ColourPop 30% Off Sitewide Haul

Every year, I place an order with ColourPop during Black Friday/Cyber Monday (we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in my country, so the two are pretty interchangeable for me and I keep mixing them up lol).

I’d already have a mental list of stuff that I’d been lusting after, from all their many releases throughout the year and during Black Friday/Cyber Monday they’d usually have a 30% Off Sitewide, which makes it the perfect time to purchase those things from my list!

In fact, I’ve been ordering from ColourPop during every Black Friday/Cyber Monday consecutively since 2016!

I picked up 5 Pressed Powder Shadow Palettes (9-pan) granted one was out of stock as a single (Going Coconuts) and had to be purchased as a bundle that came with 2 Eyeliners (Créme de Coco Set) and another was part of the 3pc Ulta Exclusive (Night Owl).

Unlike their previous bundles and sets where I usually owned at least one of the shades, since I hadn’t purchased from ColourPop in a while, there was no chance of me getting a repeat product (the shades were all new to me), meaning I could finally indulge!

I picked up 3 of those Midnight Masquerade Bundles from yet another Disney Designer Collection and a Blush + Lite Stix Duo (In a Twitter) from the Bye Bye Birdie Collection and a Just a Tint Lip Duo (Coconut Kiss) from the Coconut Collection and 2 Faux False Lash Bundles (3pc each) one from the Bye Bye Birdie Collection and another from I dunno’ lol

I also got a Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer from their new Pretty Fresh range and stocked up on some Brow Stuff and Tools including a Dual Ended Brow Brush and a Sharpener. Lastly, I got 2 Lippie Pencils and an Ultra Matte Lip and an Ultra Glossy Lip.

That said, most of them could be purchased individually. I was just saving $$ by buying them as a bundle.

The prices for everything will be listed below (all the way at the bottom of this post).

Not gonna’ lie, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that even though I purchased them as sets and bundles, most of the items arrived in separate packaging (like they normally would if you purchased them individually).

Only Coconut Kiss and In a Twitter and the Disney Midnight Masquerade Bundles arrived as actual sets.

I’m so over the whole butterfly theme, but maybe it’s meant to coincide with the release of the Butterfly Collection.

I guess ColourPop have upped their game from trolling us with shade names… and have moved on to trolling us with entire collection themes lol

Aside from the Butterfly Collection, they also released the Bye Bye Birdie Collection and Going Coconuts Collection during Fall/Winter (right around the Holidays), none of which I would associate with a Holiday Collection, but whatevs.

In any case, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen “Thanks a latte” around… a lot. Not cute.

Brow Stuff

Apparently, ColourPop added a bunch of new shades to all their brow products.

I repurchased some stuff in both the newer and older shades.

E14 Dual Ended Brow Brush

A spoolie side for blending and shaping, and an angled cut brush for the ultimate sculpted look. This dual ended brow brush is your new go-to for wow-worthy brows.

As you may have noticed, when I obsess over a certain type of Makeup Brush, I tend to pick up the exact same brush… from several different brands. Also, my ColourPop order was placed before my Morphe order (haulage here).

The E14 looked handy and had a practical (if a bit… short) Spoolie on the other end, which was great, because despite all my Brow Pencils that come with a Spoolie on the other end, and all my million and one disposable Mascara Brushes that I use as Spoolies, somehow, I still end up having to search high and low for a Spoolie, whenever I’m short on time and need it the most!

That’s why there’s no such thing as having too many Spoolies in my book!

Bronde Moment Precision Brow Colour

For perfectly sculpted, waterproof, budge-proof brows. Create the look you want with the easy to use formula, from soft and natural to bold and defined, your brows will look on point all day.

Bronde Moment: neutral light brown

The “inspiration” for the title of my Bronde Moment Lookbook post (here).

I had a brief love affair previously, with my lil pot of Precision Brow Colour in the shade Jet Set Black (haulage here), but that was well before I’d had my hair dyed (here).

Since I’d enjoyed using that lil baby so much, I figured I’d give it another go in one of the newer shades, hence Bronde Moment.

Dope Taupe Precision Brow Pencil + Bronde Moment Precision Brow Pencil

Add a little umph to your brows! To sculpt and define, this micro-tip pencil’s soft and creamy formula makes it easy to achieve your #browgoals.

Dope Taupe: neutral taupe
Bronde Moment: neutral light brown

I’ve actually purchased the Precision Brow Pencil before, in the shade Dope Taupe (here) and later Black N’ Brown (here) and Jet Set Black (here).

I love this stuff! It’s great for reshaping my brows, particularly faking an arch! It’s great for a more defined brow look if I’ve accidentally over-tweezed my brows and equally great for camouflaging my brows when I haven’t gotten them threaded in a while!

It kinda’ reminds me of my beloved long-discontinued Maybelline DEFINE-A-Brow Brow Pencil (this stuff). There’s a ton of shades to choose from as well! As an added bonus, it also comes with a long Spoolie on the other end!

It does take up some time to apply this stuff (in comparison to my go-to, which is a MAC Powder Eyeshadow, used to fill in my brows), but that’s on me. My only gripe with the Precision Brow Pencil is that although retractable, once you twist it up, you can’t get it to go back down, which is annoying. Also, if you twist up too much product, it can snap off as you’re applying it.

I repurchased the Precision Brow Pencil in the shade Dope Taupe and also picked it up in one of the newer shades Bronde Moment.

Taupe Brow Boss Pencil

Get naturally, defined brows with this long wearing, mistake-proof, retractable pencil. Its buildable colour and attached spoolie make it easy to create hair-like strokes to fill in sparser areas. You’ll have perfectly feathered brows that last all day.

