Khaki Row

Hair Clip: Scünci Tortoise Shell Hair Clip
Sunglasses: Dior Brown Square Sunglasses
Top: H&M Khaki Green Utility Shirt (haulage here)
Trousers: H&M Khaki Green Pull-On Trousers (haulage here)
Shoes: Only Bronze Gladiator Sandals (reviewed here)

I really wanted to feature how cool those Bronze Gladiator Sandals when worn and tried linking the review post (dis) to these photos except… I couldn’t find them. Apparently, I never posted the photos (probably ‘cuz of the horribly quality lol). So, I figured I might as well post them now.

These pics are old (literally a month after the whole bad dye job incident). My hair was still reeling from the aftermath lol

At this point, there should be no disclaimer needed, but I’ll do it anyway. I am absolutely terrible at taking pictures of people (myself included), places and things. If I only posted “perfect” photos, each post would take a year. So, I’ve chosen to sacrifice the pretty, for the sake of time and convenience. In any case, the point of this blog is to share info, such as you can find xyz at this store for this price in this many colors, etc… (and also for me to ramble on lol) and the photos are just a part of it, not the main feature.

Also, the lighting sucks ‘cuz when the house was being rebuilt from the ground up, I insisted on having dimmed lighting in my bedroom, because that’s where my xbox situation is located (like a real adult) and didn’t take into consideration the practicality aspect of it, like getting dressed, putting on makeup, getting mah herr did, reading and finding my way around my own bedroom in general lol

Obligatory stank face (my go-to for pics). Unless it’s a genuine smile, I prefer referring to my “go to”.

They didn’t come together, but I paired the H&M Khaki Green Utility Shirt with the H&M Khaki Green Pull-On Trousers because I thought they matched perfectly! Heck, from this angle, they kinda’ look not so much as a Playsuit as much as a short-length Boilersuit, no?

Also, I’d rolled up the H&M Khaki Green Pull-On Trousers (they didn’t come that way) which to me, made them look cooler!

Just me posing in a very natural pose… very naturally.

I’m not a fan of these Dior Brown Square Sunglasses, but I couldn’t find my favorite Louis Vuitton Aviators, which is why I grabbed the nearest shades (to conceal my identity and remain mysterious)!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I never got around to posting these pics.

And that.

And that.

Basically, said picture-taking always tends to be impromptu and happens very early on in the A.M. when all the normal people are fast asleep for work tomorrow (I’m an insomniac and get 4 hours of sleep, max.) but even had there been a kind soul, who happened to be awake and was willing to take pics of me in goofy poses (usually one of my brothers popping by the main kitchen for some snackage), it’s next to impossible for me to get my picture taken without bursting into a fit of giggles (unless I’m pulling a “stank face”, in which case, it’s serious and I mean budness, yo).

As such, I have to rely on the timer of my camera and the results, as you can see, are less than stellar (everything’s so bluuuurry and everyone’s so fake). Sometimes it focuses, sometimes not. Seeing as how I was teeter-tottering on what were effectively skyscrapers, I couldn’t exactly run back to place, which therefore lead to most of the photos ending up quite blurry.

Anywho, these Only Bronze Gladiator Sandals (review here) are gawjus and so cool and even come with a side of danger (high risk of falling and breaking something lol) and I love ’em!


2 thoughts on “Khaki Row

  1. Aww thank you, love! You’re too sweet! ♥

    Honestly? I can’t walk in them either lol I don’t think they’re meant for walking. Not sure what they’re meant for, but it’s definitely not walking lol


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