US Bath and Body Works Shower Gels and Jar Candles

I love things that smell great! I love ’em! I just do!

Perfumes and Body Mists and Hair Mists and Dry Shampoo and other Hair Products and Room Scents and Car Fragrances and Candles and Shower Gels and Deodorants and Body Lotions and Hand Soaps and Bar Soaps and Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers and Skincare and Lipgloss and heck, even Fabric Softener! If it’s scented, I’m so down!

I’ve always enjoyed scented stuff (scratch’n’sniff stickers anyone?), but now, it’s grown into a full-blown obsession…

So, even though I’d just placed my first US Bath & Body Works Online Order only days before, on November 30 (haulage here), I went ahead and placed my second US Bath & Body Works Online Order on December 5.

Keep in mind that it takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks for my online orders to ship from the country of origin (U.S.) to my country (Kuwait), queued up to get cleared by customs and then finally, delivered to my doorstep. So at the time of my second order, my first order hadn’t even been shipped.

I got mostly Shower Gels (x12) and Jar Candles (x17) and some travel size stuff (x3).

My justification was that I wouldn’t be able to order this stuff online anymore, once the weather got warmer. I mean I could, but they’d probably arrived damaged from the heat. Also, all through December, there were new deals on the daily! Not to mention 20% Off the entire order and another 20% Off Coupon Code that arrived with my order!

– Sugar Plum Swirl (retired fragrance)
– Snowy Morning (retired fragrance)
– Country Apple (retired fragrance)
– Coconut Lime Breeze (retired fragrance)
– Oahu Coconut Sunset (retired fragrance)
– Cashmere Glow (retired fragrance)
– Sensual Amber (retired fragrance)
– Raspberry Sugar (holiday traditions)
– Winterberry Wonder (fall into holiday)
– Little Black Party Dress (all that glitters)
– Fresh Sparkling Snow (all that glitters)
– Twinkling Nights (all that glitters)

They had a Buy 3, Get 3 Free promo on Body Care. So, I decided to get the rest of the Shower Gels that I had my heart set on (from the ones that were still in stock). A lot of the ones I got this time, were retired scents, because I was worried that I might not get another chance to snag them.

As you can see, all of them arrived sealed (fresh, pristine, untouched)! I’ll go over them in an upcoming post.

Shower Gels normally retail for $12.50 (KD 3/800) each

– x2 Twisted Peppermint (holiday traditions)
– Peppermint Marshmallow (holiday collection?)
– Vanilla Bean Noel (holiday traditions)
– Vanilla Bean (holiday collection?)
– Vanilla Snowflake (holiday collection?)
– Hot Cocoa & Cream (holiday traditions)
– Cinnamon Caramel Swirl (holiday collection?)
– Snowflakes & Citrus (holiday collection?)
– In The Stars (in the stars collection)
– Champagne Toast (holiday collection?)
– Cider Lane (fall collection)
– Frosted Cranberry (nordic collection)
– Sweater Weather (nordic collection)
– Flannel (fall collection?)
– Bourbon (men’s collection)
– Noir (men’s collection)

According to the reviews, Jar Candles packed quite a punch and could scent up a spacious room within minutes! I was a bit skeptical, but decided to see for myself, especially since these babies were on sale. Most of the scents I got were sweet gourmands (presumably from the plethora of holiday collections) with some fruity scents and masculine scents to round everything out.

As you can see, all of them arrived safely swathed in bubble wrap. I’ll go over the notes and whatever in an upcoming post.

Jar Candles were reduced from $14.50 (KD 4/400) to $8 (KD 2/400) each

Into The Night Fragrance Mist
Into The Night Body Lotion
Twilight Woods Shower Gel (retired fragrance)

Lastly, there was a Mix & Match 3 for $12.50 (KD 3/800) deal on all travel size items

I’d already purchased Into The Night as a travel size Shower Gel and a large 3-wick Candle my previous haul (here), so I decided to get it as a travel size Fragrance Mist and travel size Body Lotion this time.

To qualify for the Mix & Match promo, I had to get a third item. I chose a travel size Shower Gel in my old-school favorite, Twilight Woods. There were two versions, with different notes and different packaging and everything, but eventually, I settled on the version shown above.

Into The Night Fragrance Mist $6.50 (Into The Night Collection)

Evoke natural confidence & brilliant beauty from the beginning of your day Into the Night.

A timeless, feminine, alluring blend of dark berries, midnight jasmine & rich amber

I really dislike the atomizer on these travel size Fragrance Mists, because they’re so stiff and it takes a lot of effort to press down on the thing! This was no different.

However, I liked the sparkly packaging (to match the rest of the Into The Night Collection) and I loved the scent! It was a more grown-up and sophisticated take on Dark Kiss! It smelled impossibly delicious!

Into The Night Body Lotion $6.50 (Into The Night Collection)

Evoke natural confidence & brilliant beauty from the beginning of your day Into the Night.

A timeless, feminine, alluring blend of dark berries, midnight jasmine & rich amber

As always, be it the full size or travel size, the packaging was less exciting on the Body Lotion. Typically, Body Creams are the prettier of the two, but unfortunately, those tend to go bad pretty quick. Plus, I favor the consistency of the Body Lotion over the consistency of the Body Cream.

The scent was less yummy in the form of a Body Lotion. It still smelled great and all, but to me, it also smelled more musky and a bit… earthy.

That said, I’ve really been enjoying layering all the products I’ve accumulated from the Into The Night Collection! Starting with showering using the travel size shower gel and moisturizing with the travel size body lotion afterwards and finally spritzing on the travel size fragrance mist!

I can honestly state that Into The Night is an outstanding scent, regardless of whichever form you purchase it in!

Twilight Woods Shower Gel $5.50 (Fall Into Holiday Collection)

The warmth & mystery of an enchanted forest. Soft glowing light shining through the trees. Nothing stirs the soul like a stroll through Twilight Woods!

An enticing blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals & Tuscan cypress

Twilight Woods was one of my very first purchases from Bath & Body Works many many years ago and one of my first Bath & Body Works Reviews on this blog even (here)! I repurchased it in several forms, but mostly in the travel size Shower Gel (I didn’t necessarily blog about every repurchase, because I had my hands full with the ex-husband).

The scent was a little sweet, a little fruity and a little woodsy. It was wonderful! Unfortunately, Bath & Body Works kept changing up the packaging and I didn’t know if they’d messed with the scent or not, so I just avoided the ones being sold locally. I didn’t know which version was new and which version had the scent that I loved so much.

Even at the time of this purchase, on the U.S. B&BW Site, they had two different versions of Twilight Woods :/

The purple one with orange leaves classified as a “retired fragrance” (still being sold in our local stores in Kuwait lol) and the blue one with a foiled gold leaves border (as shown) to match the rest of the Fall Into Holiday Collection. I went with what I presumed to be the newer version.

The scent seemed like a watered down version of the scent on my old-school favorite Twilight Woods. It was still similar, but less… potent. It still had that same sweet-woodsy quality that I found so intoxicating though! It’s definitely worth a repurchase, but imma’ have to use it some more before deciding on whether to get the full size or travel size.

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