1st US Bath and Body Works Shower Gel Haul

These are the Shower Gels that I purchased in my 1st US Bath & Body Works Online Order (dis)!

Fair warning, it’s gonna’ be a really long post!

I believe they were all from different Holiday Collections, aside from Black Raspberry Vanilla which was a retired fragrance (apparently they bring those out during the holiday sales… or something).

Holiday Traditions Collection:

Frosted Coconut Snowball – skipped
Merry Cherry Cheer – skipped because eww, cherry
Raspberry Sugar – skipped
Snowy Citrus Swirl – Must-have!
Twisted Peppermint – skipped
Vanilla Bean Noel – Must-have!
Winter Candy Apple – Never!

Land of Sweets Collection:

Bright Lemon Snowdrop – Must-have!
Christmas Cocoa & Mint – skipped because of the scary reviews (allergic reaction?)
Christmas Cookie – skipped because sounded basic
Hot Cocoa & Cream – Must-have!
Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread – skipped
Winter Candy Apple – Never!

All That Glitters Collection:

Black Cherry Merlot – Never!
Champagne Toast – travel-size
Fresh Sparking Snow – skipped
Little Black Dress – skipped
Twinkling Nights – skipped

Fall Into Holiday Collection:

Frosted Holly – skipped
Winterberry Wonder – skipped
Snowflakes & Cashmere – travel-size
Twilight Woods – skipped because reviewers claimed the scent was different than the original classic

Single Fragrances:

Into the Night Collection – travel size
Midnight Collection (For Men) – skipped

Shower Gels kept going in and out of stock, but in the end, I managed to snag Vanilla Bean Noel and Snowy Citrus Swirl from the Holiday Traditions Collection and Bright Lemon Snowdrop and Hot Cocoa & Cream (finally!) from the Land of Sweets Collection and out of all the retired fragrances, I got my hands on Black Raspberry Vanilla.

As for the travel size versions, I went with Champagne Toast from the All That Glitters Collection and Snowflakes & Cashmere from the Fall Into Holiday Collection and lastly Into The Night from the Into The Night Collection.

Aside from Vanilla Bean Noel and Hot Cocoa & Cream, the rest were all blind buys (purchased un-tested/un-sniffed). For all I knew, it could’ve gone either way these things. I got them purely based on the notes and somewhat helpful reviews (found on the site)… and yes, partially because of the pretty packaging lol

Normally, the full size Shower Gels retail for $13.50 (around KD4) but there was a Mix & Match deal on them (Buy 3, Get 2 Free or Buy 2, Get 1 Free). Locally, full size Shower Gels retail for KD 5/500 (a little over $18). Let that sink in for a second.

Now that we got that out of the way, notice how all of them arrived sealed!

That meant that nobody had flipped the lid or removed the cap (to test the scent), exposing it to air and therefore letting it expire much faster. That meant these babies were all fresh and new and in pristine condition (with no sticky residue on the side)!

My mind was blown!

Prior to this haul, the only sealed items I recall seeing at our local Bath & Body Works were those little PocketBac Hand Sanitizers and even then, people somehow managed to remove juuust enough of the seal, for them to flip open the lid (exposing it to air and leading it to expire faster) all so they could give the PocketBac a sniff… and then put it back… without purchasing it.

Also, all these Shower Gels appeared to have the updated packaging because the blather and graphics on the back were different than the ones being sold in Kuwait at the moment.

Vanilla Bean Noel

Christmas smells like a wintry sweet treat of fresh vanilla bean, sugar cookies, whipped cream & snow-kissed musk

It’s the spirit of Christmas wrapped in cozy, comforting vanilla.

Vanilla Bean Noel is one of my top favorite scents from Bath & Body Works! It’s the one scent that I could just purchase blindly, without even having to test it in-store and still rest-assured knowing it was going to be an awesome scent! It never disappoints!

My love affair with Vanilla Bean Noel began many, many years ago (haulage here) and is still going just as strong! They always bring it out every Winter as part of the Holiday Traditions Collection and I always repurchase it, in one form or another.

I will amend that by saying that in the more recent years, they keep messing with the scent by reformulating it, for some reason. That’s why I’m forced to skip it sometimes (here).

The Vanilla Bean Noel scent that I know and love is a delicious blend of an intoxicating yet also somehow comforting, musky, deep, almost caramelized vanilla! I don’t believe that they have another scent quite like it!

