US Bath and Body Works Jar Candles

From my 2nd U.S. Bath & Body Works Haul (here)

Jar Candles were reduced from $14.50 (KD 4/400) to $8 (KD 2/400) each

According to the reviews, Jar Candles packed quite a punch and could scent up a spacious room within minutes! I was a bit skeptical, but decided to see for myself, especially since these babies were on sale.

You guys, the reviews were not wrong! For whatever reason, these little things were far superior to their much larger counterparts! I mean, I haven’t actually burned any of them yet, but even on cold throw, some of these were straight up beast-mode!

Holiday Traditions – 2019 Edition

– Vanilla Bean Noel
– Twisted Peppermint
– Hot Cocoa & Cream

As much as I love the scent of Vanilla Bean Noel and Hot Cocoa & Cream and heck, even Twisted Peppermint as Candles, I gotta’ be honest. The adorable “destination packaging” was the main reason I got these babies! There were other scents in same collection, but these three had my heart!

Vanilla Bean Noel (Holiday Traditions)

It’s the spirit of Christmas wrapped in our cozy, festive vanilla fragrance.

Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow Fluff, Vanilla Cake with Essential Oils

Vanilla Bean Noel is one of my top favorite scents from Bath & Body Works and the one scent that I could just purchase blindly, without even having to test it in-store and still rest-assured knowing it was going to be an awesome scent! It never disappoints!

My love affair with Vanilla Bean Noel began many, many years ago (haulage here) and is still going just as strong! They always bring it out every Winter as part of the Holiday Traditions Collection and I always repurchase it, in one form or another.

Vanilla Bean Noel was a delicious blend of an intoxicating yet also somehow comforting, musky, deep, almost caramelized vanilla! I loved the scent so much, that I even grew fond of the dark green packaging they release it in, every Winter! I had to snatch this cutie up as a Jar Candle!

Hot Cocoa & Cream (Holiday Traditions)

Indulge in your favorite cold weather treat with this oh-so chocolatey candle!

Decadent Milk Chocolate, Fresh Steamed Milk, Mini Marshmallows with Essential Oils

Hot Cocoa & Cream was a more recent discovery and therefore a newer love! In fact, I’ve been using the Body Lotion (haulage here) almost exclusively, all Winter! It compliments the rest of my gourmand fragrances so beautifully! I’ve also been rationing the 3-Wick Candle (haulage here), up until I purchased and plugged in the Wallflower Fragrance (haulage here).

In some forms, it smells exactly as the name would suggest, a steaming mug of hot cocoa, but in others, it smells like a freshly baked cake (like a sponge cake or summat). Either way, I approve! Also, how adorbs is the blue packaging? I had to snatch up Hot Cocoa & Cream as a Jar Candle too!

Twisted Peppermint (Holiday Traditions)

This cool, winter-fresh candle puts a sweet, candy cane twist on the holidays.

Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow, Vanilla Buttercream, Musk with Essential Oils

While I enjoy the scent of Twisted Peppermint and even crave showering with it, particularly during the Summer, in some forms in can be straight up deadly (dis), but I suspect that had more to do with the stuff I bought already being expired (because… Kuwait), more than anything. I mean, I’ve actually purchased it as a Jar Candle before (haulage here) and quite enjoyed it!

Twisted Peppermint typically smells sweet and refreshingly minty, like Wrigley’s Double Mint Chewing Gum (green packaging) lol I thought the pink packaging was quite cute as well and therefore had to snag it as a Jar Candle!

Twisted Peppermint (Holiday Traditions)

This cool, winter-fresh candle puts a sweet, candy cane twist on the holidays.

Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow, Vanilla Buttercream, Musk with Essential Oils

There was another version of Twisted Peppermint being sold as a Jar Candle as well. They even shared the same description and fragrance notes. I didn’t know what the difference was between them (aside from the packaging), but I decided to purchase it too.

Twisted Peppermint

Here they are, side-by-side.

Peppermint Marshmallow

It’s the sugary-sweet Christmassy treat you’ve waited for all year.

Crushed Peppermint, Fluffy Marshmallows, Powdered Sugar with Essential Oils

Since I tend to enjoy the scent of Twisted Peppermint, I figured Peppermint Marshmallow wasn’t much of a stretch. If they were similar, I’d probably enjoy this one too. Boring packaging though.