Taupe: neutral taupe

I’ve actually purchased the Brow Boss Pencil before, in the shade Soft Black (here) and Dark Brown (here) and repurchased it in Dark Brown (here) and later in the shade Taupe (here).

I love this stuff too! It’s great for plumping up your brows and adding some volume to them! It’s fast and easy to apply and impossible to overdo! Unlike with the Precision Brow Pencil which can look a bit harsh if you’re heavy-handed with it, the Brow Boss Pencil always give a natural result! There’s no other way to explain how it gives me perfectly feathered brows other than… magic!

As an added bonus, it comes with a Spoolie on the other end too (no such thing as too many)! Also, unlike the Precision Brow Pencil that doesn’t twist back down, you can twist the Brow Boss Pencil back down again. There’s equally as many shades to choose from, but I repurchased Taupe because my hair is lighter at the moment.

Taupe Brow Boss Pencil
Dope Taupe Precision Brow Pencil
Bronde Moment Precision Brow Pencil

Medium 12 W Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer

Hydrating oil-free tinted moisturizer with lightweight coverage that evens skintone and leaves your skin looking fresh and healthy. Formulated with hyaluronic acid (aka ha) and coconut water to support skin hydration without adding oil, this tinted moisturizer works for all skin types and makeup styles – just customize your routine to create your own look!

Medium 12 W: warm tinted moisturizer for medium skin tones

I don’t wear Foundation much (or at all), which is why when an occasion for Foundation comes up, I’m always struggling to find one from my stash, that’s unexpired, non-drying, matches my skin tone (at the time) and plays well with my other products.

So, I decided to pick up the Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer from the Pretty Fresh because it claimed to be hydrating. I’ve only worn it once and when I first applied it to a completely bare face, it kinda’ gave me flakies (on and around my nose), which was disappointing.

However, I went ahead and applied my eye makeup, and by the time I was finished, the flakies were gone! The Tinted Moisturizer had completely settled and somehow made my skin look great! Heck, I didn’t even have to use Concealer on my under-eye area!

The shade Medium 12 W was a smidge too dark for me, but whatevs. I’d rather go darker than lighter, honestly. Also, I’m really pale at the moment that even my beloved MAC Give Me Sun MSF looks straight up orange on me now.

I gotta’ play around with this Tinted Moisturizer some more, but so far I’m diggin’ it! Almost forgot to mention, the compliments were nonstop, when I had this stuff on!

Medium 100 W Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer

Creamy, cushiony, full coverage concealer seamlessly blends into the skin leaving a natural, fresh finish. Skin-loving hyaluronic acid (aka ha) and coconut water hydrate the skin, while full coverage pigments cover and correct blemishes, this combo leaves you with fresh, perfected skin that lasts all day.

Medium 100 W: warm concealer for medium skin tones

I’ve actually purchased the No Filter Concealer before, in the shades Light 20 and Medium 30 and Golden 40 (haulage here) and let me tell ya’, that stuff was horrible! It was so drying on the under-eye area and cakey and just an all around mess!

As such, I was hesitant to give the Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer from the Pretty Fresh range a try. However, once it went on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I decided to get just the one. I have yet to use it though, but based on the performance of the Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer (worn once), I’ve kinda’ got my hopes up!

Edit: Okay, so I wore it on Friday night and honestly didn’t notice much of a difference. It felt like the Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer was just as dry as the No Filter Concealer, granted it had a little more slip to it.

Midnight Masquerade Kits (Disney Designer Collection)

There was was a lot of hype surrounding these “collectible” Disney Midnight Masquerade Kits!

Basically, there were 8 bundles in total, each featuring a different Disney Princess. Each “bundle” came with a Lux Liquid Lip (new product) and either a Blush or Highlight in the pretty “collectible” box with a “Masquerade Mask” on the front, all for $20. However, the Blush and Highlight could be purchased individually for $12 each and the Lux Liquid Lip for $8 each.

I See The Light (Rapunzel Bundle) from Tangled
Floating Lights Blush: cool toned pink (too pink and too light)
Flynn Lux Liquid Lipstick: rose plum (seemed pretty)

Ever Ever After (Giselle Bundle) from Enchanted
Andalasia Highlight: icy peach highlighter (seemed gorgeous in the online swatches)
Prince Edward Lux Liquid Lipstick: coral pink (seemed pretty)

Beauty and the Beast (Belle Bundle) from Beauty and the Beast
Enchanted Mirror Blush: warm pink (too pink and too light)
Beast Lux Liquid Lipstick: mid-tone pink nude (seemed pretty)

Down in New Orleans (Tiana Bundle) from Princess and the Frog
Kissin’ a Frog Blush: rose terracotta (seemed gorgeous in the online swatches)
Prince Naveen Lux Liquid Lip: burnt orange red (seemed pretty)

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella Bundle) from Cinderella
Horse & Carriage Highlight: champagne pearl (crazy frosty and way too light)
Prince Charming Lux Liquid Lip: true pink (seemed pretty)

Once Upon a Dream (Aurora Bundle) from Sleeping Beauty
Coronation Highlight: champagne pearl (seemed gorgeous in the online swatches)
Prince Phillip Lux Liquid Lip: pink red (seemed gorgeous)

Zero to Hero (Megara Bundle) from Hercules
Big Tough Girl Highlight: pale lavender with pink duochrome (pretty but I’ve already got a ton of dupes)
Wonderboy Lux Liquid Lip: rich berry (seemed pretty)

Topsy Turvy (Esmerelda Bundle) from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Court of Miracles Blush: pink coral with soft gold sheen (seemed gorgeous in the online swatches)
Phoebus Lux Liquid Lip: deep raspberry (not my thing)

Initially, I wanted them all! However, I figured I’d just grab a few for now and see how they performed first.

