US Bath and Body Works Shower Gels (Buy 3 Get 3 Free)

From my 2nd U.S. Bath & Body Works Haul (here)

Sugar Plum Swirl (retired fragrance)
Snowy Morning (retired fragrance)
Country Apple (retired fragrance)
Coconut Lime Breeze (retired fragrance)
Oahu Coconut Sunset (retired fragrance)
Cashmere Glow (retired fragrance)
Sensual Amber (retired fragrance)
Raspberry Sugar (holiday traditions)
Winterberry Wonder (fall into holiday)
Little Black Party Dress (all that glitters)
Fresh Sparkling Snow (all that glitters)
Twinkling Nights (all that glitters)

Shower Gels normally retail for $12.50 (KD 3/800) each

They had a Buy 3, Get 3 Free promo on Body Care. Also, 20% Off the entire order. So, I decided to get the rest of the Shower Gels that I had my heart set on (from the ones that were still in stock), especially since all the Shower Gels in my 1st U.S. B&BW Online Order (here) turned out to be great!

I feel like I got a nice mix of scents this time too, ranging from warm to fresh to fruity to gourmand and even floral (I was feeling adventurous)!

Again, at the time of my second order, my first order (haulage here) hadn’t even shipped.

Settle in with a nice mug of whatever you drink and a cozy shawl or whatever because this post is going to be… a novel lol

Holiday Traditions Collection:

Frosted Coconut Snowball – skipped
Merry Cherry Cheer – skipped because eww, cherry
Raspberry Sugar – purchased
Snowy Citrus Swirl – purchased (here)
Twisted Peppermint – skipped
Vanilla Bean Noel – purchased (here)
Winter Candy Apple – Never!

All That Glitters Collection:

Black Cherry Merlot – Never!
Champagne Toast – purchased travel size (here)
Fresh Sparking Snow – purchased
Little Black Dress – purchased
Twinkling Nights – purchased

Fall Into Holiday Collection:

Frosted Holly – skipped
Winterberry Wonder – purchased
Snowflakes & Cashmere – purchased travel size (here)
Twilight Woods – purchased travel size (here)

Twinkling Nights (All That Glitters Collection)

Immerse yourself in a world of glitzy-glamorous good times!

Never miss a moment to make a wish under the twinkling night sky.

Christmas smells like a sparkling bouquet of frosted jasmine petals, whipped vanilla & mandarin blossom

Honestly, the only reason I purchased it was because of all the unbelievable hype surrounding Twinkling Nights!

All the reviews were extremely positive across the board, and people who’d never ever mentioned B&BW before, were not only mentioning it now, but straight up hoarding Twinkling Nights specifically, in every form (Fragrance Mist, Body Cream and Shower Gel).

Just like Champagne Toast, everyone and their mother was raving about Twinkling Nights! I mean, out of all the Holiday Collections at B&BW, those two were the most hyped up scent!

So, despite my better judgement and the fact that Twinkling Nights was clearly a floral scent (which I strongly dislike), I went ahead and purchased it.

As soon as I tore off the seal, flipped up the lid, squeezed the bottle to pump the air out and took a deep whiff, I was hit by a wave of something that smelled awful! Instantly, it put me in the mindset of a liquid that Arabs tend to pour into their their tea. It smelled bitter and so off-putting that I could almost taste it!

Masochist that I am, I kept sniffing it over and over again and even used it to wash my hands at the bathroom sink, up until I figured out why images of traditional Arabic Tea, kept popping in my head. Twinkling Nights smelled like Blossom Water, or rather, Orange Blossom Water. Yuck!

Almost instantly, images would pop into my head of the crystal decanter that housed the Orange Blossom Water (meant to be added to the Tea and sipped from those miniature Arabic Tea Cups, typically made of glass, or in some cases, crystal). The scent was just… awful!

Even the packaging on Twinkling Nights was unappealing to me. With it’s reflective gold cap and overly glitzy design on the front, it made me think of tacky Gold Tea Sets (favored by Arabs).

The yellow liquid housed inside, further cemented that notion. It wasn’t even nice and dark, like black tea. It was an unappealing yellow shade that resembled herbal tea (which typically smells vile, to me).