It’s very sweet, but not in that horrible tooth-achingly sweet way like Velvet Sugar (haulage here) or Pink Chiffon (haulage here).

Nor was it nauseatingly sweet like the entire Tutti Dolci Collection (haulage here)! I actually gave away all the Shower Gels that I’d purchased from the Tutti Dolce Collection immediately after the first use!

The vanilla in Vanilla Bean Noel was the good kind of vanilla, as opposed to the awful kind, like Pumpkin Cupcake (haulage here) or the most horrible vanilla of all time, Boardwalk Vanilla Cone (haulage here).

Vanilla Bean Noel was an intoxicating, addictive, comforting, scent that smelled so delicious, it was damn near edible! I just love it!!!! I love it so much, that I even grew to love and look forward to the dark green packaging that they release it in!

Naturally, I had to get my hands on the 2019 version, even though I’d just purchased the 2018 version being marketed locally as new (haulage here). Note how it actually says 2019 Edition on the back of this thing. Also note how the back is different than the ones sold locally.

The 2019 Edition had a Reindeer and I wanna’ say Evergreen Fir Trees depicted on the front, matching the packaging on the Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (haulage here) and kinda’ matching the Lip Gloss as well (haulage here), all in that familiar and pleasant foiled green!

Keep an eye out for the Reindeer and Evergreen Fir Trees on the packaging, ‘cuz mark my words, they’ll probably be available for purchase locally, somewhere around December 2020 (being marketed as “new”) lol

Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel (2019 version) vs Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel (2018 version)

For reference, here’s the new one I purchased online from the US Bath & Body Works and the old one (being marketed as “new) that I purchased recently online from the local Bath & Body Works.

The packaging on the 2018 Edition (haulage here) took a more geometric approach to the Evergreen Fir Trees, as seen on the Body Lotion (haulage here) and Hand Soaps (haulage here) and 3-Wick Candle (haulage here).

To sum it all up, in Kuwait, we’re getting products that are already 12 months old (being marketed as “new), at a bumped up price. I mean, it wouldn’t be as bad if they were sold at clearance prices and if people were being told that this stuff was already a year old.

Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel (2019 version) vs Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel (2018 version)

Even the backs are different! Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why the ones we get locally are different.

They probably wouldn’t be able to sell them in Kuwait for full price if the products actually had last year’s date on them lol So for example around December 2020 when Vanilla Bean Noel finally pops up in-stores locally (which it will), if it had 2019 Edition on the back and yet was still being marketed as “new”, people would be more hesitant to buy it for full price. Case closed lol

Personally, I wouldn’t have purchased any of the older stuff if I’d known beforehand that I was going to be getting the newer stuff. I just figured, it’s my beloved Vanilla Bean Noel so either I stock up now or live without it and wait a whole year, until next Winter.

That said, Vanilla Bean Noel is one of my favorites, so having several is not an issue, because I not only enjoy the scent, but actually love using this baby year-round (not just during Winter)! It just makes me so happy!

Snowy Citrus Swirl

Christmas smells like a merry & bright twist of chilled tangerine, whipped marshmallow, creamy tonka bean & fresh vanilla

Oh, snow delightful! This cream orange gift is a Christmas dream come true!

I didn’t know if this was going to smell nice or not, but I figured since it included citrus in the name, it was worth the gamble. I was not wrong.

They can call it whatever they want, but Snowy Citrus Swirl was definitely a repackaged Peach Citrus (haulage here) and possibly Agave Papaya Sunset (haulage here).

Don’t get me wrong. I still can’t stand the scent of peach-scented anything!

However, none of these babies smelled like peaches to me. Not Snowy Citrus Swirl, not Agave Papaya Sunset and not even Peach Citrus! To me, they all smelled the same; deliciously sweet and warm and cozy and with a healthy dose of orange citrus, albeit with minute differences, if any.

Snowy Citrus Swirl was a delightful, uplifting, citrusy and somehow warm and cozy scent! After showering with this baby, my entire bathroom would smell like orange creamsicles! Even better, the gorgeous scent would linger on my skin afterwards!

It was quite versatile too!

If I had been using some of my more full-on gourmands before switching to this baby, in comparison Snowy Citrus Swirl would smell more citrusy, tangy and uplifting, like actual tangerines!

If I had been using some of my more aquatic and unisex shower gels before switching to this baby, in comparison Snowy Citrus Swirl would smell sweeter and more vanillery and warm and cozy!

Either way, it smelled absolutely delicious and I could see myself using this baby just as much in the Summer as Winter!