I really had my heart set on the Aurora Bundle (gorgeous packaging and gorgeous shades) and Esmerelda Bundle (because how cool is Esmerelda!) from the get go.

I also liked the shades in the Giselle Bundle, but hated the artwork and would’ve opted to purchase the products individually (minus the box), but it was more cost effective to purchase them as a bundle. Ironically, the Giselle Bundle was the only bundle that came with shades that didn’t disappoint me.

In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t get more, because most of the Blushes and Highlights were too light and too pink and just all around unwearable on my skin tone. The Lux Liquid Lipsticks were excellent though and worth picking up in any of the available shades!

Also, I take full credit for sparking the idea of these Disney Princess Bundles (here).

Ever Ever After Kit (Giselle Bundle)

That’s how you know this bundle is perfect for you! Get Giselle’s signature makeup kit including Prince Edward Lux Liquid Lip and Anadalasia Highlighter Compact.

Giselle’s signature coral lip + peach highlighter 🐿️

Like I said, I didn’t care much for the packaging on the Giselle Bundle. I barely remember the movie Enchanted and really don’t know why they made Giselle look like one of Snow White’s evil stepsisters.

However, the description and swatches of both products seemed enticing and it was more cost effective to purchase them as a bundle. Out of all the bundles in the Midnight Masquerade Collection, this one was the only one that came with shades I liked in both products!

Andalasia Pressed Powder Highlighter (Giselle Bundle)

Get that glow with our silky soft, super blendable, high shine powder highlighter.

Andalasia: icy peach highlighter

Beautiful shade! Pretty name! Flimsy packaging. It was slim and came with a nice mirror, but manhandle it one too many times and the cheap cardboard will snap right off. Also, I didn’t like the artwork, as I said.

Andalasia was an absolutely gorgeous shade! It was a delightful icy peach, as described! It looked lovely on its own and as a topper over Blush! It was quite flattering on my skintone and even doubled as a beautiful Eyeshadow! Best of all, it was nice and smooth and applied like a dream! It legit looked like liquid on my skin!

Prince Edward Lux Liquid Lip (Giselle Bundle)

Pillowy soft, velvet liquid lipstick that creates a soft, diffused look.

Prince Edward: coral pink lipstick

I don’t like how they named the Lux Liquid Lips after the dudes (like, why?), but so far, I’m really impressed with these babies!

I liked the packaging (instead of horrible reflective caps, we’ve got cute midnight blue glittery caps on transparent tubes) and the applicator was great (making it easy to get a nice and precise application with some of the darker shades) and the consistency was awesome (suspiciously similar to the Ultra Blotted Lips, except in different packaging and with a different name)!

Prince Edward was one of those easy-breezy shades, that you could pair with whatever, whenever. On my lips, it applied and dried lighter than it looked in the tube. It was neither too bright nor too dark of a coral. It was quite flattering on my skintone and all in all, was just oh-so-cute!

Once Upon a Dream Kit (Aurora Bundle)

She’s a beauty! Get Aurora’s signature makeup kit including Prince Phillip Lux Liquid Lip and Coronation Highlighter Compact.

Aurora’s signature red lip + peach highlighter 💤

While the Giselle Bundle looked quite hideous and too cartoon-y for me as a 35 year old woman (36? 35? I forget. I was born on December 18 1984, but apparently can’t do basic math lol), I thought the packaging on the Aurora Bundle was exquisite!

If I felt normal human emotions like embarrassment (no shame in my game), I believe I’d be embarrassed to have the Giselle Bundle out on display for my friends and family to see. Aside from being ugly, it also looked too “kiddy”. While the Aurora Bundle doesn’t exactly scream middle-aged woman lol I found it infinitely more palatable and would have no qualms displaying it for all the world (or just my friends and family) to see!

The “Masquerade Mask”, the color scheme, the artwork, the dress, the hair, the pose, the whole thing looked extremely aesthetically appealing to me! Shades aside, I had to get this thing for the packaging alone! Thankfully though, the shades that came with it seemed equally lovely!

Coronation Pressed Powder Highlighter (Aurora Bundle)

Get that glow with our silky soft, super blendable, high shine powder highlighter.

Coronation: champagne pearl highlighter

Lovely shade! Appropriate name, if a bit boring. Flimsy packaging, but again, I am li-ving for the artwork!

Sadly, Coronation was as an absolute nightmare! The consistency was horrible! Although a powder, it was quite… clumpy. Even though I used everything, from my Makeup Brushes to my fingers, Coronation still applied all patchy! I tried to build it up, but instead of that gorgeous high-shine almost liquid finish that I got from Andalasia, all I got from Coronation was a ton of shimmer.

Worse still, Coronation clashed with my skintone and looked a bit ashy on me. It was a pinky champagne that I, of the sallow yellow skintone, just cannot rock. You could see how light it was in comparison with the other two, in the first photo (all the way at the top of this post).

That said, it did double nicely as an Eyeshadow and make my eyes look a smidge greeny. Granted, it took a lot of work to make it… work. The consistency was just so bad!

Prince Phillip Lux Liquid Lip (Aurora Bundle)

Pillowy soft, velvet liquid lipstick that creates a soft, diffused look.

Prince Phillip: pink red lipstick

Thankfully, Prince Phillip looked and applied beautifully! Was it a unique shade? No. I just wanted to try it in the “new” Lux Liquid Lip formula. Was it worth it? Yes! It was a flattering pinky red that worked well with my skintone! Props!

