Bronde Moment

Eyeshadow – ColourPop Paradox Super Shock Shadow (haulage here)
Lipstick – ColourPop Ziggie Lippie Stix (haulage here)
Sunglasses – Tom Ford Black Large Cat Eye Sunglasses
Handbag – Milano Padlock Black Leather Cross-Body Micro Bag
Top – Mango Cherry Flowy Striped Dress (haulage here)
Top – Forever 21 White Henry David Thoreau Truth T-Shirt
Jeans – H&M Dark Denim Blue Super-Stretch Treggings (haulage here)
Shoes – Karmaloop Black Studded Wedge Sneakers

I figured since I’d just recently posted photos of my hair a month after that horrible dye job (dis), why not post photos the day after?

Obviously, I’d seen my hair after that woman had destroyed it, but that was during night-time and in artificial lighting. The morning after, outdoors and in natural sunlight, I took one look at my hair color and let out a colorful stream of expletives. Not to beat a dead horse, but I payed a lot of money for dry and frizzy hair (my hair is still mad at me since that incident) and worst of all, that looked nothing like the ashy-blonde that I’d asked for (and shown them pictures of, from their own Instagram account lol)

It might sound like I might be exaggerating for effect, so I figure a picture is worth a thousand words ergo here ya’ go! That said, it’s not really that big of a deal. It’s just hair. I’m glad I went through with it anyway, because it confirmed the fact that as I’m getting older, I much prefer darker hair on myself.

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, grace me with the truth” – Henry David Thoreau

I got this White T-Shirt in a Size Large from Forever21 back in 2015 mainly because I thought the quote was awesome! It really resonated with me!

I was instantly smitten with this baby, from the moment I clocked it!

While it was loose and therefore quite comfy, it also looked a bit over-sized, which for a T-shirt could come across as lazy too casual.

So I popped the Mango Cherry Flowy Striped Dress over it for some structure (haulage here) and looped a Cross-Body Bag over-top for even more structure (to sorta’ cinch everything in).

Since I was short on time (as always), I hurriedly filled in my brows using The Body Shop Slanted Brow Brush and MAC Copperplate Eyeshadow. Then, I dabbed a little bit of ColourPop Paradox Super Shock Shadow on my eyes using the very high-tech method of using my pinky, quickly squiggled on some Black Eyeliner, a few quick swipes of Mascara and finally slicked on a coat of ColourPop Ziggie Lippie Stix. All very quick and easy!

As for my hair

Indoors it looked… kinda’ okay.

Outdoors, it looked awful!!!!

Indoors (palatable).

Outdoors (unpalatable).

Then, there was the lighting in my bedroom, which was a different story all together lol

The main point was that the color looked nothing like the color I’d asked for (referencing a photo from their own Instagram account, dis) lol

That said, it opened me up to warmer tones on the eyes, even though typically I favor cooler tones. Every cloud and all that… lol

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