New Look Shoes

New Look Floral Pumps
New Look Red Houndstooth Pumps

I picked up these Pumps, along with the Black Leather Motorcycle Boots (photos here) and Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots (photos here) all from New Look ages ago. I purchased all of them in a Eur Size 38/UK Size 5.

This was back when New Look was located where Forever 21 is now currently located (at the Avenues), I wanna’ say 2009?

I did visit New Look at their newer location at the Avenues, which happened to be on the top floor, next to Mamas & Papas, but they seem to have either relocated again or just closed down for good (I dunno’).

New Look Floral Pumps

No, no, no. I do not do florals. These were clearly an impulse buy.

In my mind, I thought the navy heel and navy trim and the floral print would look cute paired with jeans and a basic top and a navy blazer. In reality, I couldn’t get past the florals lol Also, a pointy-toe is not a big girl’s friend! They made me look even wider in comparison.

Worse still, they were so narrow that they squished my toes and made me feel off-balance, not unlike the Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots (here). Even when I lost all the weight, they still felt wrong.

In addition to all that, as you can see, they did not age well and became slightly discolored (they were once white lol).

I’m definitely not going to be keeping them.

New Look Red Houndstooth Pumps

As I’ve said before, Outlander (here) was my favorite novel of all time! That love spurred an obsession with all things tartan, and by extension plaid, and I suppose even red houndstooth lol

I didn’t care where or when I was going to wear this thing. I just saw it and knew I had to get it!

That said, they were pretty narrow and I didn’t like the pointy-toe and the heel was not as high as I would’ve liked (I prefer something higher) nor as thick as I would’ve liked (if it’s that low, it might as well be wider, sturdier and more comfortable).

I also didn’t care for the strap because it meant that be it pantyhose or socks, whatever I wore with these things was going to bunch up all weird. Plus, the strap looked flimsy and quite frankly, cheap (I mean it was pretty inexpensive lol). Still, I liked the Mary Jane vibe the strap gave!

Basically, I’m not in love with them. I’m just in love with the texture and print lol

Truthfully, I’ve never ever worn these things (not even once), but I’m not ready to get rid of them just yet. I know that if I haven’t worn them by now, I probably never will, and that I really should donate them… but I wanna’ get at least one good wear out of them, first.

I mean, now that they’re no longer stuffed in a box somewhere and I get to see them laid out in front of me, I’m sure I’ll remember to wear them (maybe).

This is why I stick to solids lol They’re more simple and therefore more wearable (easier to pair with other stuff too). Also, New Look prices are practically dirt cheap which makes it so easy to get carried away with impulse purchases.

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