Topsy Turvy Kit (Esmerelda Bundle)

Shake your tambourine and get Esmeralda’s signature makeup kit – includes Phoebus Lux Liquid Lip and Court of Miracles Blush Compact.

Esmeralda’s signature raspberry lip + coral blush 💜

Now you know the “inspiration” for my review of the Maison Lancôme Rôses Berberanza Eau de Parfum (here).

That said, somehow, I thought I’d like the Esmerelda Bundle more than I actually did. I wanted the Esmerelda Bundle because Esmerelda is so cool and the artwork looked pretty cool too and the Blush seemed like a beautiful shade! However, in person, the artwork was meh. It was pretty and everything, but I was expecting… more.

I don’t understand why ColourPop insist on giving the darker girls, big bushy caterpillar brows, crazy color schemes and garish shades for the products that accompany them. For example, take a look at Jasmine from the earlier Disney Designer Collection (here).

Court of Miracles Pressed Powder Blush (Esmerelda Bundle)

Brighten your complexion with the perfect natural flush of colour in a soft and buildable powder blush.

Court of Miracles: pink coral blush with a soft gold sheen

While the other two were Highlight shades, this baby was a Blush shade. They all came in the same slim and flimsy cardboard compact with a nice mirror inside.

I thought the artwork was pretty cute on Court of Miracles (appropriate name, if a bit… goofy) as was the shade itself. That said, I was expecting more of an orange coral (that would’ve been more flattering on my skin), not this bright pink mess lol To be fair, it’s a cute shade, just not what I was expecting, is all.

It was very pigmented and took forever to blend out into something less… crazy. It went on very pinky, but once I blended it out (a year later) the gold shimmer made it lean more coral. Regardless, it was still too bright for my skintone and seemed clownish on my cheeks.

Phoebus Lux Liquid Lip (Esmerelda Bundle)

Pillowy soft, velvet liquid lipstick that creates a soft, diffused look.

Phoebus: deep raspberry lipstick

I knew I wasn’t going to like this shade even before purchasing it. Like I said, I just wanted the Esmerelda Bundle mostly for the packaging (which ended up being underwhelming).

I’m not a fan of the name Phoebus for a lip product (again, why were these named after the dudes?) and I don’t do well with fuchsias and raspberries in general. I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them. Still, it’s a fun shade… when I’m in the mood for it.

9-pan Eyeshadow Palettes

I simply love the 9-pan Pressed Powder Shadow Palettes from ColourPop! Especially the monochromatic ones! Since these babies were reduced in price for Black Friday, I snagged a few.

The bottom row were ones I’d been meaning to get, but was waiting for them to go on sale. The top row were spur of the moment purchases, that were released during or around the time of the sale.

Going Coconuts was sold out as an individual palette so I had to buy it as part of a bundle called Créme de Coco that came with 2 Eyeliners. Also, aside from Night Owl which was part of a 3pc Ulta Exclusive and came in flimsy cardboard packaging and no mirror, all the other palettes came in sturdier plastic compacts with lovely large mirrors.

Lilac You A Lot Shadow Palette

A whole lotta lilac in our dreamiest palette yet 💜 Create your best looks with our lilac monochromatic palette that features buttery matte shadows and eye catching metallics. One swatch is all it takes to fall in love.
Lilac dreams come true with our newest 9 pan palette 💜

cloud: icy lavender with a golden flip
imagine that: pastel lavender
ghostin’: vibrant pinky lilac

wake me: orchid with duochrome hot pink flip
fluff: icy metallic violet with gold and silver accent
trainwreck: soft lavender with a pink duochrome flip

zoned out: dusty pinky mauve
iffy: cool toned purple
filtered: red plum

I do! I do Lilac You A Lot! In fact, I think I Lilove you! I’ve pretty much been lusting after Lilac You A Lot from the moment it was previewed online! As I’ve said before, I feel my most confident and prettiest in taupes and lilacs, and this palette was straight up lilac-themed! The color scheme was right up my alley! All the shades were just so very… me! Even the packaging came across as retro (80’s) and cute!

Plus, when it comes to palettes, you typically end up with some shades that are duds. Either you don’t like them or they don’t work for you or whatever. Not with this palette! There were 5 matte shades (2nd and 3rd shades in the top row and the entire bottom row) and 4 shimmery shades (first shade in the top row and the entire middle row), and I can honestly say that I loved each and every single one of them!

Imagine That was a gorgeous matte taupe-y mauve! I love, love, love cool-toned shades like this for poppin in the crease and as an all-over lid shade! Same goes for Zoned Out, which was a gorgeous matte lavender! They might look meh in the pan, but on the eyes, they’re just so stinkin’ pretty! Think along the lines of Bill (haulage here) and Tang (haulage here), etc.. Just looking at them makes my heart so happy!

Ghostin‘ and Iffy and Filtered were some of the other more colorful mattes. Again, I could see myself poppin’ Ghostin’ in the crease or as a light wash of color all over the lid. As for Iffy and Filtered, I believe either one would look so cool smoked out on the lower lashline or in the crease for a more edgy look, particularly Iffy, which not gonna’ lie, I was pretty excited for, but sadly, it was a bit stiff and dry (maybe it’s a pigment, not a shadow?) Still, a gorgeous blue-based purple though, regardless. I cannot stand darker shimmery shades so I was pretty thankful that Filtered was a matte. It meant I wouldn’t have to avoid it and that I could actually get some use out of it! The more I blended it out, the redder it looked, making my eyes look more green-y!

Cloud was an impossibly beautiful sparkly shade! It legit looked like liquid on the eyes! It looked lovely (if a bit sheer) on its own, but when popped over other shades it elevated them into something… magical! Although completely different shades and consistencies, Cloud reminded me of my beloved Cherry Jubilee (haulage here) in the sense that they both had that ability to transform shades into pure magic!

