Collective Snackage Haulage (Sultan Center Souq Sharq, Sultan Center Salmiya, City Center Salmiya)

Back in December, my cousin’s wife served me a can of tasty Lychee Drink when I was over at my uncle’s home. It was sooo good that I’ve been searching for the exact same stuff ever since.

All I can remember was there was an illustration of Lychee and a Melon and possibly a Pear on the front, and the can itself was pale pink with white polka-dots and was either made in Malaysia or Thailand based on the writing (I dunno’).

During early December, I hit up both the Souq Sharq branch and Salmiya branch of Sultan Center and the Salmiya branch of City Center (ergo Collective Snackage Haulage) and bought a ton of other groceries as well, but couldn’t fit everything into one photo, so I didn’t even bother attempting it.

The drinks in the 1st photo were all from City Center Hypermarket (Salmiya). As you can see, it was very lychee-oriented lol

Star Litchi Juice

I really don’t like how there’s 2847839 different ways you can spell Lychee.

Anyways, as I said, the purpose of me hitting up several supermarkets was to find Lychee drinks. I liked that this stuff was re-sealable, meaning I could twist the cap back on and pop this thing in fridge to finish up at a later time so I grabbed a few (x8).

Star Litchi Juice tasted nice, with a hint of something medicinal (almost almond-y). All in all, I kinda’ liked it and would probably repurchase.

Glinter Soft Drink (Green Apple and Lychee)

Stupid cute! For whatever reason, I just can’t resist this sort of clear packaging! I just find it so aesthetically appealing! I also love Green Apple anything and everything and was on the hunt for Lychee regardless.

LaCroix Sparkling Water (Pure and Coconut and Berry)

I’ve only ever seen LaCroix on YouTube (once in a Trisha Paytas/Shane Dawson video ages ago and more recently, in a Whitney Cummings podcast episode). So, when I clocked these at City Center (Salmiya), I was pretty excited! I had no idea what to expect! I decided to pick up a few different flavors, but unfortunately, they tasted… horrible.

Well, just the one. I’m not brave enough to try the other two.

Fanta (Pineapple and Berry)

I don’t recall spotting Fanta in these particular flavors before, so I decided to give ’em a try. That said, I think I’ll be stickin’ with the classic Fanta (Orange).

Perfectly Clear Spring Water (Lemon & Lime and Summer Fruits)

I’m a bit scared of drinks like this because they tend to contain sorbitol, which can can cause gastrointestinal distress (laxative effect). The thing is, once you open up these sort of drinks, you have to finish them within 3 days (regardless of whether you refrigerate them or naw).

I don’t know what’s considered an excessive amount of sorbitol, but I’m not willing to find out. So, I’d only drink this stuff in small increments and pop it back in the fridge (did that for 3 days straight) like a sane person lol Nice, but not worth the agita.

Alternatively, the Marks & Spencer ones (here) tasted significantly yummier!

Paper Boat Drinks (Mango and Alfonso Mango and Lychee)

I thought these were quite cute! I only picked up x2 of each just to try. Surprisingly, all of them tasted really, really good, particularly the Alfonso Mango! I’d definitely repurchase more of each!

Sultan Center (Souq Sharq)

I also hit up Sultan Center (Souq Sharq) and picked up a few more things, including more drinks.

Alicafe Salted Caramel

So bad! Honestly, I was on a Spanish Latte kick and this stuff clearly read Salted Caramel on the packaging, so I don’t know what possessed to be to pick up not one, not two, but three sachets.

I had one every morning, for three mornings in a row, thinking maybe it needed to grow on me. Yeah… no. I’m not a fan of this particular flavor. Not for me.

Palm Dream Coconut Water

I don’t drink water because it’s tasteless. I figured Coconut Water was a nice and healthy alternative. I’ll pop several in the fridge and only find one (if any) only a few days later because apparently my family enjoys Coconut Water too.

Aqua Verde Pure Coconut Water

I feel like I’ve purchased this particular brand before, so this would probably be considered a repurchase. The packaging was pretty cute too! Coco Mojo is still my fave though, but I can’t always find that stuff.

