Neutral Heels

River Island Iridescent White Buckle Sandals
Aldo Khaki Burdine Peep Toe Pumps

These two may not be designer shoes but in my heart, they might as well be! I love them sooo much and take extra good care of them, because I find them incredibly aesthetically appealing!

River Island Iridescent White Buckle Sandals (2009)

I was with my aunt (she’s older than me by 14 years but mentally, we’re the same age lol) who was shopping at the Avenues, when I stumbled upon these beauties at River Island! They were pretty high, but not crazy stripper heels high and they had that gladiator-esque vibe going for them, but best of all, they came in an opalescent almost pearly color which was pretty unique!

Upturned toe, check. Ankle-strap, check. Lots of buckles and studs, check. Silver hardware, check. Wooden heel, check. Basically, they had everything I liked seeing on a pair of shoes!

These babies go well with everything from jeans and shorts to skirts and dresses, but I prefer pairing them with shorter stuff to showcase them. I really, really like them and as you can see, they’re almost in mint condition because of how well I take care of them. Obviously, I’m keeping these River Island Iridescent White Buckle Sandals!

In fact, these River Island Iridescent White Buckle Sandals took the sting out of getting rid of my beloved Naughty Monkey Black Metal Mama Leather Ankle Wrap Pumps (here) which I loved wholeheartedly! Although quite different, they had that same “vibe” that strongly appealed to me!

Aldo Khaki Burdine Peep Toe Pumps (2010)

As for these beauties, I picked them up from Aldo on a weekend trip to Dubai with my favorite cousin, back when we didn’t have Aldo in Kuwait.

I was actually busy looking for gifts for friends and family back home, when I fell utterly, hopelessly and completely in love with the gorgeous, gorgeous, gawjus color! Officially, it was khaki, but it looked taupe-y to me! The calf-leather or whatever was so soft! Paired with a cork-heel, the whole thing looked so, so, sooo good!

Typically, I don’t like peep-toe anything, but with these babies, the fit and everything else was perfect! It was like they were made just for me! The heel was 4.5inches with a 1inch platform, so they weren’t the most comfy and I had a 4-6 hour limit… on even ground. With that being said, I love wearing these beauties for dressy events! Without fail, I always get asked where I got them from, every. single. time.

All that aside, I really can’t get over the color! It might look meh in photos, but when worn, it’s incredibly flattering and looks so elegant while also being pretty chill! Obviously, I’m keeping these Aldo Khaki Burdine Peep Toe Pumps forever and ever and ever!

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