Cupcake, it’s the season’s most comforting confection!

A sweet & fruity treat of sparkling red berries, whipped pink marshmallow & sugared praline

Fall Into Holiday Collection:

Frosted Holly – skipped
Pink Velvet Cupcake – purchased
Winterberry Wonder – purchased (here)
Twilight Woods – purchased travel size (here)
Snowflakes & Cashmere – purchased travel size (here)

Fall Into Holiday Collection was also kinda’ hit or miss (for me). The packaging was actually quite interesting to look at and I kinda’ dug it. The scents on the other hand, were a bit… all over the place.

I skipped Frosted Holly because I didn’t wanna’ get stuck with a full sized Shower Gel that I was unsure about. Now that I’m obsessed with freshness on Snowy Morning, I kinda’ wish I gave Frosted Holly a try too.

Winterberry Wonder actually hurt my nose. Hate it.

Snowflakes & Cashmere had a delightful name and smelled pleasant, if a bit soft.

Twilight Woods on the other hand, smelled straight up gawjus! It’s an old-school favorite of mine and I definitely would’ve loved to have repurchased it in a larger size, except it was sold out.

Pink Velvet Cupcake had a very cutesy name! You couple that, with the equally cutesy description and all the positive reviews and I couldn’t help but get tricked into purchasing it.

I say tricked because once again, I thought I was getting a gourmand and once again, I ended up with a fruity-floral scent that had a sickly-sweet obnoxious Pear/Melon undertone which I found so off-putting!

In fact, after comparing them to each other, I’m pretty sure Pink Velvet Cupcake was just a repackaged Sugar Plum Swirl (hauled here).

With such a cute name, I was expecting something more pleasant, not this. I’m glad the other items in this scent went out of stock before I had a chance to purchase them. I was this close to purchasing the Fragrance Mist lol

I’m even more glad that I got it for only $3.12 and didn’t have to pay full price. I’m probably going to pass it along to one of my nieces or pop it in the shower area designated for the outdoor pool at our home.

Night Blooming Jasmine (retired fragrance)

Dreamy & subtly sweet with a magnetic floral allure. Beautifully intoxicating at any hour.

A dreamy, sweet blend of jasmine flower, white musk & apple blossom

From my travel size Jasmins Marzipane Eau de Parfum from the Maison Lancome Les Parfums Grands Crus Travel Set (hauled here) to the Body Wash & Foam Bath in the scent Love (Jasmine + Sandalwood) from our local B&BW (hauled here), I’ve actually surprised myself by just how much I’ve been enjoying Jasmine!

Typically, I’d go for the sexier kind, but recently I’ve really been leaning into the fresh and floral kind. It makes me feel… elegant and ladylike!

So when I saw this baby on the website, the name Night Blooming Jasmine caught my interest, as did the color-scheme (peach/black) and the seemingly hand-drawn artwork and the nice and simple packaging as a whole, but the description held it.

Dreamy? Dreamy?! What was a “dreamy” scent supposed to smell like? I needed to know.

Night Blooming Jasmine was a very, very light floral (subtle indeed). I couldn’t detect any sweetness in the scent. In fact, I mostly got soft clean undertones (White Musk + Apple Blossom).

It’s very different than anything I’ve ever experienced up to this point, but I find the scent to be charming and I’m glad I went for it!

Black Amethyst (retired fragrance)

A rich, exotic bouquet of peony petals, sweet sandalwood & patchouli & creamy amber

Again, when I saw this baby on the website, the name Black Amethyst caught my interest, as did the color-scheme (purple/black) and the seemingly mysterious and seductive floral artwork on the packaging. Even the fragrance notes in the description, were right up my alley!

What really sold it to me though, were the reviews. I can’t remember now (this was way back in December), but a lot of good stuff was being said. So, I went for it.

The first time I used this stuff in the shower, I was very pleased with the scent! It was way less sweet but Black Amethyst gave me the same sexy vibes that Little Black Party Dress and Into The Night (here) had given me!

Sadly, with use, I discovered that it too (like Champagne Toast and Twinkling Nights), had that one unpleasant note, that had me scrambling to hurry out of the shower, because it hurt my nose so much.

I believe the “Creamy Amber” was the culprit. So in that sense, Black Amethyst reminded me of Afterparty Angel Fragrance Mist from Victoria’s Secret (haulage here).

I want to love it, but it keeps suffocating me in the shower. At this point, I’m 50/50 on whether I should keep it or pass it along.

Rose Water Meringue Delicious & Irresistible (Coming Up Roses Collection)

A cozy blend of winter rose, fresh ivy & sweet sugar cream

Coming Up Roses Collection:

Champagne Rose – skipped
Rose Water Meringue – purchased

From the scents to the names to the packaging, the Coming Up Roses Collection was so stinkin’ cute!