Needless to say, I was severely disappointed. Thank goodness I’d stayed my hand and hadn’t picked it up in other forms (which I was very close to doing, due to all the hype). Honestly, I was all set to purchase it as a full size Fragrance Mist and a full size Body Lotion, in addition to the full size Shower Gel.

Thankfully, it dawned on me that there might be a chance I wouldn’t enjoy the scent on Twinkling Nights, regardless of the hype. So, I decided to try it out in the form of the full size Shower Gel first. Had it been available, I probably would’ve picked it up in the travel size, but I don’t think the All That Glitters Collection came in mini sizes.

Truth be told, the combination of Jasmine and Vanilla was actually quite pleasant! It was only that jarring Orange Blossom note, that ruined the whole thing for me. Sometimes, it even registered to my nose as Apricot (ugh!) which I can’t stand!

The Orange Blossom wasn’t a constant, because sometimes my nose would be able to detect it, but at other times, my nose wouldn’t be able to detect it, at all. However, the times I could detect it, the scent was extremely unpleasant.

Maybe Twinkling Nights smelled more pleasant in other forms, like the Fragrance Mist or Body Lotion, because some scents from B&BW tend to differ from form to form. However, as a Shower Gel and a full sized on at that, Twinkling Nights was just too floral-y for my taste.

To be fair, the scent was sweet and “feminine”. It just wasn’t my cup of… tea. Unlike Cactus Flower (haulage here) which was a more delicate sweet floral, Twinkling Nights was quite pungent (very strong) and the sweetness was thick and almost syrupy sweet, with a healthy dose of Apricots or possibly Peach (neither of which I can stand).

Initially, I hated Twinkling Nights! After using it a handful of times in the shower, I was all set to get rid of it (by giving it away to someone). However, something completely unexpected happened! The scent on Twinkling Nights sorta’ grew on me!

I don’t love it and I certainly won’t be repurchasing it again, ever, but the scent no longer makes me recoil in disgust. Truth be told, I’ve kinda’ been enjoying using it in the shower recently!

If you enjoy your fruity-florals, give Twinkling Nights a sniff!

That’s 1 “review done. Only 11 more to go lol

Fresh Sparkling Snow (All That Glitters Collection)

Immerse yourself in a world of glitzy-glamorous good times!

A walk through the glistening snow pairs so beautifully with a night of endless celebration.

Christmas smells like a cool, fruity blend of iced pear, frozen melon, winter apple, snowdrop blossom & frosted musk

Also from the All That Glitters Collection, as evident by the “glitzy-glamorous” packaging, was Fresh Sparkling Snow.

I clicked on Fresh Sparkling Snow because I was intrigued by the name. What did Fresh Sparkling Snow smell like, or rather, what did it smell like according to B&BW?

The notes were all iced this and frozen that. The reviewers were just regurgitating what was said in the description, saying things like “very icy scent” and “very cool scent”, which wasn’t much help, but was enough to pique my interest.

Not gonna’ lie, I was a bit wary of the Pear/Melon notes, because sometimes, those two can smell a bit too fruity and frankly, irritating to me, particularly as Hand Soaps. At the very least, it did include the word Fresh in the name, so how bad could it be?

I went ahead and ordered Fresh Sparkling Snow and once it arrived, tore into the seal and flipped the lid to give the scent a sniff. I could not smell a thing!

So, I suppose Fresh Sparkling Snow was meant to smell like actual snow (scentless)? In which case, good job, Bath & Body Works?

In all fairness, I’d already sniffed several of the stronger scents prior to giving Fresh Sparkling Snow a sniff, which was probably the reason why my nose was now experiencing anosmia (nose blindness).

At a later time, I showered with it and came to the conclusion that Fresh Sparkling Snow smelled like a light, fruity, Pear/Melon concoction, not any different from the usual offerings at Bath & Body Works. Thankfully, in this instance,the Pear/Melon didn’t smell too fruity nor too sweet nor too anything. They were both very well-behaved.

In comparison to Fresh Sparkling Snow, the CocoaShea Cucumber Really Refreshing Foaming Scrub (haulage here) smelled much nicer and sweeter and just delicious, while the Water Collection Aqua Burst Body Wash (haulage here) smelled much fruitier and stronger.

