Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Candle Haul (Buy 3 Get 3 Free)

Bath & Body Works had this Buy 3 Get 3 Free deal going on. So, I decided to pick up a few more things and “take advantage” of that deal.

Unfortunately, their online website was still very glitchy and not the most intuitive. As a result, I ended up having to place several separate online orders, as opposed to one single online order. I really wish they’d just fix their site already.

So, in my previous order, I picked up x12 Wallflower Fragrance Refills (here) and during this order, I picked up x6 3-wick Candles. There was an issue with both packages.

3-wick Candles normally retail for KD 8 each. The total for this order was KD 24/000 (with free shipping)

Well, that’s not true.

I placed my order on December 6 and everything arrived the next day…

Except I could hear something moving around inside the box…

Apparently, one of the 3-wick Candles was broken and there were tiny shards of broken glass everywhere.

They’d given me a random Wallflower Fragrance Refill in my previous order (here) and I planned on letting it slide. I figured I’d just keep the thing and eventually use it, rather than deal with the hassle of getting it exchanged.

However, with a shattered 3-wick Candle, I couldn’t just let that slide. The thing was unusable. So, with both receipts/invoices in hand, I took the broken 3-wick Candle and the unwanted Wallflower Fragrance Refill (from my previous order) and headed towards the Souq Sharq branch of Bath & Body Works to get them exchanged.

Remember what it says on every single box of theirs? “Happiness guaranteed. Love it or bring it back!That was so not true.

Apparently, the brick and mortar stores and the online store were in competition with each other. I’m not even joking. Anyways, since I placed my order online, I could only get the issue fixed online. They told me to call customer service or whatever, which I did, who then informed me they needed me to send an e-mail with photos and all the details, and they would get back to me… in the next 48 hours.

Thankfully, due to my neurosis of having the need to take pictures of the entire unboxing process (I may not include those photos, but I take pics of everything, just in case), I had more than enough proof that the candle had arrived broken and that I had nothing to do with breaking it.

I explained to them over the phone that I was already at the physical store with all the proper paperwork, but nothing phased them. However, when I mentioned that I needed not one, but two items to be exchanged, they quickly changed their tune (so unprofessional to say one thing one minute and a completely different thing the next minute). I suppose it was too much of a hassle for them as well. They assured me they’d contact the physical store and inform them that I could get my stuff exchanged, provided I had the papers to prove it.

20 minutes later… I was informed that I could exchange the stuff for something else in-store, because they currently did not have either of the scents I’d ordered, at that specific location. I picked something else for the Wallflower Fragrance Refill (here), but I really had my heart set on getting the 3-wick Candle in the scent Black Tie!

One of the sales assistants ever so kindly helped me track it down to the nearest location (Qurtoba Co-op) and even informed them ahead of time that I’d be stopping by to pick it up. It was smooth sailing after that!

But still… so much for “Love it or bring it back!

Honestly? I feel like they turn exchanging items into such a huge ordeal, to deter customers from wanting to go through with the hassle of exchanging anything.

It’s bad enough they sell items that are 12 months old (expired)! This was my 6th online order since October, not to mention the fact that I regularly shop at Bath & Body Works and post about them, literally before they even opened up shop in Kuwait, back in 2010 (here), so to be treated this way, like I was just trying to pull a fast one over them, just to get a “free” candle out of it, was so offensive!

Vanilla Bean Noel (Holiday 2018)
Frosted Cranberry (Holiday 2018)
Arctic Berry (Holiday 2018)

As I said, Bath & Body Works release several collections (typically around x6 candles per collection… more or less) during every season. Vanilla Bean Noel and Frosted Cranberry had matching lids because they were from the same collection whereas Arctic Berry was from a different collection. However, all of them were part of the many Holiday Collections released last year (2018).

Gingerbread & Caramel (White Barn Mosaic Candle Collection 2018)
Black Tie (White Barn Iridescent Candle Collection 2018)
Tuxedo Night (White Barn Iridescent Candle Collection 2018)

Gingerbread & Caramel was from the White Barn Mosaic Candle Collection released last year (2018) and also the same collection as Fireside (haulage here). As you can see from the similar packaging, Black Tie and Tuxedo Night were both from the White Barn Iridescent Candle Collection, also released last year (2018).

