Colorful Shoes

Pleaser Hot Pink Patent Seduce 420 Classic Pumps
Not Rated Black Take a Bow Pump
Not Rated Green Side Step Pump
Chinese Laundry Turquoise Godiva Sandals
BCBGirls Yellow Punch Jelly Slide Sandals

Before you start thinking this chick only wears black and brown, say hello to some of my more… colorful shoes.

I couldn’t find what I wanted in our local stores, but I could find anything and everything on Amazon!

That’s how I stumbled on some really fun shoes from several very affordable brands like Chinese Laundry and MIA and Not Rated and Naughty Monkey and so on!

Pleaser Hot Pink Patent Seduce 420 Classic Pumps (2007)

Everyone better watch out when the Seduce pump is on the prowl. Its smooth, velvety upper is accentuated by a stunningly curvaceous silhouette, and its tall heel and pointed toe have the attitude to hold the entire room’s attention.

5″ Heel Classic Pump

I got these Hot Pink Pumps in a US Size 8 from the brand Pleaser for $27.

Pleaser was the same brand that I’d gotten those Black Cowgirl Boots from (photos here).

Clearly, Pleaser specialized in… “alternative” footwear lol Most of their shoes had 5inch heels or higher and a lot of the styles ran towards stripper-esque and fetish-esque territory lol Even the name of this particular style was a bit naughty, 420 lol

When I first spotted these Hot Pink Patent Pumps online, it was lust at first sight!

They came in several finishes and in a wiiiide variety of colors, but I liked the glossy look of the patent leather (my fetish? I’ve got a thing for glossy bags and glossy shoes lol) and prior to this, I’ve never even seen a Hot Pink Pump in Kuwait before, let alone one with a 5inch heel!

Despite my aversion to pointy-toed shoes, these were pretty high, so I just knew they’d look more flattering on a curvy girl. Also, after years of wearing mostly black footwear, I kinda’ wanted a little color in mah life! I didn’t know where or when I’d be able to wear them, because they were a bit over the top, but I just had to get them!

The opening was a bit narrow and would sorta’ squish my toes together, so there was a learning curve for walking in these lol It was just as well, because they were so extra and so not my style, that I kinda’ felt awkward wearing them out in public.

So, I reserved them for indoor get-togethers with the girls during Winter (usually paired with my hot pink scarf and sometimes going all out with the matchy-matchy thing and slicking on a coat of MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick), because there was less walking involved. I mostly wore them with classic blue jeans.

Maintenance was pretty easy, because of the glossy finish. I’d just wipe them down with a disinfectant wipe and be done with it! As you can see, they’ve held up pretty well over the years, so the quality was surprisingly decent too!

They look so different than anything I’ve ever owned and therefore felt unique to me, so I’m going to be holding on these Barbie Pumps Pleaser Hot Pink Patent Seduce 420 Pumps lol for the novelty factor!

Not Rated Black Take a Bow Pump (2009)

Take A Bow in these cute pumps from Not Rated. The two-toned upper features a curved cut-out on the vamp and an eye-catching bow at the quarter. The round toe and thicker heel work together to easily add instant flavor to any outfit.

Heel measures approximately 3 1/2″

I picked these up in US Size 7.5 for $24.99 from the brand Not Rated. They were available in Brown/Black and Purple/Red and as you can see Black/Black. While the Purple/Red strongly appealed to me, I figured I’d get more wear out of the Black/Black.

Typically, I cannot stand bows when they’re on the front of the shoe (too frou-frou), but pop ’em on the side, or better yet, on the back, and all that changes! I thought the bows on the side, were just so stinkin’ cute! I loved the contrasts of the black and red as well! Even the cut-out was a nice touch! I really appreciated the fact that these babies were round-toe as well, which aside from giving them an almost Mary-Jane vibe, were also more flattering on me (as a curvy woman)!

They weren’t that high, which made them extremely comfortable to walk around in, which is why I wore them often (as evident by the photos, clearly showing they had been well-loved)! I wore them mostly with black trousers for casual events and on occasion, the odd skirt, here and there. I even wore them with jeans (wasn’t joking when I said I live in jeans lol). They were pretty cute and added a more playful vibe to whatever I was wearing!

However, my 13-year-old niece has had her eye on them for a minute (we share the same shoe size lol) and asked if she could have them. Her mom (my older sister) was around and once I got the go-ahead from her, I let my niece have them (after taking pics for this post).