One had a pale pink sticker with a black border and the other had a hot pink sticker with a black border. One came with pale pink liquid and the other came with hot pink liquid. One was classified as Delicate & Graceful while the other was classified as Delicious & Irresistible.

Both of them had those square caps that I really enjoy (as seen on the Land of Sweets Shower Gels) and with names like Champagne Rose and Rose Water Meringue you just knew they were going to smell amazing!

The packaging was simple but quite cute nonetheless and strongly appealed to me, as did the scents, going by the description.

However, I was very wary of anything Rose, thanks to the Rose Water & Ivy Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (here) and the Rose Fragrance Mist (here), both of which smelled lovely, initially, but were actually vile!

The Rose Water & Ivy Gentle Foaming Hand Soap legit smelled like beer, as I said in my Second Empties Post (here)! As for the Rose Fragrance Mist, I hated it so much, I had to give it away (here)!

Going by the fragrance notes on Rose Water Meringue, since it also included Ivy, I was worried it would smell like Rose Water & Ivy (read: Beer) and I had no clue what Winter Rose was supposed to smell like (hopefully, nowhere near what the Rose Fragrance Mist smelled like), but it had the Sweet Sugar Cream note going for it.

Between the the Meringue in the name Rose Water Meringue and the fact that it was classified as Delicious & Irresistible, I figured it was safe to assume that this baby was going to smell somewhat sweet and was therefore worth purchasing (because I love Sweet Rose Fragrances)!

Rose Water Meringue smelled even better than I’d hoped! It had that clean musky powdery note that I love in Roses, coupled with a syrupy sweet note! It truly did smell delicious and irresistible! Such a great purchase!

Mineral (Men’s Collection)

A robust yet luxurious blend of the world’s finest ingredients made for men.

A crisp, refreshing blend of wet stone, blue citrus & sea moss

Men’s Collection:

Amber – orange bitters, sandalwood, amber musk
Mineral – wet stone, blue citrus, sea moss
Mahogany Woods – fresh mahogany, bourbon vanilla, golden amber
Paris – cedarwood, orange zest, hints of musk
White Water Rush – fresh whitewater, aromatic, bergamot, white cedar

Not gonna’ lie, all of the scents from the Men’s Collection sounded ah-mazing!

That said, out of all the fragrance notes, the ones in Mineral just spoke to me! I mean, Wet Stone, Blue Citrus and Sea Moss all sounded very appealing!

As expected, once it arrived, Mineral smelled ridiculously good! In fact, Mineral was everything I’d wanted Freshwater to be (here)!

It wasn’t as overly-male-musky (now I’m making up notes too lol) as the other scents in the Men’s Collection, but it wasn’t so light that it was almost indiscernible. I could smell it right away and it smelled grrreat!

Mineral kinda’ reminded me of Aquamarine Shores in the sense that they were both light and clean and soapy and fresh and just all around delightful!

Since we’ve been under quarantine, my brother ran out of Shower Gel so I gave Mineral to him for him to use and share with his wife and they seem to like it well enough.

Underwater Oasis (Crystal Cove Collection)

Dive into an underwater paradise where an iridescent world awaits.

Our Micellar Body Wash is clinically tested to maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier by trapping & lifting away dirt for clean, soft-feeling skin. Contains no sulfates, phthalates or petrolatum.

A cool ocean wave of sparkling bergamot, jasmine, bamboo, marine notes & blue musk

Crystal Cove Collection:

Papaya Paradise Cove – smelled obnoxiously fruity
Pink Coconut Calypso – smelled like a typical coconut scent from B&BW
Underwater Oasis – smelled aquatic and somewhat masculine

I remember spotting the Crystal Cove Collection at Souq Sharq back during the Summer.

Everything looked ratchet though (already opened and sticky with residual gunk everywhere) and smelled rank (probably from being opened and “lightly tested”). So, I skipped it.

Once the semi-annual sale rolled around, I noticed the Crystal Cove Collection pop back up on the U.S. B&BW Online Store.

To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in any of the scents. They lost me at Micellar (I need my Shower Gels to be frothy and bubbly). However, all three of the Fragrance Mists had stellar reviews! So, I figured rather than commit to a Fragrance Mist, I’d go for a Shower Gel first.

Papaya Paradise Cove was your usual obnoxious fruity scent from B&BW and Pink Coconut Calypso was your typical Coconut Scent from B&BW so that left only Underwater Oasis which appeared to be your standard fresh-y and I tend to enjoy those!

The packaging was plain but the bottles were transparent and came with one of those square caps that I like so much. The whole thing was simple yet still came across as aquatic and I liked that too!