While Fresh Sparkling Snow wasn’t offensive, unfortunately… it was a bit… boring. Even the liquid housed inside was boringly clear.

Sometimes while showering with this stuff, I’d randomly smell Beautiful Day (haulage here), which I did not enjoy. Other times, I’d shower with it and randomly get a masculine scent (possibly due to the Frosted Musk?) coming through, which I actually quite enjoyed! So, that for me, saved Fresh Sparkling Snow from being too boring.

Fresh Sparkling Snow was an extremely light, gender-neutral scent, meaning if you happened to be wifed up, you wouldn’t have to worry about your hubby finding the scent too “girly” and both of you could share Fresh Sparkling Snow. Heck, even the packaging, all silvery and stripe-y came across as unisex to me (which I found appealing)!

While Fresh Sparkling Snow might not be anything to write home about, I kinda’ liked it! I definitely wouldn’t repurchase it though. Since it’s such a fresh scent and quite light too, I think it’ll serve me better during the Summer (in Kuwait’s unforgiving heat), so I think I’ll be saving it for later.

If like me, you despise florals, or if you’re like my sister-in-law who gets a headache from gourmands, then Fresh Sparkling Snow is for you.

Little Black Party Dress (All That Glitters Collection)

Immerse yourself in a world of glitzy-glamorous good times!

Flirty & fabulous at the stroke of midnight.

Christmas smells like a party-perfect floral blend of frosted nectarine, black peony & white patchouli

So. Much. Yes.

Honestly, I first spotted Party Dress on the U.S. Site as 3-Wick Candle but due to the conflicting reviews, decided to go for the Shower Gel instead and I’m sooo glad I did! It was the last of my purchases from the All That Glitters Collection.

Little Black Party Dress was classified as a floral, as you can see from the description, but I was feeling… adventurous! I didn’t hear much about this scent and the reviews were effectively useless. So, I decided to risk it for a biscuit and went ahead and purchased Little Black Party Dress.

Good God! Little Black Party Dress smelled absolutely gorgeous! It was love at first sniff! As the Brits would say, “it was a bit of me“! Why was there not more (or any) hype surrounding this scent?

Little Black Party Dress smelled so sexy! I got floriental vibes (even though it’s not listed, I could swear I was smelling Oud in there)! I got masculine vibes (possibly the Peony?) and oddly enough, I even got berry vibes (again, not listed, but I could swear I was smelling Grape)!

I loved showering with this thing! As opposed to the other scents from the All That Glitters Collection, this baby was nice and strong, to the extent that I could still smell it on my skin post-shower!

Even the packaging was so cool! The liquid was a translucent grey which complimented the reflective gold cap (I despise gold, unless it’s coupled with black) and even though I’m not one for polka dots (which are currently trending) the large polka dots on the front were quite cute too!

Just like the smaller ones dotted on the packaging of Twinkling Nights, the large polka dots on the packaging of Little Black Party Dress had technicolor glitter (that matched the “snow” on the packaging of the Shower Gels from the Land of Sweets Collection, here).

Also, how adorable was the name Little Black Party Dress? I mean, there was nothing I didn’t love about this Shower Gel! Out of all the Shower Gels released during the Holiday Season, this baby was hands down my favorite! It’s definitely worth a repurchase, in every form!

If you enjoy darker oriental florals (also known as florientals), with an opening of uplifting deliciousness from the Frosted Nectarine and a touch of masculine freshness from the Black Peony and an overall intoxicating Oud-like vibe or if you enjoy the smell of Grapes, I suggest you give Little Black Party Dress a try! Such a good purchase!

Raspberry Sugar (Holiday Traditions Collection – 2019 Edition)

Festive sweet berries make your Christmas days & nights merry!

Christmas smells like a sweet-as-candy blend of sugared raspberries, plum blossom & winter white lily

I don’t know what possessed me to purchase Raspberry Sugar.

When it comes to fragrance notes, I’m quite wary of Raspberry (sometimes I find the scent to be quite irritating). Also, I hate anything described as candied or sugared, because those tend to be too sickly sweet for me. I mean, based on the notes alone, I could tell it was not going to be something I’d enjoy. Heck, it was straight up called Raspberry Sugar.