Not Rated Green Side Step Pump (2008)

The Side Step pump from Not Rated is high-energy footwear. Available in bright, fun colors, this shoe also offers scalloped trim accents and a whimsical zipper at the toe for times when you want to step ahead of the pack.

Heel measures approximately 3 1/2″

I picked these up in a US Size 8 also from Not Rated for $40.

They were available in Black and Green (as shown) and Yellow and Pink and Chocolate.

I actually purchased them in Black and went half a size down but they were too small on me and I ended up giving them to my older sister (she’s 4 foot something and wears a European Size 34-35) and they fit her perfectly.

However, I was so smitten with the Green (as shown) that I purchased them a year later and went half a size up and they fit me perfectly!

Again, the heel wasn’t that high so they were comfy for walking around. They had a round-toe which was more flattering on curvy girls (or so I think). I liked the green suede trim (so fussy but pretty) and loved the cute lil zipper (that served no other purpose than lookin’ cute lol) and the wooden heel!

I absolutely loved the color on these babies so much! In fact, I got them to pair with my Red Herring Green Leather Hobo Bag (photos here).

I mostly wore these Not Rated Green Pumps with mid-length skirts (usually a-line or circle skirts) paired with a neutral top, because I didn’t think they went well with jeans. If it happened to be colder outside, I’d just pop a green shawl on my shoulders (like I said, I was very fond of the whole matchy-matchy thing when I was younger lol).

Out of all the shoes in this post, these Not Rated Green Side Step Pumps were my absolute favorites! They were both complimentary and and comfortable! Even just looking at them made my heart so happy!

Sadly, the time has come to say goodbye. I’m going to be passing these along, but I’m missing them already :(

Not Rated Black Take a Bow Pump
Not Rated Green Side Step Pump

These two cuties really made me fall hard for the brand Not Rated! They were cute and quirky, yet practical and comfortable and affordable!

Chinese Laundry Turquoise Godiva Sandals (2009)

Refreshingly fun and affordable, this colorful peep-toe design by Chinese Laundry perfectly embodies the footloose and fancy-free spirit of summer. The soft, man-made upper, adorned with polka-dot cutouts, features a crisscross vamp and plastic O-ring buckle detail. The elasticized slingback strap makes for a snug fit, while the chunky heel and platform are the perfect finish to this head-turning look.

I picked these up in US Size 8 from the brand Chinese Laundry for $30

They were available in Turquoise (as shown) and Fuschia and Black and Lemon and Lime (thank you, Amazon Order History)

I got these to replace a pair of Blue Plaid Ankle-Strap Wedges that ended up falling apart on me during the first time I wore them in Dubai. Also, I was kinda’ going through my all-blue-errythang phase (briefly mentioned here).

They were pretty high yet surprisingly comfy and fit great! I liked the perforated look and I really, really liked the buckle at the front (I’ve got a thing for buckles because… I dunno’, I just do) and I appreciated the elasticized slingback strap (which made wearing this thing an absolute breeze)!

However, I hhhated the color. It might’ve even happened overnight. I just woke up one day and absolutely despised these shoes… for no apparent reason. I really wished I’d picked them up in a different color like Black or… Black… or Black lol

Yeah, I’m definitely going to be donating these, along with the others.

BCBGirls Yellow Punch Jelly Slide Sandals (2009)

– Heel measures approximately 4″
– Platform measures approximately 1/2

I purchased these in a US Size 8 from BCBGirls for $40.

I was hoping they’d be a nice substitute for my beloved Faith Black Leather Sandals (photos here), but they were not.

They were pretty narrow, which made getting in and out of them not easy-breezy. They squished my toes together too. They were also pretty high and curved my feet at an awkward angle, so I always felt like I was gonna’ fall over, face-forward. Most unforgivable of all, the jelly part got discolored pretty early on, no matter how well I tried to maintain the thing (it looked dingy).

That said, I liked the height and I really liked that the platform and heel were yellow! It was such a fun and cheerful color! While purchasing them, I imagined strutting around in them, pool-side (which never happened and probably never will lol). In reality, I wore them with some of my longer trousers and on occasion, the odd dress, every now and again.

I gotta’ be in the right mood to wear these, so I don’t really wear them as often, but I kinda’ don’t wanna’ get rid of them either. I dunno’… decisions, decisions.

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