Wake Me was one of those stunning purple-y/blue duochromes that I live for! I tried to capture the duochrominess of it in the photo above. Fluff was a pretty shimmery violet while Trainwreck was a delightful frosty lavender that also seemed to have an almost duochrome-y quality to it! I could see myself popping any of these, all over the lid, either wet or dry, finishing off the look with some mascara and heading out the door. Any of them would look equally lovely layered over any of the matte shades as well!

I mean, the entire palette was just so well curated! Aside from Cloud which was pure shimmer, any of these shades would look great when worn individually, or layered over any of the other shades, or paired together in a multitude of different combinations! Everything from the shade names to the packaging itself was ultra adorable as well! ColourPop, you’ve truly outdone yourselves! Like I said, I really Lilove the Lilac You A Lot Palette!

Baby Got Peach Shadow Palette

When it comes to palettes, we pretty much have it down. This pastel peach monochromatic palette is better than basic. With 9 shades and 3 different finishes, create a soft peachy look perfect for any occasion. Get sprung on this soft peachy palette!

darlin‘: pale peachy orange
hungry ghost: opal with a gold duochrome shift
perky: light pinky peach

get even: vibrant peachy pink with a bright gold flip
centerfold: vibrant coral
glaze it: midtone metallic peach with a golden sheen

okurr: peachy terracotta
ready or yacht: icy tangerine
half baked: rust

Despite my aversion to peaches and by extension, peach-scented anything, I actually love a peachy shade on the eyes, lips, cheeks and nails! As soon as I spot peach in the name, I’m sold! As such, I was tricked by the name of this palette, Baby Got Peach (and the nod to the Sir Mix-A-Lot song lol), and the cute retro packaging, and the gorgeous looks people have come up with, using this palette!

Unfortunately, in person, I found the palette a bit… underwhelming. It was warm-toned and I tend to favor cool tones.

Plus, the shade Hungry Ghost was one of those awful Pressed Glitters that looked absolutely beautiful in the pan, but were an absolute nightmare to work! I purchased two Pressed Glitters earlier (here) and haven’t touched them since the initial first watch.

Also, Centerfold was a Pressed Powder Pigment and not safe for eye use :/ I don’t care and I’m gonna’ use it where I want but still, that’s 2 out of 9 shades that were duds, right out of the gate!

I’ve had my eye on Ready or Yacht since forever and have been meaning to pick it up as a single, so the fact that it came with the palette was another factor that led to me purchasing this thing. It was just as described, a metallic icy tangerine and I adore it! I imagine it played a huge role in creating all those gorgeous looks from the Baby Got Peach Palette! Well worth the wait!

Get Even was a sorta’ duochrome coral with a gold flip that reminded me of Come and Get It (haulage here) while Glaze It was a less gold and less pink and all around lighter shimmery orange version of it.

Aside from being too warm-toned for my taste, the palette consisted of mostly mattes, with only 3 shimmers. To be fair, Darlin’ was a nice peachy nude and Perky was a very pretty salmon red and Okurr was an adorable pumpkin orange and Half Baked was a beautiful rusty brown.

All of them were mattes and all of them were lovely in their own right, except I just don’t enjoy these type of shades. They’re too warm for my taste. It felt like having a palette with nothing but transitional shades. I suppose I could get some use out of Half Baked (to smoke out the lower lashline or summat), but the rest were just not my thing.

Maybe it’s a seasonal thing and I’ll be more inclined to use this baby once it’s Spring. However, the way things stand at the moment, I’m kinda’ not feelin’ Baby Got Peach.

Uh-Huh Honey Shadow Palette

Sweet like honey, bright like the sun. 🍯

This yellow monochromatic palette features every shade of yellow under the sun. 🌞

Super pigmented shadows in bright, fun, happy shades of matte, metallic, and Pressed Glitter finishes are like sunshine in a palette. 💛

Sweet like honey, bright like the sun, yellow is in baby

stinger: matte buttery yellow
sunburst: metallic lemon yellow with blue glitter
sweet spot: matte primary yellow

dandy: metallic vibrant yellow gold
palooza: bright yellow with a copper duochrome shift
queen b: metallic dandelion

totally buggin’: matte butterscotch yellow
oh beehave: matte mustard
buzz kill: matte yellow brown

I was planning on purchasing the new Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette at some point, up until ColourPop released the Uh-Huh Honey Eyeshadow Palette. The name was a nod to Kanye’s song which I honestly enjoyed!

Once again, they included one of those Pressed Glitters in the shade Palooza which I’ll definitely never use. Stop it, ColourPop. Nobody likes these Pressed Glitters. Stop including them in palettes and heck, stop making them all together.

The rest of the palette was quite dry and consisted of 5 mattes and 3 metallics.

Starting off with the mattes, Stinger was a mid-tone pastel peach, Sweet Spot was a neon yellow, Totally Buggin’ was a pale orange, Oh Beehave (hate the shade names for this palette) was a mustard-y orange and Buzz Kill was a lovely if a bit light, caramel brown.

Moving on to the metallics, Sunburst was an interesting shimmery yellow that leaned slightly green. It almost seemed slightly duochrome-y to me! Dandy was your average metallic yellow gold while Queen B was a metallic copper that applied like an absolute dream! It was so soft and buttery and well pigmented!

I knew ColourPop were going to be releasing the Good as Gold Shadow Palete for the holidays, but it probably wasn’t going to be included in the sale. I just really preferred Uh-Huh Honey mostly because it was a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay Naked Honey.

