MIA White Joplyn Wedge Sandals

These are the imfamous MIA Joplyn Wedge Sandals that I keep harping on about.

I have a deep, deep, deeeeep love for a lot of my shoes, be they flats or heels or even boots, but these babies were the ones that got away (literally lol they were stolen).

I purchased them online in 2008 for I wanna’ say $40 or $50 (but used a $10 off coupon code, according to my order history).

They came in several neutral shades but for some reason, I went with White. The upper was made out leather while the heel looked to be made out of wood!

They had a flattering T-strap with an even more flattering lower ankle-strap, that had a silver buckle (mercifully, no gold).

The heel measured approximately 4 1/4 inches and while it added substantial height to my short 5ft frame, they were ridiculously comfortable!

To the extent that I even paired them with denim shorts, a hot pink top and wore them to an outdoor concert (where a lot and I mean a lot of walking was involved)! This was back when I was much heavier too!

They were flattering on me, despite the fact that I was bigger at the time. They were flattering on feet and somehow made them look less… ugly lol They paired well with literally everything I owned! They offset my tan beautifully! They made my nail polish, China Glaze Shocking Pink which I wore exclusively at the time pop! Basically, they were perfection!

I wore these babies non-stop, barely setting them aside for the few short months of Winter… up until they got stolen. I tried reordering them, but apparently they were no longer being made nor sold anymore.

Consequentially, ever since they got stolen, I’ve been obsessed with finding a similar pair of the most perfect White Wedges! So far, nothing even comes close to the MIA Joplyn Wedge Sandals. They were the best!

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