My 1st US Bath and Body Works Online Order

I placed my first online order with the US Bath & Body Works ( because I was very disappointed and unimpressed by Kuwait’s Bath & Body Works (

For starters, there wasn’t much to choose from (no variety) and even worse, they had the same items in December… that had been there since June! I was so bored of the unchanging inventory and sick of staring at the exact same items, for months on end! Meanwhile, the US B&BW were constantly adding new stuff to their inventory, in every category, almost on a weekly basis!

What’s more, our local Bath & Body Works (both in-store and online) only had “deals” on the weekend. They weren’t even good deals (already expired items would be reduced to 50% Off while the rest remained closer to full price but would have a Buy 2 Get 1 Free “deal”). Meanwhile, the US B&BW regularly had pretty good deals, in each category, not to mention codes for 20% Off the entire order and their website automatically combined the deals and codes for you (unlike our local site which would give you an error message lol)!

Our local B&BW site wasn’t very intuitive and navigating through it could be quite aggravating. Meanwhile, the US B&BW site was intuitive and had so many more features than ours! You could add items to your “Love-It List” to be purchased at a later date. Heck, you could even read reviews or write your own! Not gonna’ lie, I found the reviews quite helpful when it came to strength of the throw on certain candles!

There was so much good stuff to choose from, so I took my sweet time, up until all the really good deals ended and the main thing I wanted (the coolest candle holder ever!) went out of stock lol Rather than keep waiting for it to come back in stock and risk the other stuff going out of stock, I went ahead and placed my first online order with the US Bath & Body Works on November 30.

I picked up some 3-Wick Candles and Shower Gels (both full size and travel size) and Hand Soaps and Scentportables (car fragrance) and Lip Gloss. Everything arrived well packaged and safely intact (no broken candles… unlike our local B&BW). I was shocked to find that the Shower Gels and Hand Soaps and Lip Gloss all came tightly sealed (confirming my suspicions). That alone blew my mind! To top it all off, they even gave me a 20% Off coupon code for my next order!

3-wick Candles were “reduced from $24.50 to $12.95

Technically, this wasn’t the best of deals because locally 3-Wick Candles retail for KD8 (around $24) on the regular and KD4 (around $12) during sales. Also, these babies were heavy and bumped up my Aramex shipping charges (1 Kidney and 1/2 a lung), which was not ideal.

However, unlike the Candles that are sold at the local B&BW, none of these was 12 months old! They were all new and in season! I mean, locally, we get them at least a season or two behind, at the earliest.

I’ll go over the 3-Wick Candles in an upcoming post (gotta’ keep it movin’).

Body Care was “Buy 3 Get 2 Free” (clearly I went with Shower Gels which were $12.50 each)

Like I said in a previous post, B&BW release several collections per season. I picked up x2 Shower Gels from x2 different Holiday Collections, while the last Shower Gel to the right was one of the Retired Fragrances (which they bring out during the sales… or something).

Even though I’d just recently purchased Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel from our local B&BW, I figured I’d pick up the 2019 version to show you what I mean when I say our local Bath & Body Works are selling 12 month old products, at full price (so… comparative purposes). I also got my hands on Hot Cocoa & Cream Shower Gel, finally! lol

Honestly, I wanted to get way more Shower Gels, but I waited too long and they kept going in and out of stock and all the really good deals were over, so I snagged what I could and placed my order.

I’ll go over the Shower Gels (and everything else in this haul) in more detail in another post.

Travel Size Items were “3 for $12.50” (again, I went with Shower Gels)

All of these cuties were available in the full size, but I figured I’d go for the travel size and try ’em out first before springing for the full size. Normally, they retail for $6.50 each, but I got x3 for $12.50 which seemed… decent.

Snowflakes & Cashmere just sounded good and people were making a fuss over Champagne Toast smelling great (in every form) and Into The Night was the new collection that’ll replace In The Stars. Expect to see the Into The Night Collection hit the local stores in Kuwait in March 2020 lol

Scentportables were “3 for $9

I hated the meager selection of scents we had for Scentportable and now it appears that we don’t even have them anymore (can’t find them online or in-stores). I picked up the Scentportable Clip locally during the “Flash Sale” in a previous haul (here), so since there was a somewhat good deal (well, not really since these retail for $3.50 each), I grabbed x3 scents to go with with the Scentportable Clip.

I couldn’t tell the difference between the two versions of Vanilla Bean Noel so I went ahead and got one of each for my car and the last scent was because I live for all things Coffee (aside from the actual taste lol)

Hand Soaps were “reduced from $6.50 each to $3 each”

I snagged a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap and x2 Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps all from the latest Holiday Collections!

Lip Care which retail for $7.50 each were “Buy 2 Get 1 Free

It’s been a minute since I’ve picked up any yummy flavored Lip Gloss from B&BW and the ones sold locally tend to be ratchet with a side of possibly expired. Again, all x3 were from the newest Holiday Collections!

Gosh, it feels good not having to worry about the stuff you just bought, being old and expired and possibly moldy!

20% Off Voucher with every online order!

So with every online order, they pop in a 20% Off voucher (coupon code on the back)! How cool is that? Our local Bath & Body Works can take a page (or voucher heehee) from their book!

Lastly, they had $10 Off any purchase of $30 or more on November 30 to December 2, in addition to all the other deals. I placed my order on November 30, which means I qualified.

Unlike the endless useless papers that I keep getting with my local online order in Kuwait, these ones were actually useful! They had all the info you could ever need, including a returns and exchange section!

The total for my entire order was $198.77 which converts to somewhere around KD 60.

– x8 3-Wick Candles
– x5 Shower Gels (full size)
– x3 Shower Gels (travel size)
– x3 Scentportables
– x3 Hand Soaps
– x3 Lip Gloss

All properly sealed and untouched! All fresh and new and above all, unexpired! Most, from the newest collections!

Aside from the Scentportables, I can assure you, none of the items in this haul will make an appearance at our local stores, up until December 2020 (being passed off as “new”). So when the the US Bath & Body Works release the new Holiday 2020 Collection, only then will we be able to purchase the old Holiday 2019 Collection (being called “new”) in Kuwait.

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