Looking at it in person, it’s quite light, but I personally like that for myself. If however you prefer a palette with darker shades to create a smokey eye, then I suggest you go for Good as Gold instead.

Going Coconuts Shadow Palette

Go loco for this toasted neutral 9 pan palette, perfect for your every day look. This super wearable palette is cute, compact, and ready for any look.

This toasted cool-toned 9 pan palette will make you go crazy!

shredded: creamy vanilla with silver pinpoints
palm reader: white with gold flip
coolada: cool taupe brown

lovely bunch: mid tone yellow brown
coco crush: icy pale champagne
shell ya: neutral ginger brown

get crackin’: cool brown with silver flecks
da coco: icy bronze with violet pinpoints
nutty: deep umber

I hadn’t heard nor seen anything about Going Coconuts (not a peep)! It just popped up on the website one day. I added it to my online cart but by the time I was ready to finally place my order, the thing went out of stock. I didn’t wanna’ wait for it to come back in stock, nor did I wanna’ place another order for it at a later time.

Everything from the packaging to the shade names to the shades themselves just spoke to me! I had to get this thing pronto! Thankfully, it was available in a bundles (Going Coconuts Palette + 2 Creme Gel Liners) called the Créme de Coco Set. While I despise their Creme Gel Liners, I figured it was the only way I was going to get my hands on the palette now, so I went ahead and picked up the bundle.

Going Coconuts was everything I’d hoped for and more! It consisted of 5 mattes and 4 shimmers.

Shredded was a beautiful almost taupe-y nude that reminded me of my beloved Firefly (one of my first pressed powder shadows from ColourPop) and Coolada was the taupe of my dreams! Lovely Bunch wasn’t half bad as a lovely caramel brown and Shell Ya was a stunning reddish brown while Nutty was a deep brown.

Palm Reader was a clumpy mess of a frosty champagne shade whereas Coco Crush was an impossibly soft shimmery taupe! Get Crackin’ was true brown with shimmer and Da Coco was a surprisingly dry metallic taupe-y bronze.

For some reason, the next to last shade, or rather, the middle shade in the bottom row, was always super dry and patchy in most of the 9-pan palettes.

That said, Going Coconuts had all you could ever need to create everything from a soft neutral eye to a smokey eye to a festive sparkly eye and so much more! It was taupe-y! It was cool-toned! It was glorious!

I’ve been dipping into Going Coconuts almost exclusively all January and now February! I hate to say it, but Going Coconuts is quickly replacing Brown Sugar as my favorite ColourPop Shadow Palette! The color scheme was everything!

Again, I take full credit for suggesting a taupe-themed palette to ColourPop (here).

Night Owl Shadow Palette

Perfect for the early birds and the night owls! This 9-pan eyeshadow palette features warm toned neutrals and bronze shadows in the perfect mix of metallic and mattes.

Stay up all night with this glam bronze palette! 🦉

lil birdie: matte honey beige
bird brain: metallic copper rose
rule the roost: matte yellow brown

bel air: matte cool taupe
two birds: metallic vibrant warm gold
sea stars: matte medium yellow brown

rockin’ robin: matte red brown
milli: metallic intense penny copper
tweet tweet: metallic blackened brown with a copper flip

ColourPop frequently come out with limited edition Ulta exclusives. During the time of my order, they came out with Love Bird (too pinky) and Birds of Paradise (too orange-y) and Night Owl (too ruddy). All of them came in the same flimsy cardboard packaging with no mirror, but in a different color to match the shades. All the shade names were bird-related (ugh).

Honestly, none of them really appealed to me. However, the name Night Owl was pretty cute and after glimpsing the beautiful shade called Bel Air (taupe), I got a little impulsive and added the palette to my online cart.

Night Owl consisted of 5 mattes and 4 metallics.

Lil Birdie was a nice pale yellowy beige, Rule the Roost was a yellowy brown, Bel Air (repromote) was a gorgeous taupe, Sea Stars (repromote) was a terracotta brown while Rockin’ Robin was a purple brown.

Bird Brain was a metallic rose gold, Two Birds (repromote) was a metallic marigold, Milli (repromote) was a metallic red bronze and Tweet Tweet was a shimmery deep brown. Supposedly Tweet Tweet was one of those duochrome-y shades but I don’t see it.

Although a lovely palette, it was a bit too ruddy for my taste. I was expecting something lighter and more taupe-y, honestly. Also, there were several repromotes (already released as singles), which I wasn’t happy about.

While it may not have looked appealing to me at first, the shades have quickly proven to be not only handy, but actually quite gorgeous! Heck, Tweet Tweet alone makes this entire palette worth it! I’ve never even seen such a beautifully pigmented yet somehow silky smooth deep dark brown like this before! Also, Rockin’ Robin is perfect for deepening the crease or just in the outer V!

I hate Two Birds and Milli, but the rest of the shades were surprisingly great and the more I use Night Owl the more fond of it I’m growing!

Créme de Coco Set

Put the créme in the coconut and mix it all up with this nude and chocolate brown liner bundle! Creamy nude liners essential for any coco eye look! 🙌

As I said, the Going Coconuts Shadow Palette was out of stock and yet was available for purchase in this silly little bundle.

I thought they’d come packaged together or something, but nah. Going Coconuts came in its own packaging, just like the rest of the Eyeshadow Palettes in this haul and the Creme Gel Liners each came in their own individual packaging as well. Disappointing.

Also, I’d like to point out that when I said that ColourPop should update the packaging on these Creme Gel Liners (here), I didn’t mean looks-wise. I meant functionality-wise, because these Creme Gel Liners are horrible!

