The Circle

The Circle is an awesome, awesome, awesome British Reality TV Show! Basically, the premise is anyone can be anyone on social media! Players enter a building and live in that building, isolated from each other (on separate floors even) and can only communicate via social media. Someone gets voted out (the least popular person) and the last one left standing, wins the cash prize.

Initially, I thought it sounded boring and quite frankly, dumb because unlike my beloved show Big Brother, they weren’t going to be interacting with each other. I decided to give it a chance anyway, and man-oh-man was I wrong! I enjoyed it sooo much that I zipped through the entire season!

I was hooked the moment Freddie walked into the building! Watching a very, very gay man pretend to be straight on social media was hilarious! He’d text something nice to one of the girls and turn to the camera and say something catty about her! He’d text something to the guys, about going to go make a protein shake and turn to the camera and say he’s never ever had a protein shake in his life! Also, the way he talked about girls was hyper-sexual, to the point that nobody even suspected he was remotely gay. Honestly, he was my absolute favorite contestant in Season 1!

That said, the contestants in Season 2 were quite disappointing… or maybe I was just expecting more, especially after the hilarious antics of Freddie in Season 1. Still, as long as it was UK-based, I was happy. I suppose you could say I’d finally found a replacement show for my beloved UK-based Big Brother! In fact, they got rid of the hosts from Season 1 and brought in my beloved Emma Willis (dis) to replace them in Season 2! She still wore the coolest outfits ever (like the Boilersuit she’s sporting in the photo) and the wackiest hair (like the top bun in the photo)! I just adore that human!

Oh and Season 1 had shorter episodes whereas with Season 2 the episodes were a little under an hour. I breezed through Season 1 once school started back up and the kids went back to live with their parents. Luckily, Season 2 ended by the time I’d finished Season 1, so I zipped through that as well!

As per usual, just like with Big Brother and Love Island, the US released their own version of The Circle recently on Netflix (insert eye-roll). I don’t wanna’ watch it because the US versions of UK-based shows tend to always be a let-down (they don’t excite me as much), but I suppose I’ll give it a chance… since it’s on Netflix.

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