Mid-Heel Mules

Delicious Red Selva Heels
Malreem Red Slides
Black Lace Mules
Beauti Multicolor Sandals
Beauti Black Sandals
Kenneth Cole REACTION Black Clay’in Around Sandals (as shown, here)

Most of these heels measure at approximately 3 1/2″ making them quite comfy to walk around in.

Some, I “borrowed” from my mom. Others, I purchased either locally or online via Amazon. I’m probably going to be getting rid of all of them, except the last one (on the right).

Delicious Red Selva Heels (2007)

I purchased these from the brand Delicious from the store CutesyGirl through Amazon for $14.99 in the same order as those gorgeous Delicious Winter White Win Knee-High Boots (pics here).

Between the animal print and the red leather thong and the gold chain entwined with a red ribbon and the shiny red soles, these Red Selva Heels had way too much going on! They literally look like something off the set of Claws (dis) lol

Honestly, I don’t know what possessed me to purchase them. I suppose I was trying out different things. In any case, these were way too tacky for my taste. I only wore them once, to dinner, with blue denim skinny jeans (also new to me, at the time) and a fitted red tee with studs on the front (in the shape an anchor).

They heels were disproportionately high because the platform in the front added no height, so it always felt like I was gonna’ fall over face-first. Also, something was wrong with the thong and it rubbed the space between my toes until they were raw. The sole or whatever was so narrow that my little toe (pinky toe?) stuck out from the sides as well lol Aside from all that, they’re practically in mint condition lol

I got them. I tried them. I hate them. I’m getting rid of them.

Malreem Red Slides (2008)

I snatched these up from my mom’s stuff because I really liked the color! They also had that upturned toe at the front that I’m so very very fond of! Plus, they had criss-cross laces in the front and back. They also had grommet detailing in the front and back and had studs on the side. Lastly, all the hardware was in a palatable silver.

I found them aesthetically appealing, so I “borrowed” them and wore them to death. They were quite comfy, but weren’t the most practical as they didn’t match with most of my wardrobe. Not that it mattered, because I wore them anyway lol

Now, they’re dead. So it’s time to retire them. Rest in peace, Malreem Red Slides. You’ve served me well.

Black Lace Mules (2008)

I liked the look of these, so I “borrowed” them from my mom as well (we share the same shoe size). The lace detailing on the front looked cool to me, as did the suede on the heel. It made these Mules look a bit… goth and romantic!

They were quite comfy too! I wore them mostly with mid-length skirts and the odd bootcut jeans every now and again, but eventually got bored of them. Also, maintenance and upkeep was a nightmare (as per uzhe when it comes to anything suede).

They’re pretty beat, but I’m gonna’ donate them anyways (along with the other shoes from the other posts). The charity will figure out what to do with these Black Lace Mules.

I purchased these two at the same time, from the area facing Marina Mall, that I refer to as “The Yard” (that’s not what it’s actually called), because they looked cute and comfy and were inexpensive.

Beauti Multicolor Sandals (2012)

I thought the stripes and in this particular color-scheme was quite cool! The braided or woven detailing was pretty sweet too! I also loved the buckle and the contrast-stitch trim on the buckle! I really liked the wooden heel (quirky!) and the studs as well! Not to mention, the upturned toe at the front! Basically, this was all me!

I purchased these babies, because I figured I’d need a shorter heel to wear around my husband at the time (who was around the same height as me) so I wouldn’t tower over the dude (and inadvertently emasculate him). I moved out before I got a chance to wear them with him and they’ve lived in a box ever since.

While taking pics for this post, my niece’s nanny asked if she could have these for herself, so I gave them to her.

Beauti Black Sandals (2012)

These were a nice basic black that in my mind would go well with everything. I liked the fabric on the straps and the width of them and the large buckle and the studs and the wooden heel and upturned toe. Again, I never got a chance to wear them, because I moved out and my stuff lived in boxes. Now that I’m finally unpacking those boxes, I can see what I wanna’ keep, what I wanna’ give away and what I’m going to have to trash.

While taking pics for this post, my niece’s nanny asked if she could have these to take back home for her sister as a gift, so I gave them to her.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Black Clay’in Around Sandals (2009)

Clay’in Around Sandals were available in Black and Bronze and Dark Brown (gawjus) and Lipstick (red lol) and Pewter, but I figured I’d get more use out of the Black.

I purchased these Black Sandals from the brand Kenneth Cole through Amazon for $40.68

I never imagined how fond I’d grow of them! These babies were ah-mazing!

For starters, I loved the way they looked when worn! They just had that bandage-y vibe (I dunno’ how else to explain it lol)! Also, they were super comfy and super easy to get in and out of! The fit was perfect! Best of all, they paired well with errythang!

I wore with them with everything from jeans to skirts to actual gowns at weddings! They looked great any which way! You can even see me wearing them in a “Ramadan Lookbook” (here). I mean, my toe is sticking out ‘cuz I had to run (back to my position), because I set the timer on my camera lol Generally, I don’t tend to run in them and therefore my toes don’t tend to stick out lol

Anyways, they’re starting to show some signs of wear and tear, but I love ’em and I’m keeping ’em! Also, at this point, as many times as I’ve worn them, they’ve more than payed for themselves! Such a good purchase!

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