As it turns out, Raspberry Sugar was not sickly sweet, but obnoxiously fruity and floral! Worse still, at times, it actually smelled medicinal!

I don’t have it anymore to confirm, but I feel like Raspberry Sugar might just be a repackaged Velvet Sugar (haulage here), which was another scent I did not enjoy. I even described Velvet Sugar as candied raspberries when I first hauled it.

As you can tell by the packaging, Raspberry Sugar shared the same foiled gold border as the other Shower Gels in the 2019 Holiday Traditions Collection. While I found the pinky-berry liquid off-putting, it actually offset the gold border beautifully!

Once again, I was all set to get rid of Raspberry Sugar, up until I used it to shower with one morning (as opposed to in the evenings), and found the scent to be surprisingly pleasant! It came across as less sweet and more tangy, which I quite liked! I feel like it helped me shake off the drowsiness and put a little pep in my step!

If you enjoy candied fruity-florals, then give Raspberry Sugar a shot.

Winterberry Wonder (Fall Into Holiday Collection)

Juicy, red winter fruits spark the senses. The ice crystals of a newly fallen snow gleam like diamonds. Sweeten every moment with Winterberry Wonder!

A sweet snowfall of red frosted winterberry, sparkling cranberry & crystal vanilla

Yuck! Winterberry Wonder was no better than Raspberry Sugar!

I’d purchased the travel size of Snowflakes & Cashmere (here) and the travel size of Twilight Woods (here), but never saw the travel size version of Winterberry Wonder, despite the fact that all of them were from the Fall Into Holiday Collection (as evident by the illustrations of leaves around the borders and similar cursive font).

Unlike some who only drink the stuff when they’ve got a UTI or others who use it as a mixer with something stronger (read: alcoholic), I’m one of those people who genuinely enjoys drinking Cranberry Juice, plain, from time to time. As such, I thought I’d enjoy showering in the tangy scent of Cranberries! Yeah…no.

It smelled obnoxiously fruity, yet somehow also sour! It might just be my imagination, but Winterberry Wonder smelled almost as rank as Winter Candy Apple (haulage here). I bought that stuff once (when they first opened up shop in Kuwait) and never ever repeated that mistake again! Winter Candy Apple smelled vile and LuLu, much like The North, remembers.

If Rose Water & Ivy (here) smelled like Beer, then I’d say Winterberry Wonder smelled like wine. Even the liquid housed inside was a reddish berry shade, appropriately enough. About the only thing I did like, was the fact that the cap was a more colorful metallic pink, as opposed to the usual reflective silver or gold or sometimes even bronze.

If you enjoy scents like Frosted Cranberry, then definitely give Winterberry Wonder a sniff. Personally, I don’t and therefore will be passing Winterberry Wonder along to someone else asap! Blech!

Sugar Plum Swirl (retired fragrance)

Dance through a magical season with the scent of juicy sugarplum, holly berry, fluffy meringue, sweet tangerine & sugared musk in a rich bubbly lather

Finally, we come to the retired fragrances. I believe most of them were from separate collections, possibly from different years, but I’m not going to be listing the names of each collection, because I can’t be bothered with tracking each one down (there’s just too many).

However, going by the festive packaging and the gourmand-esque fragrance notes and heck, the actual name which was a dead giveaway, Sugar Plum Swirl was clearly part of one of the holiday releases.

I purchased Sugar Plum Swirl hoping it would smell just as wonderful as Frosted Plum from The Body Shop (haulage here). Come to think of it, that’s probably why I purchased Raspberry Sugar too (it listed Plum Blossom in the notes). Spoiler Alert: Neither smelled like Frosted Plum.

If anything, Sugar Plum Swirl, much like Raspberry Sugar and to some extent, Winterberry Wonder, were all in the same scent-family as Velvet Sugar (haulage here), with very minute differences. Sugar Plum Swirl was the sweetest and Raspberry Sugar was the tangiest, while Winterberry Wonder was straight up sour.

They all had that sickly-sweet obnoxious Pear/Melon undertone that I found so off-putting and they all smelled medicinal at times. While they were all different, they all essentially smelled the same to me.