Vanilla Bean Noel

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with our most festive vanilla fragrance! Topped with a decorative lid.

Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow Fluff, Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Bean Noel is a forever favorite! It’s one of the few scents I know I can always count on and continue to repurchase in almost every form! In fact, I usually stock up on Vanilla Bean Noel 3-wick Candles for myself and as gifts for people, because it’s impossible to not enjoy the scent! Every gourmand-lover should give this a try!

As you can see, the 3-wick Candle of Vanilla Bean Noel shared near identical packaging to the full sized Shower Gel (haulage here) and full sized Body Lotion (haulage here) and Hand Soaps (haulage here). For reference, the packaging shown is the 2018 version (being marketed and sold locally as “new“), but they totally changed the packaging for the 2019 version (currently available for purchase in U.S. stores, but will probably get to Kuwait towards the end of 2020).

Personally, I liked the blingy, over-the-top, festive packaging on the 3-wick Candle (as shown) and I really liked the dark green wax (so pretty) because it just felt… right! I haven’t gotten around to burning this baby yet, but as I keep saying, I know it’s going to smell magnificent once I do! The scent is vanilla and caramel… on steroids!

Frosted Cranberry

Topped with a decorative lid, this fruity candle fills your home with some winter sweetness!

Iced Cranberries, Blonde Woods, Red Apple, Tonka Bean

Frosted Cranberry was from the same Holiday 2018 Collection as Vanilla Bean Noel. They had the same blingy and sparkly, foiled, geometric festive design, as well as identical weird lids.

I hadn’t actually sniffed Frosted Cranberry before, but I just became so enamored with the idea of burning a quintessentially Christmassy scent in my home during Winter!

The other “fresh” scents were out of the question, because I don’t do fir balsam and pine and whatnot. To me, those things smell like antiseptic household cleaning products and I don’t enjoy their scent. Plus, they can get a bit headache-y for me. So, I settled on Frosted Cranberry, thinking it would smell fresh but sweet.

Initially, I was very disappointed! I was expecting a sweet fruity scent, but this was more fruity and less sweet. The apple note kinda’ hurt my nose and I found the blonde wood notes a bit… off-putting. It was definitely a scent meant for burning exclusively during Winter.

In a smaller space, it was too strong for my taste (the scent, not the throw), but if I let it burn in the hallway for a bit, the entire hall would smell “wintery” and everyone coming or going would comment on the pleasant scent. The wicks were nice and sturdy too, which led to an impressively clean burn!

Our household staff fell in love with Frosted Cranberry and asked if they could burn it in the kitchen instead, so I let them have it. They keep commenting now on how “strong” and “fruity” it smells, so it’s safe to say they’re happy with it. In fact, literally every other person enjoyed the scent of Frosted Cranberry, aside from myself lol

Personally, I liked Frosted Cranberry, but I didn’t love it. I’m glad that everyone is currently enjoying it though! #noregrets

Arctic Berry

Topped with a decorative lid, this berry-licious candle gets your home winter-ready!

Made with Balsam & Orange Essential Oils with notes of Frozen Red Berries & Musk

Arctic Berry was also part of the Holiday 2018 Collection. It was released in a different collection than the previous two though and even had different packaging to signify that. The 3-wick Candles from this particular collection each had their own different Wintery scenes depicted on the sticker, but they all shared the same beautiful snowflake on the lid.

It may not look it, but the scene depicted on the face of Arctic Berry was all opalescent and gawjus! I especially loved the color-scheme implemented in both the scene on the sticker and of the wax itself! I wish the sticker went all the way around the jar, as opposed to just the face of the candle, but it’s still lovely, regardless.

I’d sniffed Arctic Berry in-store about a month or so ago and fell in lurrrve! If I was going purely based on the notes, I honestly would’ve skipped it, but the cold throw on this baby was sublime! Now that I’m burning it in my living room, it smells even better! Even after I’d already blown it out, the mouthwatering scent will still linger behind!

Basically, it smelled like berry wafers or starbursts or skittles or the opening note in Lancome La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum! I wouldn’t necessarily call Arctic Berry a Winter scent because just like Strawberry Pound Cake (haulage here), I believe this baby would smell wonderful, year-round! Definitely, definitely, definitely worth a repurchase or two!

