US Bath and Body Works Candle Day Haul

Started this post on January 4 and only got around to posting it on April 4 lol

I’ve only ever heard of Candle Day, but never actually experienced it for myself, or even knew what day it fell on. Heck, I don’t think we’ve ever had Candle Day in Kuwait.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I logged on to the U.S. Bath & Body Works Online Store and accidentally stumbled on Candle Day! Basically, if you don’t know what Candle Day is, it’s when 3-Wick Candles go on sale!

I added a ton of 3-Wick Candles to my online cart and immediately placed my order, but my credit cart was all “nah lol you’re outta $$”.

Of all the times to exceed the limit on my darn online credit card, I had to run out of $$ on Candle Day?!?!

Thankfully, I still had some $$ left. There was a lot of “mathing” involved, but I figured out I had just enough for x10 3-Wick Candles, with a little something extra for taxes (we don’t have taxes in Kuwait so I’ve got now clue how to calculate that stuff lol)

Deal at the time of this order:
3-Wick Candles were reduced from $24.50 each down to only $9.50 each
$9.50 Today Only! – with code CANDLECRAZE

All mah behbehz arrived safely intact!

Just like all my previous US B&BW Online Orders, they came with a 20% Off Coupon Code for a future order.

My 1st U.S. B&BW Online Order – Nov 30 (haulage here)
My 2nd U.S. B&BW Online Order – December 5 (haulage here)
My 3rd U.S. B&BW Online Order – December 6 (haulage here)
My 4th U.S. B&BW Online Order – December 7 (as shown)

Most of my orders arrived around the same time (a day or so apart, in some cases).

Cherry Mocha (Transportive Nordic Collection)
Gather (Thanksgiving Collection – Fall 2019)

I had my eye on these two from Day 1 but went for the Land of Sweets Candles instead (haulage here) because I knew they were going to go out of stock soon (which they did) and figured I could pick these two up at a later time (which I did). Out of all the 3-Wick Candles in this haul, these two were the best-performing! They were straight up beast-mode!

Champagne Toast (Holiday Traditions 2019)
Pink Fairy Gumdrop (Land of Sweets Collection)

I wasn’t as interested in these two, but I got them based on the positive reviews. As I said, everyone was making a fuss over Champagne Toast (in every form) and the online reviews on the site mentioned Pink Fairy Gumdrops smelling delicious. Frankly, I was not impressed. Heck, Pink Fairy Gumdrop was so faint, I could barely smell a thing! Champagne Toast was easier to detect scent-wise.

Hot Buttered Rum (Home for the Holidays Collection)
Creamy Nutmeg (Home for the Holidays Collection)

These popped up during or around Candle Day (along with a bunch of others) and based on the packaging, I was sure they were newer additions to the All That Glitters Collection but I guess not. In any case, I had next to nothing to go on, so I bought these two purely going by their names. The scent and throw was great on both! Plus, they looked so beautiful when lit!

Unicorn Sprinkles (Unicorn Candles Collection) (Online Only)
Mermaid Wishes (Unicorn Candles Collection) (Online Only)
Citrus Crystals (Unicorn Candles Collection) (Online Only)
Vanilla Cola Candy (Unicorn Candles Collection) (Online Only)

These popped up during or around Candle Day as well and were “Online Only”. The packaging on the entire collection was hideous (as you can see) so I made my decision based on the fragrance notes (the descriptions were pretty cute too)!

Based on the names (Mermaid Wishes, Citrus Crystals, etc…) I thought it was odd that they’d be released during Winter. A quick google search turned up the fact that these babies were actually released back in May 2019 (which made much more sense) and were only brought back for the sales.

Unfortunately, the scent on most of these was non-existent (very very weak) which was disappointing.

I wish they would’ve turned Citrus Crystals and Unicorn Sprinkles and all the rest in this collection, into Shower Gels and other Body Products as opposed to these poorly-performing Candles.

Cherry Mocha (Transportive Nordic Collection)

It’s your favorite holiday coffee confection in a candle. Topped with a decorative lid.

Sweet Cherry, Decadent Chocolate, Whipped Cream Topping with Essential Oils

Cherry Mocha – purchased
Cinnamon & Clove Buds – skipped
Citrus & Spice – skipped
Mahogany Balsam – skipped
Praline Pecan & Cream – out of stock
Vanilla Birch – skipped

Typically, I don’t do Cherry because I just can’t stand anything cherry-scented. However, I couldn’t resist a candle that had Mocha in its name!