The fragrance notes led me to believe that Sugar Plum Swirl would at least be a gourmand. It was not. Sugar Plum Swirl smelled fruity, more than anything, as I said. Shame, because I thought the lavender liquid inside was beautiful and I would’ve loved to have loved the scent (yes, totally meant to type it twice).

Between Raspberry Sugar and Winterberry Wonder and Sugar Plum Swirl, this baby was the least offensive.

Already, I’m kinda’ diggin’ the Sugarplum in this thing! In fact, I think I might just chuck it in the outdoor shower area by the pool, to use after swimming (the sweet and fruity scent would counteract the chlorine scent perfectly)!

Sugar Plum Swirl was definitely a juvenile scent (ideal for tweens), so if that’s not your thing, then steer clear.

Snowy Morning (retired fragrance)

Like a snow-kissed dawn, where the sun streaks the sky in mesmerizing colors.

The magic of winter is in the air — immerse yourself in our crisp blend of frosted bergamot, mistletoe berry, fresh balsam, snow-kissed lavender & frozen juniper

The packaging was so stinkin’ cuuute! What with the adorable metallic teal-blue cap and the gorgeous seafoam green liquid housed inside and the raised glittery snowflakes on the face (more of that technicolor glitter), the whole thing looked incredibly aesthetically appealing to me! The color scheme alone was quite serene and calming and just all around lovely!

Okay, now that I’ve gushed enough over the packaging and gotten it out of my system, Snowy Morning was also clearly a part of one of the holiday releases.

I don’t know why I purchased Snowy Morning. I mean, one look at the notes (Bergamot? Yes! Mistletoe Berry? As in… Holly? Balsam? Ugh! Lavender? Iffy. Juniper? Wha-?) and almost instantly, I knew this wasn’t for me.

I suppose, if you’re gonna’ name something Snow, I’m gonna’ purchase it, obligingly. Plus, I was feeling adventurous at the time!

That said, I didn’t get around to using Snowy Morning until much later. I had other Shower Gels that I was more excited for and frankly, the notes on this thing didn’t exactly give me high hopes.

So imagine my surprise when I finally decided to use Snowy Morning and found the scent to be simply sublime! It was pure, unadulterated love at first sniff!

Snowy Morning smelled amazing! Snowy Morning smelled fresh and uplifting and fresh and unisex and fresh and green and fresh and clean and if I haven’t mentioned it enough yet, it smelled fresh! Snowy Morning was what I’d hoped Fresh Sparkling Snow would be!

It had that gorgeous uplifting Bergamot note that I so love! It also had insanely intense “freshness” which I’m assuming would be from the Balsam! Typically, I avoid Balsam like the plague, because it can get a bid headache-y for me, but not in this instance! Everything was just so well-blended!

Best of all, there was something in here that made it smell like grass! Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t the stinky kind of grass note, but more of a delightful grass note, similar to Garden Eau de Toilette from H&M (haulage here) or Firefly Cologne by Demeter Fragrances (haulage here) or Decadence Eau So Decadent Eau de Toilette by Marc Jacobs (haulage here).

They all shared that same quality, which I don’t know how else to describe, other than luscious and green and above all, “dewy“! It just smelled sooo appealing to me! As an added bonus, I felt like it really cleared up my sinuses!

Obviously, I’m just as in love with Snowy Morning as I am with Little Black Party Dress and will definitely try to get my hands on the entire range!

In the interest of full disclosure, Snowy Morning is more of a unisex scent that leans slightly masculine. If you enjoy your freshies, than definitely give Snowy Morning a shot!

Coconut Lime Breeze (retired fragrance)

Tropical with a twist!

Coconut Lime Breeze is a refreshing blend of sheer coconut water, white orange blossom & zesty lime infused with jasmine petals & island musk

They had me at Lime!

I was pretty excited for Coconut Lime Breeze, because I tend to get pretty crazy when it comes to anything Lime (be it lime-scented or lime-flavored, I just lose my mind)!

Going by the name and packaging and notes, imma’ say this was another one of those Tropical Summer releases (don’t quote me on that though). The packaging looked pretty cool to me, especially the dark green liquid!

The scent did not disappoint! As expected, the Lime in this thing (which typically registers as Skittles to my nose) was delicious! Sometimes, I got a little more Coconut coming though, sometimes I got more Lime. Either way, I was pretty happy!

