DevaCurl and Hair Loss (Warning Graphic Pictures)

I was on a full on Hair Care kick, around June of last year and purchased a ton of hair stuff online from Nordstrom (haulage here) including products from the brand DevaCurl which was “Curly Girl Method Approved”!

Shortly after, as if on cue, there was a scandal and a following lawsuit involving the brand. Apparently, DevaCurl products (allegedly) caused hair loss and hair damage and other hair-related issues.

Thankfully, I hadn’t gotten around to using any of the travel-sized products in the DevaCurl Super Curly Curls On The Go Kit.

Unfortunately though, I did get around to using the DevaCurl Wave Maker Touchable Texture Whip.

In fact, I used it quite often, enough to fall in love with the Wave Maker and couldn’t stop gushing about it in another post, only two months later (here)!

After showering, with my hair still sopping wet, I’d wrap the towel around my shoulders like a cape. Then, I’d just apply some product and do a lot of hair flips and be done. It didn’t take more than a few minutes, at most.

I could get dressed and be out the door, to work or to a party or to whatever, while my hair would dry and rise naturally on its own, like a cake! More importantly, I loved the way it looked when it was finally dry! Super fast! Super easy! Super cute!

Oh and the towel-cape was so the product wouldn’t drip down my back and shoulders (which skeeves me out, especially on freshly showered skin) and also, so my long sopping wet hair, wouldn’t stick to my skin.

Worthy of note, my bathroom could handle all that hair flipping and water being splashed around because like most Arab households, my bathroom was a wet room. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this if your bathroom wasn’t a wet room.

This is the Trisa Hair Brush that I hauled several years back (here).

As you can see, it’s full of hair, as a result of only a single shower.

Also, I’ve used the Wave Maker many, many times and even went on to do a Before/After (back in January or February) for an upcoming post, despite the fact that it looks just as full in the pic, as the day I got it, albeit less plump.

Now, I know you’re not supposed to brush wet hair, but I’ve been doing it since forever and this is just what works for me. I’d apply apply a small amount of Cream Silk (here) to my freshly shampoo’d hair, step underneath the showerhead and brush the tangles out.

For those that can get away with combing their hair or have the patience to painstakingly comb the tangles out of their hair, hat’s off to you, sincerely. I prefer to rip the tangles out (faster and easier). Also, I’m less attached to my hair lol

That said, while I may be used to seeing some hair in my brushes and hot tools, seeing this amount was a bit unnerving.

I didn’t think much of it, at first. I just came back later, when my Trisa Hair Brush was fully dry, so I could clean out the hair from it, for the next use. That’s basically what I’d do after every use, let it dry and clean it, which in turn, kinda’ desensitized me to the hair loss.

I also started noticing an abnormal amount of shedding, whether I used my hot tools or let my hair air-dry naturally. It didn’t sit right with me because I knew it wasn’t a normal amount, at least not for me, but I just brushed it off (heehee).

Around early February, my YouTube feed exploded with girls all over the world “cancelling” DevaCurl.

I wouldn’t go so far as to start crying over my hair loss, because as I said, I’m not that attached to my hair.

However, after watching those videos (particularly the one shown above), it all made sense. My hair had been falling out in clumps.

Obviously there are worse things that could happen to someone re: Coronavirus Pandemic and hair loss doesn’t even break Top 20, at least not in my book, but it wasn’t exactly ideal either.

Clearly, I could no longer continue using DevaCurl products, which unfortunately included my beloved Wave Maker.

If you’re interested in learning more about the DevaCurl sitch, just do a quick search on DevaCurl Scandal or DevaCurl Lawsuit for more information.

I just thought I’d share my story with you, because many of you seem to enjoy these “chatty” sort of posts.

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