US Bath & Body Works New Year Body Lotion Haul

These are the Body Lotions I purchased in my B&BW New Year Haul (here).

4 were Shower Gels that I’d purchased earlier and enjoyed enough to repurchase as Body Lotions, while 2 were complete blind-buys, making a total of 6 Body Lotions (as shown). Truthfully, I would’ve loved to have gotten my hands on Little Black Party Dress but it was sold out.

Normally, I wouldn’t buy this many Body Lotions all in one go… except these babies had been reduced to around $3 a pop (with the exception of Wild Strawberry which cost $6.25). They were basically 1 Kuwaiti Dinar each! It was too good of a deal to pass up!

With that being said, I’m not crazy enough to have them all open at once. I’m only going to be using one at a time and completely finishing it up, before moving on to the next one.

Also, all of them arrived sealed, which is what I’ve come to expect from the U.S. B&BW (unlike our local B&BW lol).

Holiday Traditions 2019 Collection

Holiday Traditions 2019 Collection:

Winter Candy Apple – Never!
Frosted Coconut Snowball – skipped
Merry Cherry Cheer – skipped because eww, cherry
Twisted Peppermint – skipped ‘cuz haven’t even gotten around to opening up the Shower Gel from the Holiday Traditions 2018 Collection (here)
Vanilla Bean Noel – purchased as a Shower Gel (here)
Snowy Citrus Swirl – purchased as a Shower Gel (here)
Raspberry Sugar – purchased as a Shower Gel (here)

Out of all the scents in the Holiday Traditions 2019 Collection, I went for the two that I’d already fallen in love with as Shower Gels (here) and purchased them as Body Lotions.

The Holiday Traditions 2019 Collection consisted of Shower Gels and Body Lotions and Shimmer Body Lotions and Body Creams and Fragrance Mists and Shimmer Fragrance Mists.

Typically, I tend to stick with Shower Gels. I don’t mess with any of the shimmer stuff. Also, the Body Creams tend to expire much faster and start smelling bad. That leaves only the Body Lotions and Fragrance Mists and if the scent warrants it, I’d go for either or both.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the Body Lotions always look a bit plain and usually have the least attractive packaging, while the Body Creams tend to be way more colorful and all around prettier in general. The ones from this particular collection are marginally nicer, but those reflective gold caps certainly don’t help lol

Vanilla Bean Noel (Holiday Traditions Collection – 2019 Edition)

It’s the spirit of Christmas wrapped in cozy, comforting vanilla!

Christmas smells like a wintry sweet treat of fresh vanilla bean, sugar cookies, whipped cream & snow-kissed musk

I love Vanilla Bean Noel! I can’t say enough good things about it! I literally purchase it in every single form (Shower Gel and Body Lotion and Hand Soap and so on) every chance I get! Check out My 1st U.S. B&BW Haul for the most recent example (here).

Basically, what I wrote about the Shower Gel (here) is still applicable here. Vanilla Bean Noel smells like a delicious blend of an intoxicating yet also somehow comforting, musky, deep, almost caramelized vanilla!

As for the Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion that I’d purchased locally from the Holiday Traditions 2018 Collection (here), my friend wouldn’t stop gushing over the smell, after I’d started slathering the stuff on my arms, in her car, after she’d picked me up (we had dinner reservations with our other friends and I happen to be notoriously late, which is why she was picking me up). Since she was clearly infatuated with the scent on the Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion, I gave it to her.

Now, I’ve just got the new 2019 Edition and unfortunately, there’s a lot of whispers about the 2019 Edition smelling much different (read: worse) than the 2018 Edition lol I’m not going to know up until I actually open up and start using the thing, which isn’t going to be anytime soon.

I just wish they’d stop tweaking Vanilla Bean Noel already. You shouldn’t mess with greatness lol

Snowy Citrus Swirl (Holiday Traditions Collection – 2019 Edition)

Oh, snow delightful! This cream orange gift is a Christmas dream come true!

Christmas smells like a merry & bright twist of chilled tangerine, whipped marshmallow, creamy tonka bean & fresh vanilla

As a Shower Gel (here), Snowy Citrus Swirl was a delightful, uplifting, citrusy and somehow warm and cozy scent!

It was quite versatile too!

If I had been using some of my more full-on gourmands before switching to this baby, in comparison Snowy Citrus Swirl would smell more citrusy, tangy and uplifting, like actual tangerines!

If I had been using some of my more aquatic and unisex shower gels before switching to this baby, in comparison Snowy Citrus Swirl would smell sweeter and more vanillery and warm and cozy!

Either way, it smelled absolutely delicious and I could see myself using this baby just as much in the Summer as Winter!

Since I enjoyed the scent so much as a Shower Gel, I was very interested in purchasing it as a Body Lotion. That said, I haven’t opened up this baby just yet either.

Snowy Morning (retired fragrance)

Like a snow-kissed dawn, where the sun streaks the sky in mesmerizing colors

The magic of winter is in the air — immerse yourself in our crisp blend of frosted bergamot, mistletoe berry, fresh balsam, snow-kissed lavender & frozen juniper

Oh man! The scent on Snowy Morning as a Shower Gel was such an unexpectedly delightful surprise! (here)!

It smelled intensely fresh and clean and uplifting and green and luscious and dewy and just sublime! I was completely blown away by the gorgeous unisex scent (leaning slightly more masculine)!

In fact, I was so obsessed that I tried to get my hands on the entire range! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a second Shower Gel because they sold out. Same with the Fragrance Mist. Luckily, I managed to snag the Body Lotion though!