Unfortunately, there was a strong underlying synthetic chemical scent that would randomly appear. I noticed that same “Bug Spray” scent emanating from a lot of the older retired fragrances that I got. Maybe because “retired” meant “expired”, as I’d suspected all along? I honestly don’t know.

In any case, I adore the scent of Coconut Lime Breeze way too much to give it up, regardless. I wish Bath & Body Works would come out with more yummy lime-oriented scents in the future!

If you enjoy the scent of Skittles and think you can push through the random whiffs of Bug Spray, then give Coconut Lime Breeze a sniff!

Oahu Coconut Sunset (retired fragrance)

Welcome to paradise!

A warm, sensual blend of a perfect Oahu sunset and the alluring scent of coconut blossoms

I’d purchased Oahu Coconut Sunset as a full size Aloe Gel Lotion and a travel size Shower Gel about 5 years ago from our local Bath & Body Works (haulage here) and absolutely loved the scent!

I loved the scent so much, that I took both the Shower Gel and matching Aloe Gel Lotion with me, during my Summer Vacation abroad!

Oahu Coconut Sunset was the ultimate “beachy” scent (Coconuts and Vanilla), as I said in my Summer Moisturizers post (here)!

Although Bali Black Coconut Sands (haulage here) was a more interesting take on Coconuts, I’d kinda’ missed the warmer and significantly sweeter version, found in Oahu Coconut Sunset.

So, I went ahead and ordered it. Not gonna’ lie, I was pretty excited for this baby!

Unfortunately, once this arrived and I used it, the smell was nowhere near what I’d experienced with the previous version! Oahu Coconut Sunset smelled so rank, it was almost nauseating! There was a strong underlying synthetic chemical scent as well. As a whole, it smelled more like one of those cheap air freshener (found at the drugstore), if anything.

Based on the packaging, this was clearly part of one of the Tropical Summer releases. A quick Google Image Search turned up the fact that this was the 2017 version. Personally, I preferred the packaging on the older version that I had purchased earlier.

Just like the rest of the Shower Gels that I’d ordered online from U.S. this thing had arrived sealed, meaning it hadn’t been opened and tampered with and whatnot. So, either they’d reformulated the version that I’d loved into this… abomination or more likely, it was just old and had gone bad over time (I mean, it has been years).

In any case, I’m not keeping it. So disappointing.

Sensual Amber + Cashmere Glow (retired fragrances)

I distinctly remember owning these two, years and years ago and thoroughly enjoying one of them, in particular. The problem was, I didn’t remember which one.

Sensual Amber I’d purchased as a full sized Shower Gel (haulage here) while Cashmere Glow I’d purchased as a full sized Body Lotion (haulage here).

I could remember the incredibly gorgeous warm scent and was interested in picking up the entire range (Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel and Body Lotion), but I just couldn’t remember if it was Sensual Amber or Cashmere Glow.

So, I decided to get both as Shower Gels, for now. That way, I could figure out which was the one that I was besotted with and pick up the entire range in a future order!

Cashmere Glow (retired fragrance)

Wrap yourself in Cashmere!

Cashmere Glow envelops you in the warmth of vanilla & golden peach layered with luxurious cashmere musk

First of all, how lovely does Cashmere Glow sound?

I believe this was first released back in 2012. I’d purchased it as a full sized Body Lotion (haulage here) and very vividly remember slathering this stuff on my legs (which was only natural, given the name), right before attending weddings and other occasions where I’d be wearing something shorter.

Despite the inclusion of Peach (which I despise) in the notes, I don’t recall ever being able to detect any Peach, otherwise believe you me, I would’ve gotten rid of this thing immediately. I remember it being a soft musky vanilla scent that complimented my gourmand fragrances beautifully!

As a Shower Gel, it smelled equally as wonderful and cozy as I’d remembered! Unfortunately, it also had that same underlying synthetic chemical scent that seemed to be shared by most of the retired fragrances, like it’d gone bad or something.

The Bug Spray scent wasn’t always there (it comes and goes, randomly) and even when it was there, the scent wasn’t nearly as bad on Cashmere Glow as it was on Oahu Coconut Sunset. Honestly, the Bug Spray scent on Oahu Coconut Sunset was intolerable!

