Ultra High Heels

Carlos Vera Black Lucite Sandals (My very first pair of high heels)
Only Bronze Gladiator Sandals
Ivory Bow Sandals (My Wedding Shoes)

These are the highest of high heels that I own and I don’t have the heart to get rid of any of them. I’m definitely holding on these cuties forever and ever and ever!

Carlos Vera Black Lucite Sandals

Technically, my first pair of high heels were these really, really high neon boots that could’ve passed for Tims. I’ve never actually owned a pair of Timberland Boots before and the ones I found were sooo cute! I was around 13-14 at the time and my mom said no, but once she left the country to vacation abroad with her friends, I asked my dad and not knowing that she’d said no, he went ahead bought them for me. Those were simpler times, pre-cellphone era.

Fast forward to a few years later, we were traveling abroad and I was still “too young to wear heels”, but while visiting the shopping district, I clocked these Carlos Vera Black Lucite Sandals. At first my mom said said no but after hounding her, she dared me to walk around the store in them without tumbling over. Once I successfully managed to do that, eventually she caved and bought them for me and ever since then, sorta’ accepted the fact that I was going to be wearing high heels.

That said, there’s high heels and then there’s ultra high heels that veer into stripper territory. These babies were definitely stripper shoes. They were crazy high! Mostly, I wanted them because they were clear (I think anything clear looks super cool!) and also, because they came with ankle straps (I had a thing for ankle straps) and because they were black (sorta) and because they were crazy high!

Obviously, they weren’t meant to be worn on the daily (unless you’re a stripper and it’s your job), so I reserved them for weddings. They matched with black dresses and silver dresses and I got a surprisingly decent amount of wear out of them. Sore feet be damned, I took unnecessarily great pride in wearing high heels as a teen, as if wearing heels was a privilege or some sort of accomplishment lol

Once I got a bit older and wised up, I stopped wearing these babies. It took the concentration and endurance of an Olympian Gymnast to balance on these things and quite frankly, they were pretty painful to wear, during and afterwards. Also, it dawned on me that they looked like Stripper Shoes.

It might sound silly, but I’m going to be keeping these Carlos Vera Black Lucite Sandals, for sentimental reasons (because they were my first pair of heels).

Only Bronze Gladiator Sandals (?)

I’m not quite sure when (early 2000’s maybe?) or where (I wanna’ say the “The Yard” across the street from Marina Mall) I purchased these babies. However, I’m pretty sure Gladiator Sandals were a thing, during that time. I’d seen them both locally and abroad in a wide variety of styles, from flats to heels and everything inbetween.

When I spotted these babies, it was lust at first sight! They were crazy high! They had a million buckles and straps, which gave them that “Gladiator Vibe” and appropriately enough, they were a lovely bronze color! Practicality aside, I thought they looked insanely cool and snatched them up immediately!

I’ve attempted wearing them with Ramadan Outfits (typically Kaftan-like dresses and such), but always opt out, at the last minute. They’re just too high and I’m afraid of toppling over lol I did however pair them with the Khaki Green Pull-On Trousers (I’d rolled up the cuffs to make them look like shorts) and Khaki Green Utility Shirt both from H&M (haulage here) and loved that look!

I’ve literally only worn them that one time, but I love them so much and I’m definitely keeping them (and hopefully going to get more wear out of them)!

Ivory Bow Sandals (2012)

I’m the worst at time management. In fact, I was invited to a late lunch at 4pm yesterday at my uncle’s place but showed up at 6pm. I’m always late. It’s just my MO. Heck, even to my own wedding, I was late (I’d stayed up late binge-watching the episodes that I’d missed of Supernatural lol) and even before that, I put off finding a Wedding Dress and Wedding Shoes and all that good stuff. It drives everyone around me crazy but whatever. I is who I is.

Anyways, I don’t remember where I bought these babies from (I wanna’ say Zahra Complex), but I’m pretty sure it was somewhere in Salmiya. The color matched my Wedding Dress perfectly! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the satin or whatever that fabric was, but satin seemed appropriately wedding-y. I loved that they came with wide elasticated ankle straps (cool bandage-y vibe) and had adorable bows on the sides! Most of all, I loved that they were crazy high!

I wore them to my Wedding and they were surprisingly comfortable! I even danced around (albeit rigidly) in them! Heck, I actually went out to dinner with my ex-husband in them (I just threw a jacket over my Wedding Dress because there wasn’t any time to change) lol

I haven’t worn them since and they’ve been living in a box, smushed up against other shoes, but I don’t have the heart to get rid of them, because these Ivory Bow Sandals are just too cute!

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