Skechers Black Biker’s Aspire Sneakers
Milano Black Suede Sneakers
Puma Men’s Navy Sneakers
Adidas Shale/Silver/Pink Kanadia TR Running Shoes (as shown, here)
PunkRose Black/Blue/Pink Funk Shooter High-Top Sneakers

Skechers Black Biker’s Aspire Sneakers (2008)

Size 8 (US) retails for $30

I wrote an entire novel all about these babies previously (Flats Collection), but basically, they were awesome!

Unfortunately, the elastic criss-cross strap has completely lost its elasticity, so now my feet keep slipping out of ’em, ergo they gotta’ go. I mean, it’s been +10 years. That said, they served me well and I salute them!

Milano Black Suede Sneakers

I picked these up from Milano (Souq Sharq) ages ago (I wanna’ say early 2000’s).

They were black (my fave) and simple (another thing I gravitate towards). Also, instead of shoe laces they had velcro straps (faster and easier).

With wear, I realized that they were quite long and kinda’ made me feel like I was wearing clown shoes lol (sorta’ like my Moon Boots) Although comfortable when worn, I never felt comfortable wearing them, because they were so long.

Also, they were suede, which in and of itself was an upkeep nightmare. They developed this unseemly greenish tinge in certain areas that just wouldn’t go away!

So, goodbye and good riddance!

Puma Men’s Navy Sneakers

I stole rescued these from my younger brother’s giveaway pile (he regularly donates stuff to charities) because I liked the navy color and the neon accents! My family tried to guilt me into putting them back, but I took ’em and ran (… all the way to my bedroom… in the same house). I believe this was 4-5 years ago.

They just gave off this “nautical vibe” to me and in my mind, I thought they’d look so good with a white linen suit… and a fedora… on a yacht. In reality, I owned none of those things lol They looked great with a pair of classic denim jeans though!

They were a bit big on me (men’s size 41), but whatever (I made it werrrk)! Since I’d given away my Xhilaration Multi-Color Print Black Slip-Ons (these) which were the closest things I had to Converse Sneakers, I figured these Puma Sneakers would be a nice substitute!

Also, because they were so big, I never had to untie the shoelaces! I could just slip these babies on and off! Somehow, despite being bigger, they never looked nor felt like I was wearing canoes on my feet lol They looked goooood!

Unfortunately, because they were bigger, anytime I’d kneel down or whatever, they developed a crease in the front… which eventually developed into a tear (shown in the first photo at the top of this post). Now, the more I wear them the bigger the rip gets, so I gotta’ get rid of ’em, sadly :(

Adidas Shale/Silver/Pink Kanadia TR Running Shoes (2010)

Get aggressive, storm that trail and kick up some dust. With its spiky, mud-shedding TRAXION outsole, air mesh ventilated upper and adiPRENE enhanced cushioning, there’s simply no stopping you.

– 100% Synthetic and mesh
– Rubber sole
– EVA insole for comfort
– adiPRENE provides protection from harmful impact forces
– Molded EVA midsole for fit and comfort
– TRAXION outsole for maximum grip in all directions

Size 8 (US) retails for $60

My favorite color, grey! You can see me “modeling” these babies in my Cosmo Place + Toy Story 4 post (here).

My Baby Blue Nikes died on me (I’d waded into the sea during low-tide one too many times while wearing them) and I had to get rid of them. I needed a replacement and while those Sketchers Black Biker Aspire Sneakers were pretty sweet, they weren’t… badass enough for me (for lack of a better term lol).

While browsing online, I stumbled on these Adidaseseseseses. Initially, the colors were what attracted me. I live for all things grey and those pops of neon hot pink were just too cute! Also, they were nice and chunky! In hindsight, I probably should’ve cleaned them before taking pics for this post but whatevs (too lazy).

The fit was great! They were snug enough to where I had to loop my finger in the tab (at the back) to shove them on (because I didn’t feel like untying and retying them), but also wide enough to where I never felt any pain from them being too tight or too small or too anything! I kept them tied in a double knot and just shoved my feet into them whenever I was going to wear them.

They were so comfy that I wore them everywhere and for everything (mainly whenever long hours of walking was involved)! Even when my calluses were acting up, I’d barely feel a thing with these suckas on! If anything, I almost felt like bouncing whenever I wore them lol

These babies were available in a variety of different color combos, but this one spoke to me! Personally, I feel like if I was a color, I’d definitely be grey… with pops of neon pink! What does that mean? I don’t even know. It just felt appropriate lol

Now, if only I could refrain from going to the beach while wearing them (so they’d live longer) lol

Obviously, I’m not to be getting rid of them any time soon because I love these behbehz and they’ve served me well!

PunkRose Black/Blue/Pink Funk Shooter High-Top Sneakers (2010)

Size 8 (US) retails for $36.60

I actually ordered these PunkRose Sneakers online via Amazon before the Adidases. They just looked so cool!

Again, they were available in a variety of different color combos, but I loved the black with pops of hot pink and blue! I also loved the fact that they were high-tops (never owned any before now)! I even liked the Converse-esque soles! I liked the little stars all over this thing too! You might not be able to spot them, but even the holes for the shoelaces were actually shaped like stars! So stinkin’ cute!

Unfortunately, the fit was awful… They were just waaay to big for me, even with my thickest of thick socks! It legit felt like I was wearing clown shoes lol Also, I hated the fact that I needed to tie and untie and retie no less than 100 shoelaces, every single time I wore them (it got old pretty quick). Most unforgivable of all, they were suede (part of it at least), which I absolutely despise because it’s so high maintenance.

I mainly wore these PunkRose Sneakers with loose-fit over-the-knee jean shorts and a baseball cap… backwards, until it occurred to me that I was actually a woman in my late 20’s and not a teenage skater boi. I tried to make them work with other stuff, but they’re just too big and I feel like… Goofy in them (literally, like someone at Disney wearing the costume of Goofy lol).

As much fun shopping online can be, there’s just no substitute for trying stuff on, to see if they fit and feel right.

5 thoughts on “Sneakers

  1. “As much fun shopping online can be, there’s just no substitute for trying stuff on, to see if they fit and feel right.” – Amen sista! I struggle with this. Everything looks good on the model and when i wear it, it looks meh.. lol! And sometimes returns are an even bigger hassle.The struggle is real so i just stick with going in store for my purchases.


  2. Sonia! Hiiiiiii! How’ve you been? It’s been a minute lol

    Trust me, after trying to get some of my Asos stuff exchanged, I’m well aware of the struggle lol Heck, even Alshaya gave me a hard time for trying to return a broken candle from an online order.

    Good to hear from you again and Merry Christmas! ^_^


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