I don’t know what the picture on the packaging was supposed to be, but it reminded me of an old video game called Pandemonium or possibly Pandemonium 2 (whichever one had watermelon trampolines), where the objective was to collect large gems.

Point being, other than the initial packaging update (remember when B&BW products had different caps that were taller and rounder, as opposed to the somewhat flatter and wider ones now?), the graphics for Cashmere Glow didn’t seem to have changed… much, making it difficult for me to tell what year the one I got was manufactured.

I tried doing that whole thing where you check the batch number or whatever, but the first number on mine was 9, which either means 2009 or 2019. Either way, that can’t be right, because this thing smelled a bit too much like “Bug Spray” for something that was made in 2019 and they revamped the packaging with different caps and everything (as shown) after 2009. So… I dunno’.

In any case, I’m going to be using Cashmere Glow a handful of times, before coming to a decision on whether I should be keeping it or getting rid of it.

Actually, scratch that. I’ve got way too many Shower Gel and full sized ones at that, to be holding on to ones I don’t enjoy.

Sensual Amber (retired fragrance)

The scent of lotus petals & golden amber surrounded by creamy sandalwood

Key notes: Golden Amber, Wild Berries, Orange Flower, Lotus Petals, Creamy Sandalwood

I actually purchased Sensual Amber as a full size Shower Gel years ago (here). Note the difference in caps. That’s the older packaging I was talking about.

I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at in the picture on the newer version (as shown). I mean it’s some sort of flower and it’s orange, but what’s that stuff that’s surrounding it supposed to be? Amber? It looks more like a honeycomb or sequins even. I much prefer the packaging on the older version, honestly.

Aesthetics aside, I was more interested and invested in what the scent would be.

I remember an incredibly gorgeous warm scent. I just couldn’t remember if it was Sensual Amber or Cashmere Glow. They both sorta’ had a similar vibe, similar packaging and equally pretentious names, to the extent that they were both interchangeable in my mind.

Once they both arrived, I knew this was it! Mystery solved! Sensual Amber was the scent I’d been lusting after all this time!

Sensual Amber was one of those scents that were eye-rolling-to-the-back-of-the-head variety! It smelled impossibly good! The Amber made it smell sweet and the Sandalwood made it smell intoxicating! Mi gusta!

In hindsight, Sensual Amber was a very appropriate name for this scent! No chance of me mistaking it for Cashmere Glow ever again, that’s for sure. I’m definitely picking this sucka’ up in other forms. I literally wanna’ douse and possibly drown myself in Sensual Amber!

Sensual Amber is for those who enjoy extremely warm and extremely sweet and extremely sexy scents!

Country Apple (retired fragrance)

Savor the first bite of a juicy apple in a sun-kissed orchard

Key notes: McIntosh Apple, Apple Blossom, Fresh Muguet, Sheer Sunlight, Orchard Woods

If you’re a regular reader/visitor to my blog, you’ll know how much I enjoy Apple anything and everything!

Starting with the Autumn Single Wick Candle (haulage here) and then the full sized Irresistible Apple Body Lotion (here) and a whole bunch from the Fresh Picked Collection consisting of the huge Honeycrisp Apple Body Wash and equally huge Honeycrisp Apple Hand Soap (in an ultra-adorable mason jar!) and Farmstand Apple Hand Cream (haulage here) and then, much later, Weekend Apple Picking Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (haulage here) and after that, Jasmine & Green Apple Clay Body Scrub from the CocoaShea Collection (haulage here) and more recently, Afternoon Apple Picking Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (haulage here) and Cider Lane 3-Wick Candle (haulage here) and Autumn Wallflower Fragrance and Pumpkin Apple Wallflower Fragrance (haulage here) and Spiced Apple Toddy 3-Wick Candle and Apple Cardamom Crisp 3-Wick Candle (haulage here) and finally Cider Lane Single Wick Candle (haulage here).

And that’s all from Bath & Body Works alone! I didn’t even mention the ones from other brands. Basically, the gist of it is, I love me some Apple!

That said, I was actually more interested in purchasing Country Apple as a full sized Fragrance Mist and possibly full sized Body Lotion. However, I decided to get it as a Shower Gel to test out the scent, first.