If possible, the packaging on the Body Lotion was even cuter, than the packaging on the Shower Gel! They both had that same foiled teal-blue color scheme going on. They both had the same metallic teal-blue cap and they both had those raised glittery snowflakes (adorable!) and raised snow dotting the face of the packaging.

However, whereas the Shower Gel depicted basic snowfall on the front, the Body Lotion showed a very detailed depiction of the cutest little log cabin with a wrought iron fence, peeking out from between snow-laden tree foliage! So cute, I die!

Needless to say, super grateful and super stoked that I managed to snag this baby!

Sensual Amber (retired fragrance)

The scent of lotus petals & golden amber surrounded by creamy sandalwood

Key notes: Golden Amber, Wild Berries, Orange Flower, Lotus Petals, Creamy Sandalwood

I couldn’t remember if it was Cashmere Glow or Sensual Amber that I’d fallen in love with, all those years ago. I just remember it smelling divine! So, I purchased both, as Shower Gels (here).

They both had kinda’ boring packaging, but I was more interested in the scent. As it turns out, Sensual Amber was the one I’d been searching for and once I found it, I vowed (dramatic much?) to purchase it in other forms, such as the Body Lotion and Fragrance Mist.

The scent on Sensual Amber was of the eye-rolling-to-the-back-of-the-head variety! It was extremely warm and extremely sexy! The Amber made it smell sweet and the Sandalwood made it smell intoxicating! Basically, Sensual Amber smelled impossibly good!

As you can see, the Orange Flower on the packaging of the Body Lotion was slightly clearer than the packaging on the Shower Gel. It also had that same sequin-looking honeycomb amber thing (I dunno’) depicted on the front as well, topped off with the usual reflective silver cap.

So so sooo happy and thankful that I managed to snag this baby as a Body Lotion! It’s going to pair so well with my other warm scents, once I open it up and start using it!

Iced Pear Margarita (retired fragrance)

Electric colors. Exotic flavors. Margaritas at noon. From Cabo to Cancun, experience a fragrance fiesta!

A beachy blend of fiesta pear, baja limon, mango flower, Mayan sugarcane & Mexican sandalwood

Based on the success of my gamble blind-buying Coconut Lime Breeze, I decided to blind-buy Iced Pear Margarita… as a Shower Gel and Body Lotion and Fragrance Mist (here).

Only after I’d placed my order and taken a closer look at the packaging, did I realize it appeared to be from the Fiesta Collection (here). It’s fun and playful, but not my aesthetic, topped off with the usual reflective silver cap.

There were no reviews at the time since they’d just added it to the list of “retired fragrances” for the semi-annual sale. That said, between the Baja Limon and Mango Flower and Sugarcane and Sandalwood, on paper this baby sounded ah-mazing!

It was only the Fiesta Pear that I was iffy about. For whatever reason, B&BW always seem to mess up the Pear Notes and Melon Notes, making the end result smell off-putting, to me.

Coconut Lime Breeze was a blind-buy (as a Shower Gel) and I fell in love with it! So, hopefully I’ll fall in love with Iced Pear Margarita too, in all its forms.

Wild Strawberry (Garden Collection)

A blend of familiar heritage fragrances. Beautifully modernized for today.

A juicy mix of garden strawberry, white peaches, jasmine petals & blonde woods

Garden Collection:

Apple Blossom – purchased as a Shower Gel
Clementines & Mint Leaves – ugh, sounded horrible
Lavender & Cotton Flower – skipped but now regret skipping
Wild Strawberry – purchased as a Body Lotion

Last but certainly not least was Wild Strawberry from the Garden Collection. It was the most expensive Body Lotion of the bunch, in the sense that it had the smallest discount, but it was still discounted, nonetheless.

All the products in the Garden Collection had lovely watercolor-esque packaging! They also had those smaller (squoval?) caps, that I much prefer! You could see the two items I got from the Garden Collection side-by-side (here). Pretty, eh?

The scents, on the other hand, sounded a bit iffy (to me). Clementine & Mint sounded awful. Lavender & Cotton Flower sounded strange, which is why I skipped it, but according to the reviews, everyone said it smells great, so now I regret not giving it a shot.

I liked Strawberry Scents in general, but was unsure about Wild Strawberry (would it be too perfume-y or too green or too whatever). That left only Apple Blossom (we tend to get along great) which I was so down for purchasing as a Shower Gel.

I could’ve left it there, but the name and the color-scheme on the packaging of Wild Strawberry as a Body Lotion just came across as oh-so-cute! Even the Lotion itself was pink! It kinda’ reminded me of the Strawberry Body Lotion from The Body Shop (here)! I couldn’t resist picking it up.

I was pretty excited to see what Wild Strawberry smelled like, so I opened it up and started using it, as soon as it had arrived. You guys, it smelled kinda’ weird lol like it had already expired or something. I did not like it.

Then I looked at the fragrance notes (on the back) and it all made sense. White Peaches was included in the notes and I cannot stand the scent of Peaches, at all! It just smells super bad to my nose lol Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Blonde Woods was also listed in the notes. For whatever reason, Blonde Woods tends to hurt my nose.

Basically, I got so excited by the aesthetics and forgot to take a closer look (other than a quick glance) at the fragrance notes, which clearly weren’t my cup of tea.

Since I’ve opened it up, I’ve been using it and not enjoying it and will continue to use it and not enjoy it, up until I finish it. It’s the perfect punishment, so that the next time I order online, I’ll remember to carefully read through the fragrance notes.

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