As for the packaging, I liked the cheerful orange liquid on Snowy Citrus Swirl and found that it appropriately matched the scent. The image of the Christmas Stocking and Christmas Gifts was kinda’ cute too, I suppose. The back had the updated blather and graphics and listed this baby as a 2019 Edition.

All in all, I’m super stoked I went for Snowy Citrus Swirl! Such a great scent!

Vanilla Bean Noel (2019 Edition)
Snowy Citrus Swirl (2019 Edition)

So these two were from the Holiday Traditions Collection. Note the reflective gold caps (which are a pain to photograph) and the reflective gold borders around the images depicted on the face of the packaging.

They had other scents in the Holiday Traditions Collection including that horrible Winter Candy Apple and that wonderful Twisted Peppermint, but I figured these two were enough… for now. I mean, I was trying to qualify for the Buy 3, Get 2 Free deal as well.

That said, I’m really happy with the scents on these two!

Bright Lemon Snowdrop

Christmas smells like a sweet & tangy cookie of frosted lemon citrus, marshmallow fluff & vanilla bean

Stroll through a magical forest of lemon snowdrops & fill your heart with bright citrus cheer!

I love, love, love most of the lemon-oriented offerings from Bath & Body Works, in any and every form, particular the sweeter ones, but also, the fresher ones! To me, this baby had a little bit of both!

Not knowing any of that, I added it to online cart immediately, as soon as I saw the word lemon in the name. It didn’t hurt that it was from the ultra adorable Land of Sweets Collection either.

The image on the packaging of Bright Lemon Snowdrop Shower Gel sorta’ matched the image on the packaging on the Tea & Biscuits (London) 3-Wick Candle (haulage here).

That said, the packaging was so much prettier on the Shower Gel! The houses and the doors were all foiled and the windows were all shimmery and the piles of snow (technicolor snow, mind you) was all glittery! Even the liquid was a sheer lemony shade to match the scent! The whole thing looked so sparkly and festive and pretty!

Sadly, I tried and failed at doing it justice (the camera just did not wanna’ cooperate).

As for the scent, it was exquisite! I could detect a tart and zesty invigorating lemon scent beautifully blended with a sweeter yet somehow uplifting lemon-y dessert scent (almost like a bakery note) topped off with that gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous vanilla bean note that I so love!

This was what I’d wanted Lemon Buttercream Hand Soap (haulage here) to be!

Thankfully, Bright Lemon Snowdrop Shower Gel didn’t have that annoying overly musky sweet lemon scent found in the Lemon Buttercream Hand Soap. That said, they both smelled similar to Lovely Lemon Meringue (haulage here).

I’m assuming the scent on Bright Lemon Snowdrop Shower Gel was also what they were going for with the Tea & Biscuits (London) 3-Wick Candle (haulage here), if not for the weak scent and non-existent throw.

Bright Lemon Snowdrop looked lovely, smelled sublime and worked wonderfully! It was also versatile in the sense that I could use it during the colder months and once the weather warmed up! Needless to say, I’m extremely happy that I got this baby!

Hot Cocoa & Cream

Christmas smells like a warm, indulgent mug of creamy cocoa, mini marshmallows & vanilla musk

All aboard the Cocoa Express, the sweetest way to a delicious land of rich, velvety chocolate!

Finally! After playing hide-and-seek with Hot Cocoa & Cream Shower Gel online at our local store for what seemed like forever (here) and not managing to snag it in the end, I’ve finally, finally gotten my hands on the darn thing! lol

In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t manage to procure the 2018 Edition from the local store because now I’ve got the newer and fresher 2019 Edition. Kismet ^_^

The picture depicted on the packaging of Hot Cocoa & Cream Shower Gel matched the packaging on Hot Cocoa & Cream (Ski Lodge) 3-Wick Candle (haulage here).

However, as I said, the houses were foiled and the windows were sparkly and the snow was glittery. Even the liquid was an appropriate chocolate-y brown to match the scent! Basically, the packaging on this baby was sooo much prettier!

As for the scent, it did smell like a steaming mug of delicious hot cocoa! However, it was also extremely musky! In fact, the vanilla musk was so strong, it actually made the scent smell sorta’ boozy!

While I adored the scent, I will admit that at times, it could be a bit… much. I have to brace myself for it and even then, I gotta’ be in the “right mood”, to use it. Whenever I use this baby during an early morning shower, my nose would be all “Y u hate me?”

