Payless Shoes

Fioni Black Court Shoes
Brash Natural Raffia Wedge Sandals

There are several branches of Payless all over Kuwait, but I often walk by the one at the Avenues (next to the Bath & Body Works facing Carrefour). That’s actually the branch where I picked up the Fioni Black Court Shoes whereas the Brash Natural Raffia Wedge Sandals I got from the branch on the top floor at Mishref Co-Op (back when I was still married).

That said, I’ve never really heard of either of these brands before, but then again, I’ve never heard of most of the brands that can be found at Payless. I picked up these shoes as substitutes for other shoes that I no longer owned. As the name denotes, these Payless purchases were dirt cheap!

Fioni Black Court Shoes

I popped in to Payless at the Avenues on a whim, spotted these glossy Black Court Shoes, tried them on and purchased them.

They were annoyingly low (what’s the point of wearing heels if they’re not high?) and pointy-toed (ugh, yuck), but I needed something somewhat formal (not open-toed shoes) for certain non-casual events. I had the Not Rated Black Side Step Pumps, but they were just too cutesy and informal and my niece wanted them so I was planning on giving them to her, regardless and needed a substitute.

As much as I dislike these Black Court Shoes, I’ve already gotten so much wear out of them! I’ve worn them with the Zara Black Cropped Jumpsuit (haulage here), but mostly with the H&M GP & J Baker Floral Blouse & Slacks (haulage here) to name a few pairings. It’s usually to a Baby Shower (that typically take place at the hospital a day or two after birth, because… Arabs) and usually when I know I’m going be around older family members (great aunts, etc…).

Do I like these Black Court Shoes? Nope. Are they handy though? Oh, for sure! That’s why I got them in the first place and will be holding on to them.

These Fioni Black Court Shoes were meant as a replacement for the Not Rated Black Side Step Pumps (pics here).

Brash Natural Raffia Wedge Sandals

I was browsing around the top floor of the Mishref Co-Op back when I was married (I wanna’ say 2012), when I stumbled upon a Payless store and popped in for a quick look.

I saw a lot of nice shoes, but didn’t feel like trying anything on, up until I spotted these cuties! I’ve always had a thing for Wedge Sandals because they just had this really cool beachy vibe to them, but also added height to my short frame and above all, were super comfy!

I actually purchased the prettiest pair of White Wedge Sandals from the brand MIA via Amazon back in 2008 and practically lived in them for 2 summers, back-to-back! They were 4 1/4″ high and made me feel like I was on top of the world! lol The entire thing was white and made out of leather, aside from the the heel which was a mid-tone brown and looked to be wooden. It had a stylish t-strap that went down the middle and a very flattering low ankle-strap with a single silver buckle.

They were so cute and so well-made and felt so comfortable! I even wore them to a concert abroad (which as you all know, meant endless walking and a lot of standing around), because that’s just how comfy they were! Despite being bigger at the time, I paired them with denim shorts and a hot pink top and they off-set my tan beautifully! Heck, they paired well with everything! They even made my pedicure pop (China Glaze Shocking Pink Nail Polish)! Sadly, they got stolen. I tried to reorder them, but it was too late. They were no longer in production :(

That’s why, when I spotted these Natural Raffia Wedge Sandals, I quickly snatched them up. The staff over there were so accommodating and seemed almost grateful that someone was even purchasing anything from them (honestly, I felt sad for them). I guess the top floor at Mishref Co-Op doesn’t get as much traction as the Avenues.

I do so love a pretty raffia wedge, and I really liked the color on these, and I loved the height, but the buckle was a bit finicky (which was annoying). Aside from pairing them with shorts and mid-length skirts, I also liked pairing these babies with some of my longer trousers (I mean, when you’re 5ft everything tends to be longer on you lol). Obviously, I’m going to be holding on these cuties!

These Brash Natural Raffia Wedges Sandals were meant as a replacement for a pair of MIA Joplyn White Wedge Sandals (which I loved with all my heart but got stolen).

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