High Heel Wood Sandals

Faith Black Leather Sandals
Faith Tan Leather Sandals
Michael Kors Brown Leather Sandals

Back in the day, we didn’t have as many malls and stores in Kuwait (less options). So, I was beyond excited when a cute lil store that I’d read about in my UK-edition magazines opened up in Souq Sharq (I believe it used to be where Boots is currently located) called Faith. I wanna’ say this was back in the early 2000’s lol The store has since been replaced, but they’ve got a corner in Debenhams dedicated solely (heehee) to footwear by the brand Faith.

From the store when it was open, I purchased a cute pair of lemon thong kitten heel sandals (to pair with a tennis skirt and polo shirt) which I’ve since given away. I also purchased a sexy pair of black leather sandals (previously mentioned here) and tan leather sandals. I became equally obsessed with both the black and tan sandals!

In any case, once the tan sandals started looking too ratty, I decided to go online (amazon.com) and purchase a sorta’ similar pair, which happened to be by the brand Michael Kors (as shown) but I never fell in love with them.

Just like with my Handbags (in-depth chit-chat here), I tend to enjoy Shoes with a somewhat less common texture or look.

Faith Black Leather Sandals

I love this pair so much! From the height (they may not look it, but these behbehz were pretty darn high) to the design (black with silver accents) to all the different textures (wood, leather, rubber) and all the little details (upturned toe which I love on any kind of shoe and the silver studs and the cutest little dagger!) everything about these babies just spoke to me!

I couldn’t find them earlier (thought I’d gotten rid of them), but I tried my best to find a similar photo for My Story: Foot Care post (here). It’s pretty close, dontcha’ think?

In any case, other than being super sexy, these babies were also very easy to slip into! I didn’t have to resort to scrunching my toes together like I gotta’ do with other more narrow shoes, because the width on these babies was just perfect! I could slide my feet in and out of them, effortlessly!

In fact, they were so easy-breezy that these babies lived underneath the passenger seat of my car, ready to be slid into, at a moment’s notice. They were surprisingly comfy thanks to the platforms at the front, but sadly, once I developed calluses, after a few hours in these sandals, my feet would start… dying.

So, to prolong the period of wear-time while out and about, I’d wear comfy and painless flipflops to and from the car, and slip on these sandals only once I’d arrived at my destination.

Despite the skinny heel, due to the rubber soles, these sandals had sufficient grip and never left me feeling off-balance whether I was hoofing it on uneven sidewalks or slippery marble or heck even gravel walkways. Was it painful to walk on uneven flooring? Yes! Did I ever feel like I was about to stumble and fall though? Not even once!

As I’ve said before, my weight constantly yo-yo’s from sickly skinny to morbidly obese, so I’ve kinda’ got a feel for what “works” for me when I’m in either stage (sorta’). I’ve never had a larger chest or big booty so even though I was big, I learned how to dress in a way that made me look less big (favoring v-necks over crew-neck tops, wearing darker colors, etc… basically, the usual tips and tricks).

As a bigger girl, these sandals were incredibly flattering on me! They looked great with everything, but more importantly, they looked great with jeans (which was basically what I lived in)! As an added bonus, they added considerable height to my short 5′ frame (apparently I never was 5’1 and just added the extra ‘1 from my vivid imagination) which made me feel on top of the world, literally lol

I know I should, but I really don’t have the heart to get rid of them…

I loved those sandals so much that they even inspired a similar online purchase, which sadly didn’t pan out, because they just weren’t as cool nor comfy as the Faith Black Leather Sandals, but more on that in another post.

Faith Tan Leather Sandals

It’s no secret that given a choice, I’ll always favor black. However, I decided to “branch out” and give brown a try. The fact that the entire sandal was a single solid color also greatly influenced my decision. I picked up these Tan Leather Sandals from Faith as well… I wanna’ say around 2002 (it’s been a minute lol)

Once again, they had that upturned toe that I’m so very, very fond of in shoes. They had a somewhat chunky heel at the back and platforms at the front, which made them quite comfortable to walk around in, even for prolonged periods of time! They also had the cutest little braided strap that went all the way around the foot (not the ankle, the foot) which added that extra sum’in, sum’in lol The buckle on the strap was a gawjus pewter while the minimal studs on the front and on the heel were a tarnished gold, which I found tasteful. As an added bonus, these babies made a satisfying clacking sound whenever I’d strut around in them lol

All that aside, unlike with the Faith Black Leather Sandals, it was not an instant love affair between me and these Faith Tan Leather Sandals. It was more of a slow burn rather. I kept putting off wearing them, but once I got into them, I couldn’t stop wearing them all the time lol

They looked cute with everything, but my favorite pairing was with a flowy purple top with short ruffled sleeves from Next and a flowy sage green tiered skirt from Zara which was so long that these Faith Tan Leather Sandals would barely peek out. I’d let my hair air-dry into its natural curly/wavy state and pop on some green contacts (Freshlook) and a ton of mascara and top off the look with a coral lipstick (MAC Vegas Volt) and be done! The whole look was feminine and girly and garnered a lot of compliments. In fact, I credit that specific outfit for landing my husband (not even joking) I mean, we got a divorce, eventually, but still lol

Sadly, I gotta’ get rid of them. As much as I love ’em, they just look way too ratty at this point.

Michael Kors Brown Leather Sandals (2007)

I ordered these Michael Kors Brown Leather Sandals online from amazon for $121.84 because I wanted something similar to the Faith Tan Leather Sandals.

My shoe size is 38, but sometimes I’d need to go up a size and go for 39 with some of the more narrow shoes. So when I first started ordering shoes online, I just removed 30, for example, size 38 would be a size 8 (because in my mind, that’s how shoe size conversions work lol). Luckily for me, I’m actually a U.S. 7.5 which wasn’t too far off.

However, these Michael Kors Brown Leather Sandals looked a bit narrow in the photos, so I figured I’d err on the side of caution and go up a size and purchased them in a US 9 (which was somewhere around a UK 40) and as you might expect, they turned out to be huuuge on me! lol

They weren’t as high as the other two and were pretty comfortable, aside from the fact that they were so big that my feet would keep sliding forward, which would make my toes stick out over the shoe and I’d have to anchor the shoe to the ground (while still wearing it) and surreptitiously sorta’ wiggle my feet back so my toes wouldn’t stick out unseemingly.

The buckle was too small for the strap so it made buckling and unbuckling the thing pretty annoying, but there was no way around it. I had to unbuckle and buckle this thing, with every wear. Still, I liked the ankle strap and the criss-crossed straps at the front and the brass studs and the overall dark brown color of this thing. I even wore them with my purple flowy top from Next and green flowy skirt from Zara a handful of times!

Then one day, for whatever reason, I decided to wipe these babies down with some soap and water… utterly destroying them. The once dark brown wood now has a white-washed look to them, while the ankle strap has some pilling action going on.

I payed a lot for them and payed a lot to ship them here, but is that enough to justify keeping shoes that I never quite warmed up to and ones that are pretty big on me, at that?

I kinda’ wanna’ get rid of the Michael Kors Sandals and keep the Faith Sandals, but find someone to fix them up or something lol Maybe I should get rid of all the Sandals in this post… and just get new ones. It might seem logical, but when you find a good pair of shoes that are so comfy and make you feel great, it’s hard not to get attached (…issues lol)

Well, hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to chime in! Also, more posts on Shoes to come!

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