Naughty Monkey Shoes

Naughty Monkey Red Elegant Rider Pump
Naughty Monkey Red Cherry Pop Pump
Naughty Monkey White Spectator Slingback Pumps
Naughty Monkey Black Metal Mama Leather Ankle Wrap Pump

Like I said in an earlier post, Amazon introduced me to several affordable brands that offered cute and quirky footwear and one of those brands was Naughty Monkey. Unfortunately, the price reflects the quality because as you can see, they clearly did not age well lol

Naughty Monkey Red Elegant Rider Pump (2009)

The Elegant Rider pump from Naughty Monkey will be the perfect style for your vivacious and vixenous personality. Its gleamy satin upper and bold mix with its wool capped toe will show off your wild side with its faint animal print detail and edgy metal hardware. But with its sweet strap across the vamp and chunky heel, your ultra femme style will also be portrayed.

– 100% Pony fur and satin
– Heel measures approximately 3 3/4″

I got these in a US Size 8 for $30. They were available in Black and Grey and Chocolate and Red.

I went with the red mainly because I had a matching red animal print scarf and thought the two would look pretty cute together. That said, to this day, I have yet to wear them together lol

I disliked almost everything else about these shoes! The awkward buckle strap was neither too low nor too high, which meant it would make my socks bunch up all weird. The chain link entwined with a red ribbon looked so out of place. Even the heel was shaped all weird lol Most of all, I hated, hated all that satin! Thankfully, the hardware on this thing was a nice pewter.

I’ve never ever worn these shoes, but just like the New Look Red Houndstooth Pumps (pics here), I’m holding on to these Naughty Monkey Red Elegant Rider Pumps for the sake of at least getting one good wear out of them. I’ve had them for so long, so it’s bound to happen soon lol

Naughty Monkey Red Cherry Pop Pump (2008)

Sweeten your wardrobe with the delicious Cherry Pop pump from Naughty Monkey. Its cute cherry print, cross-straps, and stacked heel will add a fresh flirtiness to your look.

– Heel measures approximately 3 3/4″

I got these in a US Size 8 for $15.

They were available in Red (as shown) and Brown (same thing but with Brown Cherries lol).

I had a thing for Cherry Print when I was younger and kinda’ overdid it. That’s why I now can’t stand anything Cherry Print lol Not to mention the weird heel-length and the shape and basically, everything lol

These had a cute Rockabilly Vibe to them, which is why I got them. I thought they’d look cute paired with a Rockabilly Dress and the whole shebang (as shown in this song), but it’s not my thing. I’ve actually never worn them either.

As you can see, they’re a bit discolored with age. I’m definitely going to be passing them along.

Naughty Monkey White Spectator Slingback Pumps

I got these in a US Size 8 for $? (dunno’)

I thought they’d were sorta’ appropriate for a more “business-y look”! In fact, I wore them to a handful of job interviews and I wore them to work as well. I even wore them for Eid, back when I first got them. They paired so well with suits and trousers!

I liked the colorful iridescent Snake Print accents on these! I also really liked the huge buckle! The square toe looked appealing to me as well. Lastly, I appreciated the fact that all the hardware including the studs on the slingback straps were all in silver.

That said, the fact that the back was open was a bit annoying (I would’ve preferred it to be closed). Also, that small strip of colorful snake print on the heel looked a bit out of place. Also, now I’m kinda’ over the entire shoe lol

They were comfy but with time, started to look… sad. The white part became discolored and the snake print started chipping off and the whole thing developed way too many nicks and scratches and dents and so on. As such, I’m going to be getting rid of these Naughty Monkey White Spectator Slingback Pumps too.

Naughty Monkey Black Metal Mama Leather Ankle Wrap Pump (2010)

Your hard rockin’ lifestyle screams for these fab Naughty Monkey Metal Mama Sandals. Snakeskin-textured patent leather upper in a two-piece dress sandal style with a round, open toe. Whipstitched suede trim adds textural accent at the vamp. A high bootie-inspired shaft with a cutout heel cinches fit above the ankle with suede laces and polished metal and leather fringed aglets. Smooth lining, cushioning footbed, traction-patterned outsole. 1/2 inch stacked midsole and 4 1/4 inch heel.

Hey Metal Mama! Get ready to rock out in this rockin’ style from Naughty Monkey. The glossy reptile design features a thick ankle cuff with a leather drawstring look and dangling tassels. The stacked heel offers a sexy, leg-lengthening boost.

I picked these babies up in a US Size 8 for $60.50 and they were worth every penny (if not more)!

They were available in Brown (looked pretty cool actually) and Purple (looked too fake) but of course I went with the Black (as shown)

My God! It was love at first sight!

I’ve always wanted a pair of shoes with ankle cuffs! They just seemed so insanely cool to me! I’ve always envied the way they’ve looked on others and I’ve always simply adored the way they look when worn! They just gave off this really cool cyber punk tribal vibe (maybe only in my head lol)! I dunno’ how else to explain it!

Anyways, I spotted the ankle cuffs on these babies and was instantly smitten! I would’ve adored them regardless, had they been flats, but as heels? Even better! Add to that the fact that they were in shiny black snakeskin? I was ob-sessed! They could not be any cooler in my eyes!

I liked the wooden heel as well and the height was pretty comfy too (nothing too low but nothing too crazy neither)! Typically, I can’t stand suede (because it’s so fussy and high maintenance), but I liked the contrast of the suede lace against the snakeskin! I even loved the little reflective baubles and the black fringe on the ends of the laces!

Basically, I loved everything about these Black Ankle Wrap Pumps! They were so very… me!

I reserved them for dresses and skirts, because they were too pretty to be covered up with longer pants or jeans and such. Whenever I wore these beauties, the compliments were non-stop! Guys and girls would gush over them equally lol The last time I wore them was paired with a shorter dress-type outfit during Ramadan.

Sadly, with time, they started to deteriorate. The snakeskin started to crease and crack, while the lace would literally disintegrate and come apart in my hands and the insole was starting came unglued and so on… it was a mess. I totally would repurchase an identical pair, except they’re no longer in production :(

It is with a heavy, heavy, heavy heart that I retire these Naughty Monkey Black Metal Mama Leather Ankle Wrap Pump. They served me well and I in returned loved them with all my heart! :(

I’ve got a sorta’-similar-but-not-really pair from River Island (more on that in another post).

Here they are in comparison to each other, the pair from River Island and the pair from Naughty Monkey (for reference, I guess).

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