DrinkLicious Sparkling Water (Strawberry & Watermelon and Mojito)

Again, more to do with the clear packaging than anything else lol I’m still wary of sorbitol, but whatevs. Oh and I found this stuff in the organic section at Sultan Center (Souq Sharq).

Manga Jo Pomegranate & Green Tea (Power Pair)
Mango Jo Lemon & Green Tea (Daily Detox)

Available in Lemon & Green Tea (Daily Detox)
Pomegranate & Green Tea (Power Pair)
Japanese Yuzu & Lemon (Super Juices)
Acai Berry & Green Tea (Amazonian Energizer)
Goji Berry & Green Tea (Brilliant Berries)
Red Grape & Rooibos Tea (Caffiene Free Well-Being Wonder)

Also in the organic section was this stuff. It came in different flavors, but not all of them were available. I decided to just get one of each for now. Even just looking at them makes me feel healthier lol

Cool Sun Apple Strawberry Juice

Available in Apple Strawberry Juice
Mixed Fruit Juice
Mango Juice
Orange Juice

Also from the organic foods section, I picked up this Cool Sun Apple Strawberry Juice for nostalgic reasons. Although I’ve never tried Cool Sun before, it strongly reminded me of another drink from my childhood that also came in similar packaging (blanking on the name right now).

Sunblast Recharge Drink (Taste of Bluberry & Raspberry, B5, B6, B12 and Green Tea)

Available in Recharge (Blueberry & Raspberry, B5, B6, B12 and Green Tea)
Rehydrate (Grapefruit & Lime, B3, B5 and L-carnitine)
Recovery (Peach yuck & Acerola, Vitamin C and Vitamin D)

For the last drink from the organic section, I grabbed a Sunblast in the Blueberry & Raspberry (Recharge) flavor. It seemed like a pretty healthy option. Also how fun is the clear packaging?

That said, I wonder why all those energy drinks have Sun in the name?

Sultan Center (Salmiya)

This was my entire haulage from Sultan Center (Salmiya) so I lumped everything together for the photo.

Pepsi Raspberry

These looked sleek and sexy, and sounded like they’d taste so good! Sadly, they tasted like cough syrup (very medicinal). I definitely would not repurchase.

Perfection Snacks Twists (Lemon Cheesecake and Raspberry Truffle)

I’d clocked these earlier in the organic section at Sultan Center (Souq Sharq) and skipped them, but when I saw them again in the Cookies & Biscuits Aisle at Sultan Center (Salmiya) I just couldn’t resist.

Both Lemon Cheesecake and Raspberry Truffle sounded amazing and I couldn’t decide between them, so I went head and got both!

Unna Bakery Lemon Lime Traditional Swedish Butter Cookies

They had me at Lime! This stuff was perfectly soft and melt-in-your-mouth crumbly and just… lovely!

These were all from the City Center Hypermarket (Salmiya).

Loacker Quadratini Raspberry Yoghurt Wafer Cubes
Loacker Quadratini Napolitaner (Hazelnut) Wafer Cubes
Loacker Quadratini Espresso Wafer Cubes
Caprice Papadopoulos Cappuccino Wafer Rolls

I’ve already dedicated an entire blog post to those Caprice Papadopoulos Wafer Rolls in the past (here) albeit in a different flavor. They’re too good!

As for those Loacker Quadratini Wafer Cubes, they’re pretty much the same as those Caprice Papadopoulos Wafer Rolls, except in a different shape. They’re all nice and soft but satisfyingly crunchy! Basically, they’re perfection!

The only reason I got Raspberry-Yogurt in the larger size was because I couldn’t find it in the medium size. Regardless, all the flavors were sooo good!

Sultan Center (Souq Sharq)

Chocolate fix.

McVitie’s Fruit Club Biscuits

I love using Digestives when preparing certain desserts and equally love eating them on their own (optimal for dunking)! I’ve never seen these Fruit ones before though, so I had to grab a huge thing of them to try.

Nestle Walnut Whip

Ugh! Typically, I enjoy most if not all Nestle offerings and this stuff looked all round and cute and tempting. Unfortunately, it tasted awful. I took one bite and immediately regretted it. I gave the rest to my nieces who liked them, not surprisingly.