No clue when this was released. Packaging was meh. I did however love the look of the red liquid! Cute!

As for the scent, unlike the other retired fragrances, that had an underlying Bug Spray scent, Country Apple had an underlying glue scent (very, very rank glue). No bueno.

Obviously, I will not be purchasing Country Apple in the Body Lotion or Fragrance Mist after this. In fact, I’m not even gonna’ try to make the Shower Gel work for me.

Country Apple smelled rank (deffo’ expired) and I will be getting rid of it, pronto!

Final Thoughts

I would’ve much preferred to have purchased these Shower Gels in the travel size (to “sample” the scents) and only then, repurchased the ones that I’d enjoyed in the larger full size version (more of a commitment), but unfortunately, I didn’t spot any of these as minis.

Also, a lot of the older retired fragrances smelled horrible! They all smelled like Bug Spray, to
a varying degree. If you’re interested in purchasing retired fragrances, go for the newer ones (meaning the ones released a year or so prior and not the classics).

Unlike the Shower Gels from my 1st U.S. B&BW Online Order (here), there were a lot of duds this time.

1st Place – I love, love, love Snowy Morning! The scent was insanely fresh and exhilarating! The packaging was pretty adorbs too! I’m definitely going to be repurchasing this baby, possibly snatching it up in other forms too! I never wanna’ be without it, ever!

2nd Place – Hands down my fave out of all the many Holiday Collections (aside from Vanilla Bean Noel, obvi) was Little Black Party Dress! I love the Grape/Oud combo and think it consolidates sexiness and Boss B*tch, all in one scent! Deffo’ worth a repurchase (or ten)!

3rd PlaceSensual Amber

Honorable Mention – It’s not a favorite, but I tend to go crazy for anything and everything Lime, hence Coconut Lime Breeze! I’m probably going to be stocking up on this baby too!

The rest of the Shower Gels in this haul were all whatever, meaning I could live without them.

Initially, I hated Twinkling Lights and Raspberry Sugar, to the extent that I wanted to get rid of both of them immediately, but with use, they kinda’ grew on me (for different reasons). I definitely won’t be repurchasing either, but at least I can now enjoy using them up.

Fresh Sparkling Snow and Sugar Plum Swirl were both equally pleasant if a bit boring fruity scents typical to Bath & Body Works. I neither loved them nor hated them. I felt indifferent. That said, since I got ’em and I payed for ’em, might as well use ’em, y’know?

I can’t stand Winterberry Wonder and although I wanna’ get rid of it, I’m also quite curious to see if it’s one of those scents that’ll grow on me with time. Nope, nevermind. Every time I get a whiff of this thing, I cringe. I find it equally as offensive if not more so than Frosted Cranberry. It’s gotta’ go.

The rest were retired fragrances that have clearly gone bad and now smell like extreme versions of themselves. All those different Apple notes in Country Apple smell so sour and rank, that the end result actually registers to my nose as Glue! The Coconut note in Oahu Coconut Sunset comes across as extremely plastic-y and coupled with the expired Vanilla, comes across as very strong Bug Spray. The expired Vanilla is infinitely more tolerable in Cashmere Glow, but still comes across as a milder Bug Spray. They gots ta’ go too!

I’m definitely getting rid of Winterberry Wonder and Country Apple and Oahu Coconut Sunset and Cashmere Glow. Ideally, there’d be zero duds, but 4 out of 12 ‘aint bad, right? Well 6 out of 12 if you count the ones I’m indifferent about and 8 out of 12 if you count the ones I hated at first. Actually, I’ll knock it back down to 4 out of 12 because the rest were a matter of personal taste (my fault) while these 4 were no good and possibly expired (not my fault).

Final Final Thoughts

I don’t know if any of the Holiday Collections will make it to Kuwait other than the Holiday Traditions Collection (which includes my beloved Vanilla Bean Noel), but if they do, then expect to see them hit our local stores around November 2020 lol

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of the retired fragrances available for purchase locally during our own semi-annual sale (S.A.S.), but those smell rank from the get-go, usually have dried residue on the side (from something, not necessarily from the product itself, being spilled on them) and worst of all, are unsealed.

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