Gingerbread & Caramel

Gooey Caramel, Warm Vanilla Cream, Gingerbread Spices

The pretty packaging on Gingerbread & Caramel in a red tinted jar with a wraparound sticker of geometric marble print in gold trim, instantly reminded me of Fireside (haulage here). Based on the purdy packaging, I surmised they were both from the same collection and I was not wrong. Both were released as part of the White Barn Mosaic Candle Collection back in 2018 but only now made it to Kuwait (because… Kuwait).

I hadn’t seen this bebeh in store, but based on the notes, I was banking on it smelling yummy! The cold throw was awful! It was caramel on caramel and so sickly sweet and heavy! However, I’ve learned that when it comes to gourmands, the worse the smell while unlit, the greater the scent once lit.

Once I lit this baby, the entire hallway smelled like a Gingerbread House! It smelled so warm and inviting! I found the scent quite comforting and frankly yummy! The handful of friends that happened to visit while Gingerbread & Caramel was being burned have all gushed about the scent as well!

Thankfully, the throw was significantly better than the throw on Fireside. Also, it burned clean! The wax was a bit meh (just looked like a pool of clear water), but the red jar backlit by the flames added a lovely ambiance to the hallway!

As soon as I’d placed my online order, I searched for Gingerbread & Caramel just to copy-paste the fragrance notes for this post, but it was gone, girl, gone! I had to track down the notes elsewhere (which is always fun). Basically, Gingerbread & Caramel pops in an out of stock quite randomly, so if you manage to spot it, don’t waste time and just go for it! Trust.

Black Tie

Topped with a decorative lid, this classy candle suits every occasion!

Aromatic Sage, Dark Tonka Bean, Rich Sandalwood

Black Tie was part of the White Barn Iridescent Candle Collection released in 2018 but only just now made it to Kuwait.

I’d already purchased Black Tie as a Wallflower Fragrance (haulage here), but somehow felt the need to purchase it as a 3-wick Candle as well.

As you can see, the jar was pretty cool and the dark grey wax was even cooler! When lit, the reflection on the walls was pure magic!

Black Tie smelled like men’s perfume or men’s cologne, which normally, I stan. However, this stuff had a particularly stinky note that I was not a fan of, at all! I wanna’ say it was the “aromatic sage” that was stinkin’ up the place. It might be amber or plum or even orris (all notes that offend me lol) that was giving it that “stinky burnt rubber” smell.

It didn’t have that “hot guy” scent like Mahogany Teakwood nor that uplifting masculine scent like Bergamot Waters. It just smelled aggressively manly. Thankfully, the throw was kinda’ meh.

Black Tie was the 3-wick Candle that arrived broken and honestly was not worth the whole song and dance of getting it exchanged lol

Tuxedo Night

Dress up your home in luxurious fragrance with this classy candle! Topped with a decorative lid.

Crystal Waters, Sea Salt, Coconut Milk, Driftwood

Tuxedo Night was also part of the White Barn Iridescent Candle Collection released in 2018 that only just recently made it to Kuwait.

I’d already sniffed it in-store about a month or so ago and was found the scent quite compelling! Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember if it was Black Tie or Tuxedo Night that I’d enjoyed so much in-store and based on the packaging, kinda’ got them confused with each other. So, I just went ahead and purchased both.

As you can see, the jar was pretty cool and the dark purple wax was even cooler! When lit, the reflection on the walls was pure magic!

Tuxedo Night smelled like sweet coconuts! The scent was so familiar that I was sure I’d owned it before, possibly as a Candle under a different name.

I don’t believe it was Tiki Beach (haulage here) because that one had a hefty dose of vanilla in there. I’m thinkin’ maybe Coconut Leaves (haulage here) or possibly even Seaside Escape (haulage here).

Maybe it wasn’t even a Candle at all, and I’m actually remembering the scent from a Hand Soap in the scent Honolulu Sun (haulage in 2015 and 2017 and 2019).

Maybe it was none of those and actually the Tropical Summer 2019 release called Bali Black Coconut Sands (purchased as a full size Shower Gel here and as a travel size Body Cream here and as a full size Body Lotion here and as a Fine Fragrance Mist here).

Whatever the case may be, Tuxedo Night was definitely not a Wintery scent, so I don’t know why they released it when they did. That said, it smelled lovely and I’m happy with it, especially since it’s been a minute since I last burned a coconut-y candle!

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