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

Luscious Caramel, Ground Cinnamon, Creamy Vanilla with Essential Oils

I wasn’t really keen on Cinnamon Caramel Swirl, but foody scents are wonderful at making the surrounding area smell all warm and cozy and inviting! I figured it would be nice for burning in a larger area (like the kitchen or at the bottom of the stairwell, etc…). It’s actually the same reason I purchased it as a Wallflower Fragrance from the local Bath & Body Works (here). Boring packaging though.

Vanilla Bean

Savor the aroma of creamy, sweet vanilla with our Single Wick Candle, made with an exclusive blend of soy-based wax & the highest concentration of essential oils in a simple, single fragrance

Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Homemade Marshmallow, Fresh Steamed Milk with Essential Oils

Personally, I loved Vanilla Bean as a Concentrated Room Spray (haulage here) as did many of my guy-friends and guy-family (lolwut?) and we’ve all been dying to get our hands on more!!!! I figure, this Jar Candle was the next best thing. Again, boring packaging.

Vanilla Snowflake

Current forecast: chilly with a flurry of sweet, creamy fragrance.

Frozen Vanilla, Iced Fir Needles, Coconut Flakes with Essential Oils

During the sale or whatever, they released some more Jar Candles in glitzy packaging (as shown). Honestly, the description won me over. Vanilla and Fir Needles and Coconut? I was pretty curious to see what the end result was. Not a fan of the foiled gold on the packaging, but at least it wasn’t boring like the others and truth be told, I kinda’ liked the geometric print!

Snowflakes & Citrus

Fresh, fruity & so perfect for that fall-to-winter transition.

Frozen Lemon Peel, Fresh Squeezed Mandarin, Winter White Mango with Essential Oils


I’ve actually purchased the full sized 3-Wick Candle in the scent Snowflakes & Citrus before (haulage here) and absolutely loved it! Not surprisingly, between the Lemon and Mandarin and Mango, the scent was citrusy and sweet and just awesome! Naturally, I had to snatch it up as a Jar Candle! The foiled bronze packaging, although not boring, didn’t really appeal to me though.

Vanilla Snowflake + Snowflakes & Citrus

So, these two popped up during the sale. The others that were released with them, all had variations on foiled metallic packaging and geometric prints and whatnot.

In The Stars

Make your home captivating & radiant with our In the Stars Single Wick Candle.

Bergamot Champagne, Night Blooming Water Lily, Pink Salted Amber with Essential Oils

From the moment I clocked In The Stars, locally (back in March 2019), it was love at first sniff! I’ve purchased it in every form, consecutively, starting with the larger sized 3-Wick Candle (here) and larger sized Shower Gel (here) and itty bitty Hand Cream (here) and both the travel size Fragrance Mist and larger sized Fragrance Mist (here).

The scent smelled like sweet pineapples, almost reminiscent of my old-school favorite Pineapple Orchid (haulage here), with a healthy dose of something intoxicating (I wanna’ say sandalwood)! I’ve also grown to adore the sparkly gold packaging with hints of pale pink, found on all the products in the collection, and thought it was quite fitting with the actual name of the collection! I couldn’t resist snagging it as a Jar Candle!

Champagne Toast

Raise a glass to our Single Wick Candle, made with an exclusive blend of soy-based wax & the highest concentration of essential oils in a simple, single fragrance.

Bubbly Champagne, Sparkling Berries, Juicy Tangerine with Essential Oils

Again, my 1st U.S. Bath & Body Works Online Order (haulage here) hadn’t even shipped yet, when I placed my 2nd U.S. Bath & Body Works Online Order (haulage here). I’d already ordered Champagne Toast as a travel size Shower Gel in my 1st US B&BW Online Order to try out the scent (here). As I said, there was a lot of hype surrounding Champagne Toast, which supposedly smelled fantastic! However, since that order hadn’t even shipped at the time of this order, I had no clue if Champagne Toast was nice or not. I decided to risk it for a biscuit and snag Champagne Toast in another form, this time, a Jar Candle. It came with boring packaging as well.

In The Stars + Champagne Toast

Apparently, these two were only available for purchase online.

Cider Lane (Fall Collection)

A sweet something to set the perfect autumn ambiance.