I just don’t do overly chocolate-y chocolate.

KitKat Green Tea Matcha

I’m not a fan of Green Tea Matcha but I enjoy trying out the new and more unique KitKat flavors. So, I picked up one for me and one for my brother to try. It was alright.

KitKat Ruby Cocoa Beans

Ruby Cocoa Beans was a pretty new flavor (at the time of this haul) and looked all pink and cute and even had a cute name! Obviously, I stocked up, expecting to be blown away.

Not gonna’ lie, the taste was kinda’ underwhelming. KitKat Coconut still reigns supreme, in my book.

Sultan Center (Souq Sharq)

More stuff to much on between meals.

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Triangles

Walkers makes these in several shapes (no joke, I even spotted them in the shape of a camel lol) and a variety of flavors, but the Butter Shortbread in the form of Triangles are my favorites, by far! I love everything about them, from the taste down to the consistency! That’s why I repurchase this stuff in bulk (here).

That said, I felt perfectly comfortable buying just the one, knowing full well I could finish the entire thing in a single sitting.

I didn’t, but I could.


General Mills Mermaid Cereal

They had me at Mermaid! To be honest, the mermaids on the back looked like a toddler drew them. They all looked so wonky lol It seems like they’d put more effort into the mermaid on the front, which was what initially drew me to this stuff.

If you squint, the actual cereal kinda’ looked like Lucky Charms as well lol The taste was surprisingly nice and sugary enough for me to repurchase, but sadly, once this stuff ran out and I went back to get more, I noticed that all the ones they had in stock were just days away from expiring so I went for Nesquik Alphabet Cereal instead.

I grabbed these two from the the City Center Hypermarket (Salmiya) for when I got in the mood to dabble in the kitchen.

Betty Crocker Butter Pecan Cake Mix

Gits Basmati Rice Kheer Mix

From their Pancake Mixes (here) to their Brownie Mixes (here) to their Cake Mixes (here), I’m a big fan and advocate of products from Betty Crocker! I know for a fact that the brand has a billion different flavors and I really wish we had a bigger selection of those in Kuwait. I mean the Brownie Mixes alone come in Salted Caramel and Hot Chocolate and Milk Chocolate and the list goes on and on, not just basic Dark Chocolate and Fudge.

Since I can only spot the same handful of flavors of Cake Mix in the entire country, as soon as I clocked the Butter Pecan, I pounced! I made this stuff on Christmas and it tasted even better than I was expecting!

As for the Kheer, it’s my understanding that it’s an Indian Dessert (I mean, it says so on the box) and the instructions seemed pretty easy so I decided to give it a try. I was hoping for something similar to Sahlab, but it tasted quite different to me. I liked it though and while eating it with my older brother (box had enough for 2 people even though it says 3), it occurred to me that I could actually re-recreate this dessert using things I already had laying around the kitchen!

Barilla Conchiglie Rigate

Lotus Foods Purple Potato & Brown Rice Ramen Turmeric Curry Soup

These two were from the organic foods area in Sultan Center (Souq Sharq), I believe. Also for when I’m in the mood to “cook”.

Barilla Conchiglie Rigate

I swear this box magically replenishes itself. I’ve already made several dinners out of this stuff and it’s not even halfway finished!

Lotus Foods Purple Potato & Brown Rice Ramen Turmeric Curry Soup

I remember purchasing “Forbidden Rice” several years back which was basically purple rice (also from the organic section), but I could only find purple noodles this time.

Only once I got back home and took pics for the blog did I realize it was actually soup. Either way, I’m pretty excited to try it!

Del Monte Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce

Puck Mushroom Sauce

Unfortunately, while the Cook does the best he could, I’ve noticed that he uses the exact same Spices and by extension Sauces for every dish he prepares. As a result, his Lasagne and Spaghetti are indiscernible from his Kebab and Beef Stew and even Chicken Machboos. Basically, all his dishes kinda’ taste the same.

So, I picked up some Sauces, I wanna’ say from City Center Hypermarket (Salmiya) to add some flavor to the food, regardless of who makes it.