For that reason, I’ve had to reserve the Hot Cocoa & Cream Shower Gel for times when my nose was less sensitive, like in the evenings or at night. I find that I enjoy the gourmand scent more during those times! It’s definitely a Winter only scent, though. If I used this thing during the warmer months… I’d die.

Why couldn’t the scent on the Hot Cocoa & Cream (Ski Lodge) 3-Wick Candle (haulage here) be this strong?

I’m so glad I finally managed to get my hands on Hot Cocoa & Cream Shower Gel to round out my collection of Hot Cocoa & Cream products (haulage here).

Bright Lemon Snowdrop (2019 Edition)
Hot Cocoa & Cream (2019 Edition)

So these two were from the Land of Sweets Collection. Note the white caps and the adorable sparkly and festive “destination” packaging, to match the 3-Wick Candles (here)!

Just like the others, they arrived sealed, but unlike the others, the seal wasn’t on the upper half. The seal on these babies went straight down the middle. Same with the other Shower Gel from the Land of Sweet Collection (shown below).

It might have something to do with the white caps that came with the Land of Sweets Shower Gels being smaller than their regular caps. Personally, I found that the white caps dispensed the product more efficiently, but that’s just me.

There were other scents in the Land of Sweets Collection, including, once again, that horrible Winter Candy Apple (ugh). Truth be told, I really had my heart set on Christmas Cocoa & Mint, but the reviews on the site mentioned a strange cooling effect (hence mint, duh), which scared me off it. Santa’s Blueberry Shortbread, I avoided, because of the whole Blueberry Sugar mess, earlier (here).

That left only Christmas Cookie and the ones I purchased. Thankfully, I’m really happy with the ones I got because they looked so cute and smelled great!

Black Raspberry Vanilla (retired fragrance)

A classic, addictive blend of fresh raspberries, vine-ripened blackberries, vanilla orchid, creamy sandalwood & cashmere woods

Back for the first time!

They brought back a lot (and I mean a lot) of Retired Fragrances out of… retirement.

It wasn’t just Shower Gels. They brought them out in Shower Gels and Fine Fragrance Mists and Body Lotions and Body Creams and even other forms that I can’t remember right now.

I’m not sure if it was because of the Semi-Annual Sale (SAS) or if it was because of the Holiday Season. Either way, I kinda’ wanted them all! I mean, a lot of them sounded so good!

Once I took a closer look, I realized that a lot of them were scents I’d either already owned or ones I had absolutely zero interest in (like florals, ugh). Also, based on my experience with our local Bath & Body Works, I was kinda’ wary of the word retired, which could possibly be code for expired.

However, there was one that I just couldn’t get over. Its name, Black Raspberry Vanilla was what drew me in, but the the notes were what intrigued me! On paper, it included a lot of scents that I tend to enjoy like cashmere woods and sandalwood and vanilla orchid and blackberries! It even looked appealing, like some sorta’ berry concoction I’d wanna’ drink!

Rather than go ham and purchase it in every form, I figured I’d just try it out as a Shower Gel first. It was more practical, because even if the scent didn’t appeal to me, at the end of the day it was still a Shower Gel and I shower daily (sometimes twice or thrice a day) meaning I’d still get some use out of it, regardless.

Despite my aversion to certain forms of raspberry (the scent irritated me so much that actually gave away my Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum Set), I realized that sometimes raspberry could actually smell very pleasant, like Raspberry Vanilla (Let’s Celebrate) PocketBac (haulage here)! So, I went ahead and ordered Black Raspberry Vanilla Shower Gel.

It came sealed (which blew my mind…. again)! Why can’t our local Bath & Body Works practice this level of professionalism?

The packaging had an image of a single lone berry; the lower half was a raspberry and the upper half was a blackberry… or maybe I’m just reading too much into it lol The liquid was a gorgeous deep berry color, which offset the name printed in white font. The packaging was plain and simple, but I quite liked that!

Black Raspberry Vanilla was was a dark juicy blackberry scent that was almost reminiscent of Dark Kiss, except it was significantly deeper and much, much, much less sweet. At times, it could also veer slightly medicinal. Honestly, it strongly reminded me of Blackberry Drops, the hard candy that in came round tins, from brands like Woogie or Simpkins or Cavendish & Harvey or Cambridge & Thames etc…

The scent is not for everyone, but I personally, really enjoy it! Anything that remotely smells like blackberry, I’m all about! In fact, I’ve been favoring Black Raspberry Vanilla ever since it arrived and already I’ve used up about a quarter of the thing!

