Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow

Never saw the movie and absolutely zero interest in watching it…

However, last night I heard Bryan Callen butchering this song on The Fighter and The Kid (podcast he co-hosts with Brenden Schaub) and despite myself, was kinda’ curious.

So, I looked it up on YouTube and literally started crying (I’m talking full on crying) as soon as the song began playing! It was instant! Start video. Ensue tears. Needless to say, I’m seriously feeling this song at the moment!

I used to like Gaga’s music when she coming up, but sorta’… outgrew her.

I thought Bradley Cooper was pretty funny in the Hangover movies, but fell in love with him after the movie Limitless.

Coincidentally, Bryan Callen was also in one of the Hangover movies. More recently, when I saw Joker a few months ago at the movies, I clocked Bryan Callen as one of the clowns. Not gonna’ lie, I got pretty excited and pointed him about, but once again, none of my people had a clue what I was talking about (I need new people. People who watch/listen to Podcasts at the very least).

Anyways, Shallow is a beautiful song and I definitely recommend giving it a listen!

One thought on “Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow

  1. Oh yeah this is def a beautiful song and gave me the feels. But now am bored of it just like the John Legend song “All of me”. It annoys me when i hear it.. lol!

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