The Others (Shoes)

Marina Black Clogs
Nasser Sports Lavender Aqua Socks

While these may not be the prettiest things ever (lol), they’re actual life savers! They were both purchased locally and were both pretty inexpensive and super easy to keep maintain (keep clean)!

Marina Black Clogs

I was just browsing around City Center in Salmiya (I wanna’ say around 2014) when I clocked these babies at one of the stalls. They’re definitely not original Crocs lol However, I really liked the color scheme! Heck, I love all things black, particularly when it comes with red accents!

I’ve never actually owned original Crocs before, but I did own very similar Clogs in a light blue shade that my dad purchased for me from Nasser Sports (along with a Snorkeling Kit) before my trip with my ex-husband to Thailand. My ex wore them throughout the majority of the trip (we’re both 5 feet tall so we have the same shoe size and everything lol) and when it was time to come back to Kuwait, he insisted we leave the Clogs that my dad got for me, because we had “no space” in our suitcases. In my mind, I’d already divorced the guy, so I just kept agreeing with whatever he said or wanted to keep the peace, until I got back to my country and finally divorced him.

I’d thoroughly enjoyed how lazy effortless Clogs were and missed having a pair of my own. So, when I clocked these at City Center, I snatched them up immediately!

I wear these Marina Black Clogs for everything, from going to the salon the next block over when I’m only getting a blow-out or my brows did, or a quicky to the gas station to fill up my car or picking up the kids or dropping them off and other errands of that sort. Namely though, these Marina Black Clogs come in handy when I’ve got the flu or whatever and need to go see a doctor, but feel too weak to get dressed and stuff. They’re also handy for overnight hospital stays!

They’re just handy period dot astronaut! Obviously, I’m going to be holding on to them because I’ve grown to depend greatly on them and need them!

Nasser Sports Lavender Aqua Socks

These, my mom got for me from one of the ubiquitous Al Nasser Sports stores (I only know of the one outside The Avenues) ages ago (early 2000’s).

Basically, I dislike stepping on rocks in the sea, because I’m afraid of accidentally turning them over and having something slimy and gross and poisonous sting me or worse. In fact, when we first purchased our latest chalet (290), I was walking barefoot along the beach with my siblings and accidentally stepped on a dead sea urchin and had to get a shot and everything. I’ve also stepped on a sewing needle at home, once. I could go on and on. Point is, I’m one of those rare people who are lucky like that lol

Heck, even with these Aqua Socks on, as soon as the water is almost waist-high, I try to avoid stepping on anything in the water and prefer doggy paddling with my feet safely floating above water, until I reach deeper waters and can start swimming normally further out lol

That said, we had steps built in that lead directly down to the water and more often than not, those steps were wet with sea-spray. I’ve actually slid all the way from the top down to the water and let me tell you, my tailbone was aching with pain for no less than two weeks. Whenever I’d sit, I’d feel a jarring bolt of pain that’d make me bounce right back up lol I had the biggest bruise I’ve ever had in my entire life, decorating my lower back! Good times!

Wearing these ugly things, makes me feel less anxious about swimming in the sea. They might kill me (built-in steps wet from seaspray and rubber make for a slippery death trap), but they make me feel less anxious. It’s a risk I’m willing to take lol As such, I’m going to be keeping these.

These Aqua Socks were from the in-house brand called “N” Sports for Nasser Sports, I guess. You can find a lot of surprisingly handy stuff at Al Nasser Sports!

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