In the interest of full disclosure, while I may enjoy it as a Shower Gel, I don’t think I’d like the scent as much in other forms, like the Fine Fragrance Mist or Body Lotion.

Regardless of all that, I’m extremely happy I managed to snag Black Raspberry Vanilla Shower Gel before it went out of stock!

Normally, travel size Shower Gels retail for $6.50 (a little under KD2), but there was a 3 for $12.50 (3 for KD3/800) deal on all travel size items. Locally, travel size Shower Gels retail for KD 2/750 (exactly $9) each.

Honestly, I’d actually prefer to buy all my Bath & Body Works Shower Gels in the travel size (including the full size x5 Shower Gels in this post), especially since a lot of the time, they happen to be blind-buys (purchased un-sniffed). Then, with use, if I decided that I actually enjoyed the scent, I could commit to the much larger full size Shower Gel.

Unfortunately, not all the Shower Gels come in the travel size (they don’t make them). It’s only the ones from the Signature line and the really popular best-selling scents and the ones from certain collections that are available as travel size Shower Gels. Worse still, not all the travel size cuties actually make it to Kuwait.

Even more unfortunate, is the fact that it’s just not cost effective to purchase the travel size Shower Gels (or travel size anything, for that matter), from our local Bath & Body Works store, even if they did have them (which they don’t always do).

Basically, I’d get more bang for my buck (Kuwaiti Dinar, respectively) by springing for the full size Shower Gel, rather than going for the travel size Shower Gel.

I was intrigued by the scents, but as I said, they were all blind buys, purchased un-sniffed (like everything else in this post, aside from Vanilla Bean Noel and Hot Cocoa & Cream).

Thankfully, these three were available in both the full size and travel size. I didn’t have to commit to the larger sizes, so I didn’t!

Bonus Jonas, they had a promo on all the travel size items!

None of them arrived sealed, yet somehow, I was absolutely sure that they were all fresh and new and hadn’t been “lightly tested”.

They were all from separate Holiday Collections, as evident by the difference in color on the caps (which were not reflective, thank goodness for that) and the difference in packaging!

Snowflakes & Cashmere

A cozy blend of cashmere cream, caramel woods & frosted clementine

Chilly days and cozy fireside nights. A warm drink in hand and a favorite blanket pulled tight. Curl up with Snowflakes & Cashmere!

Snowflakes & Cashmere was from the Fall Into Holiday Collection.

The notes sounded very appealing to me! Heck, even the name sounded delightful! The foiled leaves and the font and the packaging as a whole, came across as more subdued yet sophisticated than some of their other offerings. All in all, I was intrigued!

This was one of the scents I was super excited for! As soon as I unboxed it, I ran (dramatic much?) to the bathroom sink to try it. Much to my dismay, it smelled like a generic vanilla scent. Later on, when I actually used it in the shower, it smelled infinitely more delightful!

It actually smelled quite familiar too! At first I couldn’t quite place it. With time, it dawned on me that Snowflakes & Cashmere smelled similar to my old favorite, Twilight Woods! They shared that same delightful warm woodsy note!

However, Snowflakes & Cashmere was significantly weaker. In fact, I couldn’t even smell Snowflakes & Citrus after showering with Hot Cocoa & Cream. My nose just could not detect the scent!

So to sum it all up, sometimes Snowflakes & Cashmere smelled like a generic soft vanilla and sometimes it smelled like a lighter dupe of Twilight Woods!

I like it and I’m glad I got it, but I’m even more glad that I got it in the travel size, because I don’t feel like it was worth the commitment to a larger size. The scent was nice, but not great.

Champagne Toast

Christmas smells like a cheers-worthy spritzer of pink champagne, black currant chambord, sparkling nectarine & sugared musk

Pop, fizz, clink! Raise a glass & celebrate the night in sparkling style.

Champagne Toast was from the All That Glitters Collection.

There was a lot of hype surrounding Champagne Toast! People would literally not stop raving about this thing! That’s the only reason I made it a point to get my hands on this thing.

The name did nothing for me. The fragrance notes did nothing for me. Even the packaging was meh.

I figured I’d “test” it out as a Shower Gel and a travel size one at that. Even if the scent didn’t wow me, I’d still be able to use this thing up, regardless (y’know, on account of hygiene and regular showering).