As for the scent, typically I find Bergamot to smell delicious and we’ve already established my new-found appreciation for all kinds of Jasmine. Then there’s the soft and clean quality of Bamboo in fragrances. Marine Notes gives it that aquatic vibe, while the masculine vibe is courtesy of the Blue Musk.

All together Underwater Oasis is a fresh aquatic “unisex” scent that in theory would be ideal for the Summer. However, I don’t love it. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either.

Also, showering with a Micellar Body Wash feels so weird. I’ll continue to use it during the Summer and hope that it grows on me , but if not, I’ll just pass it along or something.

Apple Blossom (Garden Collection)

A blend of familiar heritage fragrances. Beautifully modernized for today.

A sweet, summery blend of crisp green apple, dewy melon, golden amber & sunshine musk

Garden Collection:

Apple Blossom – purchased as a Shower Gel
Clementines & Mint Leaves – ugh, sounded horrible
Lavender & Cotton Flower – skipped but now regret skipping
Wild Strawberry – purchased as a Body Lotion (here)

As I said at the start of this post, the U.S. B&BW tend to roll out the Spring/Summer Collections 2-4 months in advance, which is why I spotted the Garden Collection available for purchase towards the end of December.

All the products in the Garden Collection had lovely watercolor-esque packaging! They also had those smaller (squoval?) caps, that I much prefer! You could see the two items I got from the Garden Collection side-by-side (here). Pretty, eh?

The scents, on the other hand, sounded a bit iffy (to me). Clementine & Mint sounded awful. Lavender & Cotton Flower sounded strange, which is why I skipped it, but according to the reviews, everyone said it smells great, so now I regret not giving it a shot.

I liked Strawberry Scents in general, but was unsure about Wild Strawberry (would it be too perfume-y or too green or too whatever). So I purchased it as a Body Lotion instead, because it was quite cute and reminded me of the Strawberry Body Lotion from The Body Shop (here).

That left only Apple Blossom (we tend to get along great) which I was so down for purchasing as a Shower Gel.

The scent actually reminded me of the B&BW Clay Body Scrub in the scent Jasmine & Green Apple which I also also underwhelmed by at first but with use grew to deeply enjoy the scent (here)!

It was light and inoffensive but not quite as fresh as I was hoping and actually more sweet, in a fruity way (which would be the Melon, ugh). While it wasn’t instant love, I’m sure it’s one of those scents that I’ll grow to love, with use. #noregrets

Iced Pear Margarita (Fiesta Collection) (retired fragrance)

Electric colors. Exotic flavors. Margaritas at noon. From Cabo to Cancun, experience a fragrance fiesta!

A beachy blend of fiesta pear, baja limon, mango flower, Mayan sugarcane & Mexican sandalwood

Based on the success of my gamble blind-buying Coconut Lime Breeze, I decided to blind-buy Iced Pear Margarita… as a Shower Gel and Body Lotion and Fragrance Mist (here).

Only after I’d placed my order and taken a closer look at the packaging, did I realize it appeared to be from the Fiesta Collection (here). It’s fun and playful, but not my aesthetic, topped off with the usual reflective silver cap.

There were no reviews at the time since they’d just added it to the list of “retired fragrances” for the semi-annual sale. That said, between the Baja Limon and Mango Flower and Sugarcane and Sandalwood, on paper this baby sounded ah-mazing!

It was only the Fiesta Pear that I was iffy about. For whatever reason, B&BW always seem to mess up the Pear Notes and Melon Notes, making the end result smell off-putting, to me.

Coconut Lime Breeze was a blind-buy (as a Shower Gel) and I fell in love with it! So, the plan was to hopefully fall in love with Iced Pear Margarita too, in all its forms.

Sadly, just as I’d feared, the Fiesta Pear ruined the whole thing for me. Iced Pear Margarita was nowhere near as nice as Coconut Lime Breeze. I’ve already popped it in the outdoor pool shower area, in the hopes of finishing it up even faster, with the help of family.

Coconut Lime Breeze (retired fragrance)

Tropical with a twist!

Coconut Lime Breeze is a refreshing blend of sheer coconut water, white orange blossom & zesty lime infused with jasmine petals & island musk

Last but not least, was a repurchase of a really good scent from the “retired fragrance” range called Coconut Lime Breeze (previously purchased here)!

I loved the picture of a palm leaf backlit by a sunset in the background being depicted on the front! I loved the green liquid inside! I loved the packaging as a whole and would give it an A++

As for scent, it was equal parts creamy Coconut and mouthwatering Lime! Sometimes, I got a little more Coconut and other times, I got a little more Lime. Either way, I was happy!

That said, I wouldn’t have repurchased it if it was mostly Coconut. I repurchased it for the Lime in this baby because I’ve got a thing for Lime Scents, in general. So good!

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