Honeydude Creme Gel Liner

The same pigmentation and long-lasting, transfer-proof wear of our Crème Gel Colour Eyeliner in a pencil! Who needs a sugar daddy when you have this creamy warm nude?

So Honeydude deposited no color on my waterline and yet clumped up on my lower lashline and ended up looking like eye boogers (very attractive).

Like I said, these Creme Gel Liners are trash.

Brew-haha Creme Gel Liner

True black brown in a matte finish… it’s like shark bait, but for compliments.

I do believe I’ve purchased Brew-haha earlier (here), but that one kept breaking off at the tip… and unfortunately this one arrived dripping wet with something gross and oily looking, so I had to trash it.

Like I said, trash.

Créme de Coco Set

Put the créme in the coconut and mix it all up with this nude and chocolate brown liner bundle! Creamy nude liners essential for any coco eye look! 🙌

I’m glad I purchased the bundle regardless, because despite the horrible Creme Gel Liners, the gorgeous Going Coconuts Shadow Palette was so worth it!

BFF Lippie Pencil + Ex-Factor Lippie Pencil

I don’t wear lipliner, like ever. I just hoard the stuff (only stopped doing so just recently), but don’t get to use it much. I’m too neurotic for Lipliner. It has to be perfect, but my hands are too unsteady for that, and I’m always late anyways, meaning I don’t have the time to carefully line my lips.

However, I fell in love with the shade 951 (haulage here) and inspired by the success of that beaut of a shade, decided to pick up two more; another nice nude and for some reason, a berry.

BFF Lippie Pencil

You shall Be F*cking Fabulous in this warm nude pencil

BFF was warmer and significantly lighter than 951. I wouldn’t say I felt fabulous in it, but I did like it on myself.

Ex-Factor Lippie Pencil

bright berry

In hindsight, I feel like I might’ve picked up Ex-Factor mainly because I’m a fan of the show X-Factor lol

I mean, I just don’t wear darker pinks and berries and fuchsias and whatnot. That said, Ex-Factor does pair nicely with Phoebus Lux Liquid Lip (every cloud and all that).


I figure, since I just acquired a bunch of Pencils from ColourPop, I might as well get a Pencil Sharpener to boot.

Pencil Sharpener

Our Lippie Pencil’s new BFF! Never get caught with a dull pencil again, this essential tool will effortlessly sharpen and fine tune for the most precise tip ever. Line it up baby!

I love the bonus Pencil Sharpener I bought from E.L.F. for my Eyeliners, but I can’t stomach the thought of using the same Sharpener for my Lipliners hence dis.

Lip Stuff

I also snagged an Ultra Matte Lip from the Watermelon Collection and an Ultra Glossy Lip from the Disney Designer Collection.

Melonade Ultra Matte Lip (Watermelon Collection)

When life hands you melons, wear this rich red.

I picked up yet another Ultra Matte Lip in yet another rich red, because I’m a sick, sick person and can’t resist reds. As long as ColourPop continues to make reds, I’m going to continue purchasing them.

That said, their Ultra Matte Lips have a pretty short shelf life and if you think they’re dry to begin with, they get dryer with time until it becomes impossible to apply them without them cracking and crumbling on the lips. What I’m trying to say, only purchase a shade you know you’re going to start wearing right away, because they don’t keep.

I love my rich reds and also how cute is the name Melonade

Speaking of reds, I kinda’ wanted to get either the Watermelon Shadow Palette or the Milkshake Shadow Palette, but honestly the shades looked more pinky and less red to me, so I had to pass.

Boo Ultra Glossy Lip (Disney Designer Collection)

This warm rose will make your dreams come true.

Finally! I’ve been dying to get my hands on Boo since forever, but the darn thing was always out of stock!

It was a nice glossy pink shade, nothing unique, but oh how I coveted it so! To me, it was worth the trouble! I’ve been wearing it nonstop since it arrived and I’m seriously debating picking up another backup… or ten.

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Coconut Collection

Also from the Coconut Collection, I snatched up a lip bundle (I mean it was a duo, but okay, let’s call it a bundle) called Coconut Kiss.

A lot of you might not remember it, but the packaging on the Coconut Collection strongly reminded me of the packaging on those Nyx Bronzers from way, way, waaay back in the day lol

Coconut Kiss Hydrating Lip Duo (Coconut Collection)

You’ll want a piece of this Just a Tint duo, featuring 2 brand new shades in warm nude and cool-toned pink!

Shaka Lip Crayon: sheer yellow toned nude
Waikiki Lip Crayon: sheer cool toned pink

ColourPop released a bunch of these Lip Crayons recently, but I avoided them, because be they for the eyes or lips, I’ve grown to despise (like really, really hate!) any sort of chubby pencil. It was next to impossible to get a precise application and frankly I just hated the packaging. At one point in time, they were literally everywhere! Every single brand had their own version!

That said, I was curious and this did come in a bundle (saving $$) in what appeared to be some nice neutral shades. So, I indulged.

As expected, they were emollient and yet, felt like they dried out my lips. Also, even though they didn’t contain any glitter (at least not the shades I chose), if I rubbed my lips together after applying this stuff, my lips would feel gritty! Instead, I learned to press my lips together a couple of times. The worst part for me, was the strong citrusy peach scent, ugh!

I appreciated the color-coordinating packaging which saved me some time though, because I didn’t have to open each one to find the shade I was looking for, y’know? Also, these things were retractable.

Shaka was a light mauve, almost grey-nude on my lips. It looked awful on its own, but pretty cool with a matching monochromatic look on the eyes and cheeks! Waikiki on the other hand, was a more rosy shade that looked quite flattering on a bare face (sans makeup) and equally sweet with a beat face!