I didn’t have high hopes for Champagne Toast and when I “tested” it out, at the bathroom sink, I was disappointed by the scent. All I could smell was a candied peach and I cannot stand anything peach-scented!

However, when I actually used this thing in the shower, it smelled quite different! It smelled pleasant! It smelled very familiar too!

At first, I couldn’t quite place it, but with use, I narrowed it down to Gummy Bears or rather Haribo Gummy Worms (haulage here)! It smelled absolutely delightful!

I’m glad I snatched up Champagne Toast in the travel size, because I still can’t make up my mind if it’s worth repurchasing in the full size. I’m gonna’ need to use this baby some more, before coming to a decision. I like it, but I’m not sure if I love it… yet.

Into The Night

A timeless, feminine, alluring blend of dark berries, midnight jasmine & rich amber

Evoke natural confidence & brilliant beauty from the beginning of your day Into the Night.

Into the Night was from the Into The Night Collection.

Apparently, Bath & Body Works release Single Fragrance Collections every year (I wanna’ say around the holidays, but I’m not sure).

They release them in a variety of forms (Shower Gels, Body Creams, Body Lotions, 3-Wick Candles, Perfumes, Fine Fragrance Mists, etc…) all in both the full size and travel size. Think along the lines of the In The Stars Collection.

In The Stars Collection was a 2018 release, but it popped up in Kuwait around early 2019 (spotted photos in-store, here).

Into The Night was the 2019 release. Expect it to pop in local stores in Kuwait around March 2020.

Into The Night was released in almost every form, and then some. Rather than go crazy and buy everything, only to find out I didn’t actually like the scent (the reviews were effectively useless and kept comparing the scent to “perfume”, which wasn’t much to go on), I figured I’d get the 3-Wick Candle (haulage here) and the travel size Shower Gel… for now.

Honestly, the packaging strongly appealed to me! Despite my aversion to gold, I actually like hints of gold, particularly when coupled with black! Also, every item in the collection looked so festive and sparkly and above all, fun!

As for the scent, initially, I thought it was just a repackaged Dark Kiss (haulage here). With use, I noticed the not-so-subtle differences. Basically, it’s like they took the mouthwatering fruitiness out of Dark Kiss and left behind the intoxicatingly sexy musk (or what the reviewers refer to as “perfume”).

Not to knock on Dark Kiss, but as much as I adore the scent (it’s up there with Vanilla Bean Noel in my opinion) and I hate to say this, but sometimes, Dark Kiss can come across as a bit juvenile. It’s fantastic as a Shower Gel and as a 3-Wick Candle and other forms of room scents, but as a Fine Fragrance Mist or Body Lotion, it’s just not… sophisticated or mature enough, I suppose.

I’d enjoy the scent on the Fragrance Mist or Body Lotion or whatever, when I’m by myself. I wouldn’t feel as comfortable wearing Dark Kiss around other people though.

Enter Into The Night! It’s like Dark Kiss‘s more sophisticated older sister! Into The Night is still a distinctively delicious berry scent, except it’s more musky and more grown-up and just all around straight up sexy!

Even better, the scent was beast-mode! All I had to do was just flip the lid and I’d be able to smell this thing from a good distance! Even after showering with this stuff, the scent would linger forever, not just in my bathroom, but also, on my skin!

I wish the scent on the Into The Night 3-Wick Candle (haulage here) was as potent as this little itty-bitty travel size Shower Gel!

Since I was very, very, very pleasantly surprised by the scent on Into The Night, I’m definitely going to be springing for the full size Shower Gel and possibly other forms as well! It smells sooo good and frankly, I’m now obsessed with Into The Night!

Final Thoughts

1st – Vanilla Bean Noel
2nd – Into The Night
3rd – Snowy Citrus Swirl + Bright Lemon Snowdrop
4th – Hot Cocoa & Cream
5th – Black Raspberry Vanilla
6th – Champagne Toast
7th – Snowflakes & Cashmere

Thankfully, I got really lucky, because there were no duds! I loved all the scents I got (well, some more than others, as evident by their ranking, but still)!

If you live in Kuwait, except to see these scents (2019 Edition) in stores around December 2020. They’ll only be around 12 months old by then, probably unsealed and “lightly used”, because… Kuwait -_-

In any case, I’m so, so, sooo thankful I managed to snag these beauties! I mean, I enjoy my hot showers in general, but these babies take it to the next level!

This concludes my 1st US Bath and Body Works Online Order (haulage here).

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