Shoofha – Daffy feat. Flipperachi

I don’t particularly care for Arab Music because it all sounds the same to me. Rarely, if ever, am I moved by Arabic Music and don’t even get me started on the Music Videos that go along with those Arabic Songs. They’re just so… cheesy. The same goes for Indian Music.

Worst of all, they blatantly steal copy popular Western Songs (from the actual Music down to the plot-line of the Music Video). I’m well aware of the reason behind this specific formula, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. As such, I don’t watch/listen to Arabic/Indian Music.

Taken from my earlier review of an Indian Song (here), but strongly applies to this Arabic Song as well.

I first heard Shoofha back in December 2019 and started noticing it popping up everywhere after that. I say everywhere, but it was mostly in cars. My friends would have it playing in their cars, whenever they picked me up. I’ll see others lip-synching to it on Snapchat. It’s played at all the little kids’ birthday parties (my friends are all married with kids). Basically, it’s like the entire country of Kuwait decided unanimously to adopt Shoofha as their unofficial anthem.

I can see why Arabs enjoy the song so much. I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with the percussion instruments in the background, not to mention the hand-clapping effect (something deeply ingrained in Kuwaiti Culture), which are all very boppy and hard for Arabs to resist the urge to dance to.

The nonsensical “catchy phrases” and colloquialisms are another thing that apparently delights Arabs, or at least many of my friends. I suppose Kuwaitis enjoy being represented, even if it’s only via slang in a song or whatever. I dunno’. All I know is, if I hear one more person repeat “ya kaayka” (which translates to “ya’ cake” and means “you pretty thang”) I’m gonna’ lose it lol

Personally, I find the song (melody, beat, percussion instruments, lyrics and all) pretty obnoxious. That said, if my friends enjoy listening to it, I won’t begrudge them that. Like I said, I understand why it’d appeal to the locals. It just doesn’t appeal to me.

Shoofha in Arabic translates to “look at her” as in “check her out”. Deep.

Aside from the actual song, the music video is a trainwreck in and of itself.

Only one second in and they’ve already lost me after I’ve spotted an owl. I just can’t stand Drake lol

For whatever reason, I don’t mind clubbing scenes as much when they’re in foreign music videos, but in Arab music videos, I find them tired and cliche. If you insist on going that route, at least make more of an effort.

I had a lot more to say on the topic, but deleted it because it seemed too mean and frankly petty lol. I’ll just say one thing though before moving on. In the future, invest in Stylists, Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists, or at least invest in better ones.

The dancing was pretty lackluster as well. You can find way better on TikTok. I’m not on TikTok because I’m 100 years old. I’m just saying, you could find better there.

Basically, I wasn’t impressed by the song or the accompanying music video. It wasn’t bad, especially not for Arabs. It’s just that in comparison to the rest of the world, it doesn’t hold up.

The fact that Shoofha garnered so much success locally and abroad amongst Arabs, even inspiring a challenge, is no surprise. Fortunately or unfortunately, my taste is a bit more sophisticated than that and so, this particular tune does nothing for me.

That said, in comparison to their older work (quick google search turned up the song shown above), you can see that overall quality has actually improved since then.

Finally, you can substitute my earlier review for the Indian Song Paagal (here) with the song Shoofha (or any other Arabic Song) because it’s equally applicable, sadly.

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