1st US Bath and Body Works Hand Soap Haul

These are the Hand Soaps that I purchased in my 1st US Bath & Body Works Online Order (dis)!

Normally, Hand Soaps retail for $6.50 (a little under KD2) but they were reduced to $3 (around KD 0/900) a pop. Meanwhile, Hand Soaps retail for KD 3/750 each in Kuwait!

Naturally, I had to grab Vanilla Bean Noel (managed to snag it as a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap to boot)! It’s a tried and true favorite of mine and they only bring it out every Winter in the Holiday Traditions Collection.

The other two were from the Land of Sweets Collection which was yet another Holiday Collection.

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl – no
Crushed Candy Cane – on the fence
Lemon Buttercream – definitely
Merry Berry Kiss – on the fence
Merry Cookie – last minute purchase

I had my heart set on Lemon Buttercream from the get-go and only added Merry Cookie to my online cart at the very last minute. As long as they smell great and look cute, I’m slowly warming up to Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps!

Expect to see these hit our local stores around December 2020 lol

Vanilla Bean Noel Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

Christmas smells like a wintry sweet treat of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel & sugar cookies

First of all, it came sealed! Mind? Blown!

That meant… it was all fresh and new and untouched! Until this order, I didn’t even know that Bath & Body Works sold sealed Hand Soaps! I feel like we the loyal customers of the local Bath & Body Works have been taken advantage of. If they get them already sealed, then why are they selling them to us unsealed?

Also, it seems that they’ve updated the packaging because the blather and graphics on the back are totally different than the ones that are being sold over here. We don’t have any of those cute lil graphics on the back of our Hand Soaps. Maybe it’s because all we have in Kuwait are older Hand Soaps?

In any case, Vanilla Bean Noel and Twisted Peppermint and even that horrible Winter Candy Apple are all part of the Holiday Traditions Collection that they release every Winter.

In fact, one of my earliest collective hauls from Bath & Body Works included Vanilla Bean Noel and Winter Candy Apple (haulage here). After that, I learned to avoid Winter Candy Apple like the plague, but have been utterly in love with Vanilla Bean Noel (in each and every form) ever since!

I’ve grown accustomed to seeing variations on all kinds of different Christmas-y themes in that same foiled dark green shade every year! That’s why I now find the foiled dark green familiar and comforting!

The Holiday 2019 version had reindeer and I wanna’ say Evergreen Fir Trees depicted on the packaging. I thought it was super cute that the Vanilla Bean Noel Lip Gloss had somewhat similar packaging to match (haulage here)!

With that being said, I’ve purchased Vanilla Bean Noel as a Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (here) and a Creamy Luxe Hand Soap (here) and even as a PocketBac (here), but never as a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap. In fact, I don’t recall even seeing it as a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Kuwait, ever!

It’s unfortunate because out of all the different variations of Hand Soaps that they offer, the Deep Cleansing ones are by far my favorites! That’s why I had to snag at least one in the scent Vanilla Bean Noel!

Vanilla Bean Noel Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (2019 version) vs
Vanilla Bean Noel Creamy Luxe Hand Soap (2018 version)

I figured I’d do side-by-side of the new 2019 version that I purchased online from the US Bath & Body Works and the old 2018 version (being passed off as “new”) that I recently purchased in 2019 from the local Bath & Body Works (haulage here).

Granted, one was Deep Cleansing while the other was Creamy Luxe, but they both had that same foiled dark green packaging that I’ve grown so fond of, over the years! The older version had a Christmas Tree with a pile of gifts, while the newer version had reindeer and Evergreen Fir Trees.

Vanilla Bean Noel Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (2019 version) vs
Vanilla Bean Noel Creamy Luxe Hand Soap (2018 version)

Again, the newer version seemed to have updated packaging on the back, while the older version didn’t.

Lemon Buttercream

Christmas smells like a sweet & tangy dollop of sugared lemon, whipped vanilla & graham cracker crumbles

How stinkin’ cuuuuuuuuute!

Clearly, Lemon Buttercream was meant to match the Tea & Biscuits 3-Wick Candle from the Land of Sweets Collection (haulage here)!

Packaging-wise, it had Big Ben in the forefront, the London Eye in the background and an adorable sparkly red Double Decker Bus, all of which matched (well, partially matched) the Tea & Biscuits 3-Wick Candle. Scent-wise, maybe they were both meant to be identical, but to me they smelled different. However, they both had a matching sugared lemon note.

I got Lemon Buttercream mostly because I tend to enjoy a majority of the lemon scents from Bath & Body Works (in a variety of forms). Also, as a self-confessed Anglophile, the adorable packaging was a must-have!

Initially, I thought this smelled very, very familiar until I narrowed it down to Lovely Lemon Meringue (haulage here). However, something was missing.

It was a very musky sweet lemon scent, but it didn’t have that mouthwatering deliciousness found in Lovely Lemon Meringue or even my beloved Lemon Meringue Cheer which smelled so good I was actually tempted to drink it (haulage here)!

Don’t get me wrong. Lemon Buttercream still smelled nice and looked stupid cute, but I could totally see myself getting irritated by how overly musky it was, once the weather got warmer. I don’t plan for having it that long (these things last around a month or so), but I wish they’d ease up on the musk, honestly.

While I like the scent and will continue to enjoy using it for the rest of the month of January, I didn’t love it.

Merry Cookie

Christmas smells like a bake sale mix of buttery shortbread, vanilla bourbon icing & spun sugar

I believe the graphics on the packaging of the Blueberry Sugar (Land of Sweets) 3-Wick Candle from the Land of Sweets Collection were split between Merry Berry Kiss Hand Soap and Merry Cookie Hand Soap. To be fair, the graphics were quite cute! It’s just the scent Blueberry Sugar (haulage here) that I an issue with. Then again, maybe that’s just ‘cuz it was old (despite being marketed locally as “new”).

In any case, I liked the packaging on Merry Cookie so much and wanted to get at least one other Hand Soap from the Land of Sweets Collection. So, I added this lil cutie to my online shopping cart at the very last minute.

I didn’t have high hopes (or any hopes, really) for this thing, because I just assumed it was going to smell vile like those Pumpkin-y Vanilla-y Hand Soaps that I’d purchased a year or so ago (haulage here).

As such, I was more than a little surprised and pleasantly so, by the delightful warm vanilla scent! It wasn’t quite as soap-y as Warm Vanilla Sugar (haulage here), but it smelled equally lovely! I suppose, I’d even begrudgingly agree that it did smell like an actual Sugar Cookie, as intended.

Funny how the one I was expecting to smell amazing, didn’t and the one I wasn’t expecting anything from, did!

Scents aside, how adorable do these cuties look!!!!

Like I said, expect to see them hit our local stores around December 2020 (because… Kuwait) lol

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