Puck has several different flavors and I distinctly remember picking up the Lemon Butter from a different location in the past and enjoying it, so the Mushroom Sauce was more for the meat/beef dishes while the Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce was self-explanatory.


More Sauces, from Sultan Center (Souq Sharq) this time.

Knorr Parmesan Pasta Sides

Knorr makes some pretty decent flavors of Instant Soup and Cup-a-Soup (here) not to mention Bouillon Cubes and Pasta Sides (as shown) and more. For as long as I could remember, it was always Maggi in my household, but now Maggi and Knorr are pretty interchangeable in my book.

I popped some Americana Chicken Breasts in the oven and when they were done sliced them horizontally and combined them with the Knorr Parmesan Pasta Side and pretended I was out at a restaurant while eating it (this was during quarantine). It tasted pretty good, up until it cooled and the cheese started hardening lol I’m learning as I go.

Hidden Valley Ranch Dips Mix

This stuff is a repurchase (here) because it tastes so good when combined with Yogurt! I only use ’bout half a pack in an entire thing of Yogurt as a dip, when stuffing my face with Potato Chips.

Alternatively, I’ve been using this stuff mixed in with Yogurt as a Marinade for Chicken Drumsticks. When used dry, mixed in with flour and spices, it gives whatever I’m gonna fry, the most delicious outer coating! So many uses, all equally yummy!

MF Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta Sauce

Tomato and Mascarpone? Sold!

Since it’s a Pasta Sauce, you could use it for everything from Ravioli to Pizza to whatever else your heart desires.

Honestly, I bought it because every time I see this stuff, it reminds me of the Pink Pasta from The Chocolate Bar, back when that stuff tasted deelish, not the bland mess they’ve been serving in the more recent years.

Heinz Cocktail Sauce

I was tricked by the Shrimp on the packaging! I was so sure this stuff would taste bomb. It most definitely did not. There’s something in this stuff that just tastes off. It’s either too garlic-y or too ginger-y or too… something. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it. No bueno.

Heinz Canned Food

My family tries to eat as fresh and healthy as possible. I don’t share that trait. In fact, ever since I was a tween (if not younger) I’ve had a penchant for canned food. I particularly love canned Octopus and canned Mussels and heck, most canned Seafood!

Another easy and quick snack/meal is canned Beans in Tomato Sauce. I could eat that stuff hot or cold. It tastes yummy any which way! Heinz makes the best ones and in several sizes ranging from mini to large. I tend to trust most of the canned offerings from Heinz in general.

Heinz Beans (Barbecue and Curry)

Never seen these flavors before, but figured they’d be good for Taco Night or something. If not, lightly heated with some flatbread is another alternative.

Heinz Spaghetti Hoops

I could live off this stuff forever! I wish Cook or I, could make Spaghetti that’d taste like this, instead of the usual Bolognese Sauce that he makes (that tastes like every other dish he makes) lol

Also, for whatever reason, Hoops taste yummier than typical Spaghetti. Also, note at the bottom where it says 57 Varieties! Yeah, Heinz is a pretty good bet when it comes to canned stuff.

Maggi Onion Soup
Maggi Broccoli Soup

My older brother whom apparently has pregnancy cravings, wouldn’t stop bugging me for French Onion Soup served in a legit Bread Bowl. Being the awesome younger sister that I am, I snagged the Onion Soup for him and even found frozen Bread Bowls in the freezer section at Sultan Center (Salmiya) to serve it in.

The Broccoli Soup was for me. I was craving that yummy green soup that I’d had before (here), but apparently I’d mistaken the Broccoli Soup for the Cream of Spinach Soup.

Natureland Noreez Sea Vegetable Snack

A crispy organic snack made with paper thin nori sheets sprayed with organic high oleic sunflower oil, sprinkled with sea salt, and toasted to perfection. A great way to enjoy sea vegetables.

These were pretty pricey at KD /500 each and you got a very little amount for that price, but I had a sneaking suspicion they’d turn out to be great. I was not wrong! If like me you enjoy all things seaweed or salty snacks or crispy snacks or all of the above, definitely give this stuff a try! So glad I stocked up!

