Favorite Flats

Jeffrey Campbell Clear Puffer Sandals
Multi-Color Bandage Wrap Sandals (“Lookbook” here)

Lastly, here are my most loved and favorite Flats! If I could, I’d repurchase backups in the same color and in different colors… and even get backups of the backups! Would that I could… Alas, one was purchased online and is no longer being made while the other was purchased far far away in Thailand.

Jeffrey Campbell Clear Puffer Sandals (2013)

These were available in several colors including Black with Black Studs but I went with Clear with Black Studs, because it looked cooler (to me)!

I purchased these online from Karmaloop, but they lived in their shoebox for a year or two, while I worked on getting a divorce. The first time I wore them, I paired them with an Express Tribal Maxi Dress and Express White Jean Jacket to my younger brother’s graduation (oh how I miss Express!) and have loved them ever since!

Although flat, they were insanely comfortable! I could walk in them forever! More importantly, I could not feel the gravel under me (unlike my other flats)! There were no laces or buckles to contend with. All I had to do was loop my finger in the black elasticated strap in the back and slip my feet into them, easy-peazy!

What I loved most about them was the black spikes all over! The whole thing looked expensive (I mean, it did cost a lot), but also still looked playful! They were surprisingly flattering on the feet too!

My only issue was how much sand would get in them (because they were so flat) whenever I’d park my car across the street in a sandy lot. Other than that, I love these Jeffrey Campbell Clear Puffer Sandals and I’m definitely keeping them!

Multi-Color Bandage Wrap Sandals (2012)

You can see me wearing these cuties in a previous post (pictures here).

I love these Multi-Color Bandage Wrap Sandals! They’re my most favorite pair of Flats, ever! They’re not quite Gladiator Sandals, but they’ve still got that same “Greco-Roman Vibe” going for them.

I purchased mine in Thailand (Summer 2012), from one of the many open-air street vendors. It was pretty much love at first sight! They just looked insanely cool to me! Also, they kinda’ remind me of a certain Herve Leger Bandage Dress (I’d rather die than wear something that tight and showy out in public, but on my feet? Not as much of an issue lol)

These things were super comfy too! I could walk in them for days! I’ve actually taken them with me on several trips abroad (where every one of my friends magically turned half-goat and started power-walking everywhere like they were in some sort of marathon, as opposed to just taking a cab/bus/uber/tuk-tuk/anything on wheels like normal humans) and… I survived!

So not only did they look cool (to me) but they felt super comfy too! I love them so much and I’m so, so, so thankful that I managed to stumble upon that certain open-air vendor who happened to be selling them (in all kinds of different color combinations too, but I went with the most neutral one, because it looked cooler to me)!

I paired these babies mostly with shorts (while I was in Thailand) and later jeans and skirts, back in Kuwait. Because of the colors, they paired well with almost everything! Best of all, they had that chill, laid-back vibe that I so adore!

Funny enough, everyone is always complimenting me on them, and always assume that they’re from some luxury or high-end designer and are visibly shocked when I tell ’em “nah, actually got ’em from a street vendor”. One of my cousins keeps chastising me for sharing the fact that I got them from a street vendor and insists that I should just tell people that they are designer (since they could easily pass as such), but I don’t feel the need to lie to people and honestly, shocking people with the truth is just more fun!

Unfortunately, they’re showing signs of wear and tear. For starters, they’ve got some suede action going on, which means they get pretty dirty if you so much as look at them (maintenance is a nightmare, ugh). They weren’t quite as flat as the previous pair, but they still managed to smuggle all the sand from an entire parking lot area in them, somehow.

Also, they aren’t as snug as they once were and seem to be losing elasticity (they’re aging!) which causes my feet to sometimes slide forward in them therefore making my toes stick out from the front. It’s a bit annoying, but all I gotta’ do is just anchor my foot and slide it backwards, when I first put these on. Basically, it means these babies are on borrowed time and I’m going to have to get rid of them soon, which just sadden me to no end and breaks my heart!

I’ve known so many people who’ve gone to Thailand since I have and it occurred to me to ask them to pick up another pair for me, but how exactly are they supposed to find an open-air stall… in a random location… from many, many years ago? lol It’s just not doable.

For now, I’m going to be keeping these Multi-Color Bandage Wrap Sandals and treating them with kid gloves, but when the time comes to get rid of them, I don’t know what I’m going to do! I’m dreading that moment :(

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