US Bath & Body Works New Year Haul

Honestly I wasn’t planning on ordering more Bath & Body Works stuff online anymore, but the U.S. B&BW had some crazy good deals going on and I’m only human after all.

Unfortunately, some of the things I ordered were missing (such as the Exfoliating Lip Scrub in the scent/flavor Mint Drop which had been reduced to $4.25), but that’s my fault for waiting until literally the last day of the year to place my order lol

I had my online cart filled and everything, but actually placed my order on January 1st 2020 around 4 in the morning, after our guests had already left (the celebration was at our home this year) and the rest of us cleaned up the place.

My stuff arrived after a few weeks and despite the enormous box looking all wet and gross on the outside, everything was actually dry and surprisingly not sticky on the inside!

Shower Gels

These babies were on sale for 50% and in some cases 75% or more!

I actually ordered Champagne Toast (different packaging than the one I’d previously purchased in My 1st U.S. B&BW Haul) and a full-sized one at that, but I guess they sold out (which was totally fine).

I also ordered another Snowy Morning (exactly the same as the one I’d previously purchased in My 2nd U.S. B&BW Haul), but I guess it sold out as well (leaving me completely heartbroken). At least I managed to snag the Body Lotion though.

I caved and went for Christmas Cookies and Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread, both from the Land of Sweets Collection (Holiday 2019) based on the stellar reviews, but the latter never arrived. Christmas Cookies arrived separately, in a smaller box, all by its lonesome (which I had to pay extortionate shipping fees for, regardless).

Little Black Party Dress and Coconut Lime Breeze were repurchases (here) and thankfully made their way safely to me! The rest were all a mish-mash of new and retired fragrances.

I’ll go over all the Shower Gels (prices, notes, etc…) from this haul in another upcoming post.

Body Lotions

Normally, I wouldn’t purchase this many Body Lotions all in one go… except these babies were around $3 a pop! It was too good of a deal to pass up!

Obviously, I had to get Vanilla Bean Noel (Holiday Traditions 2019) and while I was at it Snowy Citrus Swirl (Holiday Traditions 2019) as Body Lotions because I loved their Shower Gel counterparts (My 1st U.S. B&BW Haul).

Same goes for Snowy Morning and Sensual Amber (purchased in My 2nd U.S. B&BW Haul).

I’ll go over all the Body Lotions (prices, notes, etc…) from this haul in another upcoming post.

Fragrance Mists

These babies were on sale for 50% and in some cases 75% or more too!

I’d actually fallen in love with Toasted Praline & Pear (Fall Traditions 2019) as a Fragrance Mist, but purchased it online locally as a Shower Gel (here).

I’d purchased Coconut Lime Breeze and Sensual Amber as Shower Gels earlier as well (My 2nd U.S. B&BW Haul).

I’ll go over all the Fragrance Mists (prices, notes, etc…) from this haul in another upcoming post.

Hand Soaps

Hand Soaps had been reduced to $3.25 each.

Unfortunately, although I ordered Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte (Fall Traditions 2019), it never arrived. Thankfully, Warm Autumn Glow (Fall Traditions 2019) which was a repurchase (here) did arrive though.

Fresh Sparkling Snow and Toasted Vanilla Chai were both repurchases from the Nordic Noel Collection (here).

I’ll go over all the Hand Soaps (prices, notes, etc…) from this haul in another upcoming post.

Jar Candles

Lastly, Jar Candles were 2 for $20.

I’d purchased the 3-wick Candle of Strawberry Pound Cake from the local B&BW (here) and enjoyed the scent enough to repurchase it as a Jar Candle.

I’d been trying and failing at snatching up Blueberry Pie as a 3-wick Candle from the U.S. online store (never saw it locally), but it kept going out of stock. Thankfully, it popped up as a Jar Candle and at the time I was checking out too!

I’ll go over these two cuties (notes, etc…) in another upcoming post.

Coconut Lime Breeze

I loved the scent of the Shower Gel that I’d purchased earlier (here) enough to not only repurchase another Shower Gel, but to also snatch it up as a Fragrance Mist too!

Iced Pear Margarita

They had me at Margarita. To be honest, my new-found love for Coconut Lime Breeze inspired me to take a chance on Iced Pear Margarita.

Based on the packaging, it seemed like it might be from the Fiesta Collection from several years back (here), which was why it was now classified as a “retired fragrance”.

Although I’d never sniffed this scent before (blind-buy) and it included notes of pear (which can smell iffy to me), I went ahead and snatched it up not only as a Shower Gel, but as a Body Lotion and Fragrance Mist too!

The Garden Collection consisted of Apple Blossom and Clementines & Mint Leaves and Lavender & Cotton Flower and Wild Strawberry.

They were all available in the forms of Shower Gels and Body Creams and Body Lotions and Fragrance Mists and all had that same dreamy watercolor effect packaging.

I decided to just get the two from the Garden Collection.

Typically, I don’t do florals, but these appeared to be new at the time. Turns out they were both “retired fragrances”.

Between the pretty packaging and intriguing names, I had to give them a try!

Some freshies to round it all out!

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