Plus, I’d already skipped Cherry Cheesecake from the Land of Sweets Collection during my previous haulage (based on all the negative reviews) and wasn’t about to hold back on getting this one too.

While the “Nordic” design of the packaging mightn’t have been my aesthetic, I did like the pretty red shade and that lid was absolutely lovely! The scent was surprisingly lovely too! Some could only detect the cherry in this thing while others could only detect the chocolate lol I could smell both!

That said, the chocolate didn’t smell like dark chocolate or anything like that. It was on the lighter and airier side. It almost smelled liked Graham Crackers actually. Also, the cherry wasn’t the sickening kind that I couldn’t stomach. It was the more delicate kind (similar to my Jergens Lotion lol).

When lit, Cherry Mocha made the entire hallway smell like some sort of delicious baked dessert! In fact, it smelled so good that I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t eat it lol (not jokin) Such a good purchase!

Gather (Fall Collection)

Sweet, spicy & inspired by all things fall — we gather you’ll love it. Candle comes topped with a decorative lid.

Bourbon Glazed Apples, Maple Sugar, Creamy Vanilla with Essential Oils

Gather – purchased
Blessed – skipped
Give Thanks – skipped

First of all, how gorgeous is the packaging? I love the fact that the jar is all black! I also like that the design is on the more simple side; plain black jar with gold foliage border around the name. There’s just something about black and gold combo that just speaks to me! It’s understated, but elegant. The lid fits in nicely with the rest of this thing too. The whole thing just looks so sleek!

As for the scent, within seconds of lighting Gather, the entire hallway smelled like apples and bourbon! You guys, the scent was no joke! The apple might come across as a bit overwhelming and the bourbon could come across as a bit overly sweet, but personally, I love both scents individually and even more so together! I found the scent intoxicating!

Gather smells like something you’d sniff at Kilian! It’s very very very sweet and boozy! Better still, its performance was beast-mode! The scent would linger for hours afterwards! Such a great purchase!

Champagne Toast (Holiday Traditions Collection)

A must for every holiday celebration, this bubbly, sparkling fragrance will make you want to raise your glass. Candle comes topped with a decorative lid.

This is what Christmas smells like: Bubbly Champagne, Sparkling Berries, Sweet Orange with Essential Oils

Champagne Toast – purchased
Cherry Frost – skipped
Chocolate Peppermint Cream – skipped
Fresh Balsam – skipped
Frosted Coconut Snowball – skipped
Frosted Cranberry – skipped
Spiced Gingerbread – out of stock
Sugared Snickerdoodle – skipped
‘Tis The Season – skipped
Twisted Peppermint – skipped
Vanilla Bean Noel – skipped
Winter Candy Apple – Never!

I purchased Champagne Toast as a travel size Shower Gel in 1st US B&BW Haul (here) and Jar Candle in my 2nd US B&BW Haul (here) and as a Creamy Luxe Hand Soap and Wallflower Fragrance Bulb in my 3rd US B&BW Haul (here) because of all the hype.

Sometimes I got Peach and other times got Haribo Worms (gummy candy) from Champagne Toast in other forms. As a 3-wick Candle, it was more of the same. I liked it but I wasn’t obsessed. Even the throw was on the average side (not as strong as I’d hoped).

Also, while I liked the glittery and sparkly festive packaging at the time of its arrival, I’m kinda’ over it now lol Even the pretty pink wax and the lid with the pretty little baubles or Christmas Tree Ornaments or whatever etched onto it, does nothing for me.

Champagne Toast was a pleasant scent, but not necessarily worth the extortionate shipping charges from Aramex.

Pink Fairy Gumdrop (Land of Sweets Collection?)

The sweetest treat this side of the North Pole. Candle comes topped with a decorative lid.

This is what Christmas smells like: Sparkling Sugared Berries, Pink Cotton Candy, Sprinkle of Fairy Dust with Essential Oils

Chocolate Lava Cake – purchased (here)
Cinnamon Caramel Swirl – skipped
Merry Cookie – out of stock
Pink Fairy Gumdrop – purchased
Peppermint Marshmallow – skipped

I kinda’ wanted to get my hands on Merry Cookie but it was out of stock. While checking out the fragrance notes and reviews for the rest of the candles from this particular collection for a possible substitute, I noticed that people kept reiterating how Pink Fairy Gumdrop smelled delicious. I fell for it; hook, line and sinker.

