Takis Destroyed My Teeth (chatty post)

The title pretty much says it all. I discovered a newfound love for Takis, binged on the stuff (typical LuLu) and ended up ruining my teeth lol

It took several visits to “fix” the issue, starting from November 2019 up until April 2020 and the issue still hasn’t been resolved. Needless to say, I had to swear off Takis.

November 2019

Takis were now being sold everywhere in the country, from Sultan Center to Lulu Hypermarket and even most of the local co-ops (including the one in my neighborhood)! They were available in a variety of sizes, ranging from huge (only found those twice, ever) to medium (as shown) to small (more common) and finally the cute mini size. My favorite flavor was the Hot Chili Pepper and Lime (Fuego)! I was going through a bag or two of Takis, pretty much on the daily!

It got to the point where I had to have a minimum of several medium sized bags of Takis or more, at all times! As soon as my stash would start running low, I’d start to panic. I’m telling you, those things were so addictive! You couple that with my addictive personality and I stood nay chance. Now between the hard texture of the baked tortilla chips and the highly acidic spices and my disregard for moderation, my teeth took a beating!

Around early November 2019, I began experiencing the result of said beating, which was some extremely minor discomfort on my upper left teeth. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint the cause, but it felt like the pain was coming from the area between my second premolar and first molar. Rather than wait for the issue to escalate, I decided to make an appointment with my dentist for the very next day.

Normally, I tend to ignore my problems and hope they go away on their own or even better, magically resolve themselves. However, I’ve had to undergo a root canal treatment when I was around 14. As a result, now, whenever it comes to teeth, this girl does not mess around.

My dentist took an x-ray of my teeth and pinpointed the cause of discomfort to a small cavity in my second premolar. He informed me that in the future, it might need a root canal treatment, but for now, he was just going to drill and cover it up with a filling. I asked if he could just go ahead and start the root canal treatment now (might as well get it over with), but he said it was unnecessary at that point.

He drilled and filled the tooth, and I was outta’ there in under an hour! Not gonna’ lie, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for staying on top of things and not waiting for things to escalate.

In fact, I was so happy with myself lol that I decided to reward myself by going on a little shopping spree during the semi-annual Perfume & Makeup Exhibition at Mishref Fair Grounds (haulage here)!

December 2019

Unfortunately, the discomfort did not go away. My teeth still felt weird. The discomfort still felt like it was coming from the area between my second and first molar, in addition to a new pain from the second premolar.

Every time I bit down on something Takis, using my second premolar to chew, I’d get a jarring jolt of pain. I suspected that the reason was that my most recent filling was a wee bit too high. Funny how something so minor could cause pain that was… sorta’ major.

If I was just a smidge more mature, I would’ve set the Takis aside at that point. However, I didn’t feel the need to go out of my way to avoid Takis, because I’d only just recently gotten the issue (or tooth, rather) fixed. I felt like I should be free to indulge in my beloved Takis, just like I used to, before.

So indulge, I did… up until my tooth cracked! lol It was the second premolar, on the bottom this time (directly underneath the tooth that’d gotten fixed last time). Since both the top second premolar and bottom second premolar on my left side (where I chew) were now hurting me, I made an appointment with my dentist for the very next day and spent my birthday (December 18) at the dentist lol

The same discomfort I’d been feeling on the top row (between second premolar and first molar), I was now experiencing on the bottom row. My dentist assured me the issue on top was not between the second premolar and first molar, only the second premolar. He filed down the top filling as much as he could (he refused to go any lower, saying the top and bottom wouldn’t be able to connect if he did that) and fixed up the cracked tooth on the bottom (second premolar), and even had enough time to drill and fill the tooth directly after to it (first molar), before sending me on my merry way.

As for the pain on the bottom second premolar, he said I had sensitive gums and the issue would resolve itself on its own. Basically, my visit this time took less than 30 minutes!

Before leaving, I asked him if my dental issues could be affecting my sense of taste and smell (things were starting to smell and taste… off). All fragrances had started to linger in my nose and smell like Beer, while slices of Green Apples had started to taste like Potatoes and sometimes Onions (despite using different knives to slice them) to name a few issues, but my dentist laughed it off.

My sense of taste and smell would return to normal again and become weird again, so I just ignored the issue, just like I would go on to ignore the tooth issue (which was still very uncomfortable).

Plus, I got crazy busy Mid-December and all throughout January. My time was no longer my own. I still had my daily intake of Takis though… because I never learn, but also, because Takis just tasted so darn good!

February 2020

I’m a naturally paranoid person (reading up on conspiracy theories brings me such joy!) so I had been “social distancing” pretty early on. I was not interested in catching the coronavirus so I limited my exposure. I excused myself from all social outings and I attempted to warn all those who were willing to listen (not that it did any good).

My single girlfriends still wanted to go out for Valentine’s Day. My sister-in-law (older brother’s wife) still invited me to a catered family event (her immediate family is enormous therefore heck no). My other friends kept bugging me to go out to dinner. My favorite cousin wanted to hang out. Above all, everyone kept inviting me, every single weekend, to go to the Farm (which I was bombarded with pictures of on social media)! I had to politely decline, over and over again, and warn them about going out, but naturally they didn’t listen.

As for my teeth, I’d given the issue more than enough time to resolve itself, but my second premolar still felt pretty uncomfortable, particularly if I was chewing on something. It wasn’t painful to the extent that I couldn’t bear it, but it wasn’t unnoticeable either. Honestly, it still felt like the issue was something wrong between the second premolar and first molar, on the top row and bottom row, on my left side.

Since National Day (February 25) and Liberation Day (February 26) were coming up and the dentist would definitely be closed during a National Holiday, I figured I might as well book an appointment while I still had the chance. I didn’t wanna’ go, but I had to.