I was expecting worse, but these Lip Crayons were actually nice! Sadly, I just couldn’t get past that horrible, horrible peachy scent (blech)!

In a Twitter Blush & Highlight Stix Duo (Bye Bye Birdie Collection)

This nude and champagne Blush Stix Duo will have you in a twitter! Glide on this easy-to-use blush and highlighter to finish off your look!

matte deep nude blush + champagne highlighter stix ✨

I’ve purchased one of the Lite Stix in the shade Star Brite earlier (here) and quite liked the consistency!

As such, I was more inclined to purchase a duo that consisted of a Blush Stix and Lite Stix from the Bye Bye Birdie Collection. The names were silly, but appropriate… I suppose, and the packaging was ultra adorable!

Hen Party was gorgeous ruddy shade that instantly warmed up my complexion and Magpie was an equally gorgeous light pinky peach shade that make my skin look great! Honestly, both of them were crazy flattering on my skin! Such an awesome purchase!

Bye Bye Birdie Collection

Also from the Bye Bye Birdie Collection was the Chic Magnet Lash Set. Note the similar packaging on one of the lash cases. Not quite sure why the rest didn’t have the same packaging, but not that bothered either way.


Lastly, I noticed that ColourPop had released some False Lashes.

I picked up x2 Lash Sets (3 pairs of faux mink false lashes each) assuming they’d arrive in a set or summat. However, they arrived exactly as shown, in their own individual packaging. Might as well have ordered them separately, if not for the $$ saving aspect.

That said, the cardboard packaging they arrived in, other than being pretty (all ombre and whatnot) was actually quite sturdy. I haven’t worn any of them yet, so… not much else to say about them.

Chic Magnet Lash Set

These faux mink false lashes are so good it’ll make you change your name. Super soft, 100% synthetic tapered fibers add length to your look and the criss-cross fiber pattern adds natural dimension.

Baddie so extra and full of drama, we all love a Baddie
Doll lengthening false lashes for the sweetest look
Shorty you’re a 10 in these volumized cat-eye lashes


So extra and full of drama, we all love a Baddie


Lengthening false lashes for the sweetest look 😘


You’re a 10 in these volumized cat-eye lashes 🐱

About a Girl Lash Set

Ms. lengthening faux mink lashes for a natural glam look
Queenie fluffy, flared faux mink lashes for the perf cat eye
Mami dramatic faux mink lashes add all the volume

Complete your false eyelash collection with this set of 3 brand new faux mink Falsies! From natural and lengthening to dramatic and full of volume, get the perfect lashes for any look. Get all 3 NEW faux mink false lashes to complete any look 💁


Lengthening faux mink lashes for a natural glam look 💁‍


Fluffy, flared faux mink lashes for the perf cat eye 😻


Dramatic faux mink lashes add all the volume 💃

E14 Dual Ended Brow Brush reduced from $7 to $4.90
Bronde Moment Precision Brow Colour reduced from $6.50 to $4.55
Bronde Moment Precision Brow Pencil reduced from $5.50 to $3.85
Dope Taupe Precision Brow Pencil reduced from $5.50 to $3.85
Taupe Brow Boss Pencil reduced from $5.50 to $3.85

Medium 12 W Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer reduced from $14 to $9.80
Medium 100 W Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer reduced from $9 to $6.30

Ever Ever After Kit (Giselle Bundle) reduced from $20 to $14
Andalasia Pressed Powder Highlighter (Giselle Bundle) reduced from $12 to $8.40
Prince Edward Lux Liquid Lip (Giselle Bundle) reduced from $9 to $6.30

Once Upon a Dream Kit (Aurora Bundle) reduced from $20 to $14
Coronation Pressed Powder Highlighter (Aurora Bundle) reduced from $12 to $8.40
Prince Phillip Lux Liquid Lip (Aurora Bundle) reduced from $9 to $6.30

Topsy Turvy Kit (Esmerelda Bundle) reduced from $20 to $14
Court of Miracles Pressed Powder Blush (Esmerelda Bundle) reduced from $12 to $8.40
Phoebus Lux Liquid Lip (Esmerelda Bundle) reduced from $12 to $8.40

Lilac You A Lot Shadow Palette reduced from $12 to $8.40
Baby Got Peach Shadow Palette reduced from $12 to $8.40
Uh-huh Honey Shadow Palette reduced from $12 to $8.40
Going Coconuts Shadow Palette reduced from $12 to $8.40
Night Owl Shadow Palette reduced from $12 to $8.40

Créme de Coco Set reduced from $20 to $14
Going Coconuts Shadow Palette reduced from $12 to $8.40
Honeydude liner Crème Gel Liner reduced from $5.50 to $3.85
Brew-haha liner Crème Gel Liner reduced from $5.50 to $3.85

BFF Lippie Pencil reduced from $6 to $4.20
Ex-Factor Lippie Pencil reduced from $6 to $4.20
Pencil Sharpener reduced from $3 to $2.10

Melonade Ultra Matte Lip reduced from $7 to $4.90
Boo Ultra Glossy Lip reduced from $8 to $5.60

Coconut Kiss Hydrating Lip Duo reduced from $12 to $8.40
Shaka Lip Crayon reduced from $7 to $4.90
Waikiki Lip Crayon reduced from $7 to $4.90

In a Twitter Blush & Highlight Stix Duo reduced from $14 to 9.80

Chic Magnet Lash Set reduced from $24 to $16.80
About a Girl Lash Set reduced from $24 to $16.80
Individual Falsies Faux Lashes reduced from $8 to $5.60 each

Phew! Feels like I’ve been working on this post for ages and I’m so glad it’s finally over lol

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