Warm Caramel, Granny Smith Apple, Ground Clove with Essential Oils

I was utterly obsessed with the larger sized 3-Wick Candle of Cider Lane, that I’d purchased locally during the sale (here)! It legit smelled like wonderful, wonderful Granny Smith Apples! So, as soon as I clocked it on the U.S. site, I immediately added it to my online cart! Boring packaging, but I didn’t care. I cared more about the glorious scent, really!


This is what chilly winter nights smell like.

Fresh Bergamot, Heirloom Mahogany, Soft Musk with Essential Oils

I kept coming across Flannel, in a variety of forms (Candles and Wallflower Fragrances and Concentrated Room Sprays and even Hand Soaps) both online (locally and abroad) and in-store. Typically, I quite enjoy “masculine” scents! Also, going by the notes, I adore Bergamot (all uplifting and citrusy and sweet and sometimes translates as Lime or rather, Skittle, to my nose) and I enjoy Wood Notes (which includes Mahogany) and can stomach certain forms of Musk. It all sounded innocuous enough and frankly, my curiosity was piqued. I needed to get my hands on Flannel and finally give it a sniff, hence this Jar Candle. Packaging was meh.

Sweater Weather

Frosty days. Your favorite knit. This Single Wick Candle.

Fresh Sage, Juniper Berry, Aromatic Eucalyptus with Essential Oils

Sweater Weather hadn’t really done anything to offend me. I just hated, nay, despised Sweater Weather on principle! I can’t even tell you when my hatred towards Sweater Weather even began lol In any case, I figured since a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, I should at least give it a fair shot, hence this Jar Candle. Truth be told, the adorable hedgehog on the packaging was what won me over in the end. Typically, I despise cartoon-y packaging, but that lil guy was just too cute!

Frosted Cranberry

Because every space needs some fall sweetness.

Iced Cranberries, Blonde Woods, Red Apple

I purchased the larger sized 3-Wick Candle of Frosted Cranberry (here) and while the scent personally turned me off (enough to actually hurt my nose lol), the household staff apparently loved it. So, this one is for them (to burn in the kitchen). I hate the polar bear wearing reading glasses and holding up an X-mas present on the packaging though (so goofy, ugh).

Sweater Weather + Frosted Cranberry

I’m not quite sure, but I believe these two were from the Nordic Collection which was one of the many, many, many Holiday Collections that Bath & Body Works released in 2019.


Cozy up to this bold, spicy scent in our Single Wick Candle, made with an exclusive blend of soy-based wax & the highest concentration of essential oils in a simple, single fragrance.

White Pepper, Dark Amber, Kentucky Oak with Essential Oils

Based on my deeeeep enjoyment of Apple Brandy by Kilian that listed Oak in the description, (haulage here), I was lusting after Bourbon from the get-go! The notes listed Amber, which hopefully meant it would have an element of sweetness to it. Plus, it was straight up named Bourbon, which was another note I tend to lurrrve in fragrances! To top it all off, it was from the Men’s Collection and I’m no stranger to masculine/unisex scent and actually tend to enjoy them on myself! Obviously, I had to get Bourbon! While the packaging was boring, the wax itself was a beautiful red shade, which I thought was deliciously appropriate!


Add an air of mystery with our Single Wick Candle, made with an exclusive blend of soy-based wax & the highest concentration of essential oils in a simple, single fragrance.

Black Cardamom, Smoky Vanilla, A Hint of Musk with Essential Oils

I seem to be having trouble finding scents that feature Cardamom, which is a shame, because I find the scent of Cardamom to be calming and comforting and absolutely delightful! As luck would have it, I decided to click on Noir (sexy name, how could I not?) to check out the notes. It listed Cardamom and Vanilla? Sold! Again, it was from the Men’s Collection and while I might find their Body Care a bit too musky on my skin, I’m guessin’ it won’t be as much of an issue in other forms, such as this Jar Candle. Also, look at that black wax! So ridiculously cool!

Bourbon + Noir

These two were both from the Men’s Collection (meaning they were available for purchase in other forms, such as Shower Gels and whatnot, if you’re interested). Also, just like all the other Single Wick Candles in this haul, they came with sleek black lids! However, unlike the rest, these Jar Candles were the only two, that did not come in plain and boring white wax.

Lastly, purely based on cold throw, the ones in boring packaging smelled quite strong, while the ones in the more festive holiday packaging smelled quite weak :/

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