On February 23, my dentist claimed that the cavity he’d drilled on top was too close to the nerve, which was what led to all the extra sensitivity. He said that he might as well as go ahead and start the root canal treatment.

However, if he started it on February 23, I’d be stuck with a temporary filling all throughout the National Holiday and wouldn’t be able to visit the dentist (in case any emergencies arose) only once the holiday was over. Plus, who knew what would happen with the whole coronavirus thing rapidly increasing world-wide.

I’d been wanting the dude to start the root canal treatment from Day 1 (just to get it over with), but he was the one that kept putting it off because it was “extreme” and “unnecessary” at the time. Now that I had no choice in the matter, I was starting to have doubts.

So, I called the most intelligent man I knew, my father. I explained the situation to him and before I could finish, he replied “It’s not going to fix itself with time. There’s no point in waiting. Get it done”.

Just like that, I started phase 1 of my root canal treatment. My dentist drilled into my second premolar on the top row and cleared it or whatever, before placing a temporary filling.

Once it was over, he told me that he was surprised by the lack of blood. He said normally, there’d be some blood, at least just a little bit, but the inside of my tooth hadn’t bled, not even a little bit. I told him that I was a heavy smoker and that might’ve had something to do with the lack of blood and he shrugged as if to say “could be”.

I asked if dental issues might be interfering with my sense of taste and smell, but he laughed it off saying I’d already asked him that earlier and the answer was still no.

The bottom row (between the second premolar and first molar specifically) still felt uncomfortable, but once again, he assured me it was only because I had sensitive gums and the issue would resolve itself by itself.

As soon as I got back home, I tore into a small pack of Takis and tried to chew on my right side, as opposed to my left side (where I now had the temporary filling on top), but it was too much of a hassle at that point and I just gave up lol

March 2020

I’d been meaning to go back to the dentist sooner, but stuff came up. I didn’t get a chance to go back to the dentist until March 7.

He asked if the temporary filling had felt comfortable. I said no, so he said I needed another temporary filling and a few more days to see if it was comfortable or not, which in turn, made me want to slit my wrists. This root canal thing was endless.

To be fair, the man was great as his job! He’d rub some numbing gel on my gums, in the area he was going to be working in, and inject an anesthetic in the same area, shortly after. There was absolutely no pain whatsoever!

Using the intraoral camera, he showed me the inside of my mouth, on the screen directly in front of me, and explained everything he was about to do to my teeth, before, during and after. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction and he put up with my constant need to pause everything and rinse.

He used bleach to disinfect my tooth during the root canal treatment, but the taste of the bleach was awful (damn near killed me lol) which is why I kept having to stop and rinse. When all was said and done, if the taste of bleach was the worst part of undergoing a root canal treatment, then the entire procedure wasn’t all that bad really.

Once again, I went home with a temporary filling and it felt fine, as far as I could tell. So, on March 11, I went back and he put in the permanent cap on my second premolar on the upper left side. I was now a free woman (or so I thought)!

He’d prescribed Parodontax Mouthwash (instructing me to use it for 5 days) after I’d told him that my gums had started bleeding whenever I brushed my teeth. So, I hit up the Hawally branch of Sultan Center (Promenade Mall) on my way back home, but couldn’t find the stuff.

Instead, I went back home with KitKat Coconut (love the stuff) and KitKat Popcorn (nothing special) and some other snackage, but no Takis this time. It’d finally sunk in.

Takis = no bueno


My second premolar on the top row still felt uncomfortable, but since we were under quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, I figured I’d wait it out.

Up until I started waking up to a strange metallic taste in my mouth every day and whenever I’d check in the mirror, I’d see what appeared to be dried blood on my gums (between my teeth).

It got worse, day by day, to the extent that a month later, even just sucking on my incisor (from the back) would cause my gums in that area, to just start gushing blood (lol sorry for the visuals). While it wasn’t painful in any way, it was a bit abnormal.

On April 30, I was on my way to the hospital anyway (unrelated issue) and figured I could pop by the dentist they had over there and hopefully get this whole bleeding gums issue sorted out.

The dentist over there, prescribed the exact same mouthwash and said I should use it for no more than 2 weeks. She also prescribed some sort of Gel to rub on my gums 3 times a day for 2 weeks and told me I should switch to a softer toothbrush and use Sensodyne Toothpaste. Finding the stuff was a whole song and dance in and of itself (not available at that hospital).

I use the toothpaste several times a day (not minty enough) and the mouthwash twice a day (too minty) but I cannot stand the gel and only used it twice before giving up.

In any case, I suspect that my teeth have started to bleed because I quit smoking (dis). Funny enough, as my body keeps breaking down more and more, it seems like smoking was the only thing holding me together and now I’m literally falling apart after I quit smoking lol

As for the obnoxious pain on my upper left second premolar, it still feels like the exact same pain I felt all those months ago, on November 2019. It’s not an excruciating pain, but it’s not something I could easily live with for the rest of my life either.

My teeth could not have chosen a worse time to act up lol

5 thoughts on “Takis Destroyed My Teeth (chatty post)

  1. I read your entire story. I must say I admire your willingness to get to the dentist and get your problem solved! I wanted to mention that Sensodyne toothpaste is one of the most abrasive type of toothpastes that exist. That’s really bad for anyones teeth. Especially someone who already has problems. The least abrasive/actually effective thing to clean your mouth with is pure baking soda! Just a tip! Also….. stay away from acidic & sugars. It is possible! It’s hard but possible! If you can’t stand using pure baking soda I suggest Arm N Hanmer Peroxicare deep clean toothpaste. It neutralizes acid in your mouth.


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