The packaging, as you can see, was tres adorbs! What with the pink wax and the confetti/drugs design, the whole thing looked pretty cute! I still prefer the packaging on Chocolate Lava Cake though, which to me was the prettiest!

Scent-wise, I was hoping for something delightfuly sweet and wonderful, similar to Arctic Berry (haulage here). I mean, based on the notes (Cotton Candy and Fairy Dust and Sugared Berries!) I had very high hopes!

At the very least, I was hoping for Skittles. Instead, I got Nerds. The sugared berries smelled extremely artificial and obnoxious! Worse still, it was less sweet and more tangy, but not citrus-y and uplifting… I dunno’ how else to describe it other than awful. Even the cold throw on this thing was just bad lol

To top it all off, it was one of those weaker scents. I burned it in the kitchen and could barely smell a thing. I burned it in the bathroom (which was pretty small) in one of the guest rooms in our home and only then, could sorta’ detect it.

What is up with all these Holiday Collection having such weak throws? In any case, this was a waste of money. Serves me right for purchasing anything with sugared in the fragrance notes lol

Hot Buttered Rum (Home for the Holidays Collection)

This rich, creamy winter staple keeps you cozy all season long. Candle comes topped with a decorative lid.

Dark Buttered Rum, Warm Caramel, Mulling Spice, Vanilla Bourbon with Essential Oils

Red Velvet Cupcake – skipped
Hot Buttered Rum – purchased
Spice – skipped
Mint Chocolate – skipped
Cranberry Pear Bellini – skipped
Merry Mistletoe – skipped
Creamy Nutmeg – purchased
Chestnut and Clove – skipped

Another boozy scent, Hot Buttered Rum was a sweet scent with a surprisingly strong throw! Honestly, I only picked it up because it was probably the closest I was ever going to come to Butterbeer in my lifetime lol

There were no reviews at the time, but the fragrance notes were enough to seduce me. As promised, Hot Buttered Rum was an extremely sweet scent. Honestly though, it just comes across as yet another vanilla/caramel combo. Regardless, I like it!

Also the packaging was very pretty when lit (throws up all kinds of magic on the walls) and as I said Hot Buttered Rum makes me think of Harry Potter and even the wax was an appropriately butter-y shade so I’m happy with this baby!

Creamy Nutmeg (Home for the Holidays Collection)

A touch of sugar & spice make the holidays sooo nice. Candle comes topped with a decorative lid.

Spiced Nutmeg, Sugared Cinnamon, Vanilla Chestnut with Essential Oils

Also no reviews for Creamy Nutmeg, just like Hot Buttered Rum, because those two popped up during or around the time of the sales. I picked it up mainly because… chestnuts lol

I liked that the wax was brown (deliciously appropriate), but the orange did nothing for me. However, when lit, once again I was dazzled by it’s prettiness!

While the throw wasn’t the strongest, Creamy Nutmeg had such an interesting scent! I could never quite pinpoint what exactly I was smelling at any given moment, from this thing. Sometimes, I could almost swear I was smelling apple and citrus, other times I was so sure I was smelling cinnamon and other spices. I keep burning this thing to figure it out and it’s almost finished and I’ve still got no clue lol

In any case, Creamy Nutmeg is a comforting and cozy scent that I’ve enjoyed burning in my living area!

Unicorn Sprinkles (Pop Up Collection)

This candle’s all unicorns & rainbows. Comes topped with a decorative lid.

Fluffy Cotton Candy, Rainbow Candy Drops, Sugared Lemon with Essential Oils

Strawberry Pound Cake – purchased from a previous collection (here)
Sugared Blueberry Donut – skipped
Cereal Marshmallow Bar – out of stock
Unicorn Sprinkles – purchased

How hideous is that lid? lol The rest of this thing was a holographic eyesore but nothing was as bad as the lid lol

So everyone was hoarding Unicorn Sprinkles and Cereal Marshmallow Bar which were both re-releases. Like a good little sheeple, I followed the herd and tried to get my hand on both, which consequentially kept going in and out of stock.

As you can see, I lucked out and managed to snag Unicorn Sprinkles. It smelled waaaaay better than it looked! It smelled like Skittles, only more sweet and less tangy, I suppose.