You can find them in the organic section at Sultan Center (Souq Sharq).

Perfection Snacks Mango Chili Tortilla Chips
Natureland Rosemary Baked Puffs
Natureland Spicy Paprika Baked Puffs

Also from the organic section at Sultan Center (Souq Sharq), I finally decided to give their Potato Chips a try.

While the Noreez Sea Vegetable Snack was a win, both flavors of Baked Puffs were a fail. All three were from Natureland, hence their availability in the organic section.

Haldiram’s Tangy Tomato Banana Chips
Haldiram’s Spicy Banana Chips
Haldiram’s Salted Banana Chips

At the City Center Hypermarket (Salmiya) I stocked up on Banana Chips from Haldiram’s which was the same brand I’d gotten those Indian Cookies from earlier in the year (here).

I was hoping these Banana Chips would taste similar to Banana Joe Sea Salt Banana Chips that I’d picked up from Saveco (here), but no such luck.

Waitrose Frozen Breaded Haddock Fingers

At the frozen food section in the City Center Hypermarket (Salmiya), I clocked this stuff and immediately started craving Fish Fingers (which I haven’t had in like… forever). Also, Waitrose is trustworthy. So, I snagged the stuff.

Al Kabeer Frozen Food

Still at the frozen food section at City Center (Salmiya), they had twin packs taped together and sold at a value price or whatever and since I’ve tried Al Kabeer stuff from Sultan Center (Souq Sharq) in the past and quite enjoyed their offerings (here), I decided to repurchase. Big mistake.

Al Kabeer Jalapeno & Cheese Sticks

I can’t get enough of this stuff! I’ve repurchased it many, many times since the initial purchase (here), but haven’t felt the need to blog about it because it was only a handful of stuff and mostly repurchases.

Al Kabeer Fish Fingers

I snagged this stuff because I was craving Fish Fingers, like I said and I figured I could share this stuff with the kids (nieces and nephew), when they come over.

Al Kabeer Vegetable Nuggets

I’m the weirdo who actually enjoys Vegetable Nuggets and used to love them as a kid! I can’t even remember the last time I saw any available for purchase. I figured I’d grab the two-pack for myself and the kids. Not gonna’ lie, I was pretty excited for this stuff.

Sadly, once I opened it up back home, it was all moldy! Yup, that green stuff you can see in the photos is actually mold. I had someone in our house return that stuff the very next day (I could barely look at that stuff let alone touch anything related to it) and got my money back.

Never ever shopping at the City Center Hypermarket again after this. Ugh, so gross!

777 Manicure Kit

Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask

Also from the City Center Hypermarket (Salmiya), in the personal care aisle, I grabbed Nail Clippers or “Manicure Kit” as they call it, from the brand 777 (lolwut?) because my nails needed trimming and this stuff was made in Korea (score!) and repurchased those awesome Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Masks that I’d picked up from Sultan Center (Salmiya) back in 2018 (here) for my peepers.

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Hairspray

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Hair Mousse

Colgate 360 Charcoal Toothbrush

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Bar Soap

From the personal care aisle at Sultan Center (Souq Sharq), I repurchased yet another Colgate 360 Charcoal Toothbrush (gone through so many) because I love this stuff and always make sure to have a backup or two on hand.

I also decided to try the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Bar Soap because I used those awful magnifying mirrors and saw some blackheads on my nose and did not like what I saw lol

I also couldn’t resist picking up some Hair Care stuff from my beloved Herbal Essences that consisted of Mousse and Hairspray

Mega Lolly Lollipop

Lastly, I got these giant Lollipops for the kids from the City Center Hypermarket (Salmiya). You can see how huge these Lollipops are in comparison to a full-sized Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle (Frosted Cranberry) in the second photo.

I got 1 Lollipop per kid, thinking it’d actually be a giant Lollipop, come to find out, it was actually a whole bunch of regular sized Lollipops inside each giant Lollipop. I was a bit disappointed lol but at least the regular sized Lollipops came in a whole bunch of different flavors lol While the parents didn’t look overly happy (candy = hyper kids), all the kids seemed to enjoy them ^_^

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