It burned all lopsided and weird and was a bit problematic, but the scent was so good that I really wish I’d picked up a backup! The uplifting citrus-y mouthwatering scent even lingered on afterwards! I could see why people had been hoarding Unicorn Sprinkles!

Definitely worth it and so thankful to have snagged the one!

Mermaid Wishes (Unicorn Collection)

Your starfish wish is our command! This mermaid-inspired candle comes topped with a decorative lid.

Sparkling Pink Grapefruit, Breezy Sea Fern, Dash of Lily Pad with Essential Oils

Citrus Crystals – purchased
Lavender Marshmallow – skipped
Marble Toffee – skipped
Mermaid Wishes – purchased
Mint Chip Shake – skipped
Vanilla Cola Candy – purchased
Unicorn Sprinkles – purchased

I hated the idea of all those different panels (one with what appeared to be sequins, one depicting waves and the other depicting a thunder-y sky) on the packaging. It just wasn’t very cohesive and frankly looked pretty ugly to me lol That said, since it was all in a single color, Mermaid Wishes was the least ugly out of all the Unicorn Candles.

As for the scent, I was expecting something zesty and uplifting or something possibly reminiscent of the Sea-Tox Collection (haulage here). It was neither.

Mermaid Wishes was a clean, soap-y scent with some aquatic notes. The grapefruit was neither sweet nor citrus-y. It was extremely mild, but worked well with the masculine vibe emanating from the lily pad note. It really was a pleasant scent!

Sadly, it was an extremely weak scent. It wasn’t as weak as Tea & Biscuits (London) (haulage here) because I could actually detect the scent in a poorly ventilated and very small room. However, it was so weak, that whenever I burned the candle, myself and everyone around me, could actually smell something burning… like boiling water. The burning scent actually overpowered the scent of the candle itself :/

Shame because on cold throw Mermaid Wishes smelled pretty nice, which led to me having higher expectations. Unfortunately, the scent was just too weak. I believe Mermaid Wishes would benefit from being melted (if you’ve got a wax warmer) as opposed to being burned.

All in all, not worth the money.

Citrus Crystals

You’ll be like a kid in a candy shop with this tangy, fizzy treat. Comes topped with a decorative lid.

Sugared Orange Slices, Tangy Lemon Drops, Fizzy Guava with Essential Oils

As you can see, the packaging was hideous on this thing, but the fragrance notes made it sound right up my alley and the name was pretty cute too!

As expected, the cold throw on this baby was sublime! Citrus Crystals and Unicorn Sprinkles were definitely in the same scent family (Skittles-esque) because they smelled quite similar. Sadly, when I burned Citrus Crystals, all I could smell was boiling water :/

Once it cooled and dried, I’d lift it up to my nose and be able to smell the gorgeousness again. When I’d burn it, the scent would be completely gone.

Clearly, it’s not just the Holiday Collection Candles that suffer from performance issues.

Such. A. Shame.

Vanilla Cola Candy

Like a frothy cola float, but better. Candle comes topped with a decorative lid.

Fizzy Soda Crystals, Sparkling Sugar Cane, Creamy Vanilla with Essential Oils

How could I resist a candle that was supposed to smell like Cola?

That was a rhetorical question because obviously I couldn’t.

As you can see, the packaging is equally hideous as the rest of the candles in this collection. It just looks awful. That said, I do believe the back is meant to mimic a certain logo (vaguely resembles Pepsi though, not Cola) but for legal reasons, they had to make it look different hence this funky version, no? Just me? Am I over-thinking it again? Kk

Anyways, it smells like Gummy Cola Candy, as intended… on cold throw. Once lit, the scent disappears completely and all I can smell is heated water. Again, it would probably benefit from being warmed as opposed to being burned.

Final Thoughts

I probably could’ve skipped Vanilla Cola Candy and Citrus Crystals and Mermaid Wishes based on their poor performance (no scent when lit), but they smelled so nice when they were unlit. I suppose I could place them strategically so they would scent whatever was in the vicinity or place them by my bed or summat.

I definitely should’ve listened to my gut and skipped Pink Fairy Gumdrop though, because the artificial berry scent was so offensive, it burned my nose.

Cherry Mocha and Gather and Unicorn Sprinkles and despite its poor performance, even Citrus Crystals, all smelled impossibly delicious! The rest were just okay.

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