Lancome Monsieur Big – 12 Shades of Love – Eyeshadow Palette

How stinkin’ cuuuuuuute!

Excuse the boxes, ‘cuz I’m in the process of moving into the guest room, while I finally get furniture and curtains and other things normal humans have in their homes. Basically, the place is pretty much a mess. Dang reflective packaging…

Anyways, I popped by Sephora a few weeks ago, when they were frantically stashing everything away (to make room for “Black Friday”), just to take a quick peek and ended up falling for this lil cutie!

Monsieur Big is a limited edition eyeshadow palette curated by Lisa Eldrige with 12 shades of rosy, nude, and chocolate hues, to create foolproof, heart stopping looks from subtle to dramatic for those BIG moments of love.

As you can see, the heart-shaped eyeshadow palette is separated into 3 different curated looks: Big Crush (left) Big Date (right) and Big Night (bottom), with 4 shades each; Base, Corner, Highlight, Liner.

I could probably find dupes for most if not all of the shades in my collection, but aside from the pink-y shade titled “corner” in the Big Date section (yuck), I’m kinda’ feeling all the shades! The whole thing is just sooo cute! Also, it comes with a nice big mirror!

Here’s a shot of the shadows from an angle, so you can see the nice mix of mattes, shimmers and metallics.

Da’ baby in all its glory! Practical and purdy!

With my purchase, I got some Lancome Samples and some Clarins Body Care Samples too

x2 Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara Samples. These will definitely be put to good use ♥

x2 Lancome Matte Shaker Liquid Lipstick Samples in the shade Pink Power. It’s more of a fuchsia shade (which I don’t do), but whatevs.

Obligatory Clarins Skincare Samples. Ugh, so boring.

I picked up the Lancome Monsieur Big Eyeshadow Palette at our local Sephora (next to Pinkberry) for KD 22/250

Initially, I wanted to wait until “Black Friday” to possibly get it at a reduced price, but they only had a few of these babies in stock and I was 99% sure I wasn’t gonna’ make it on “Black Friday”.

I haven’t been back to Sephora since, which is why I’m so glad I snagged this cutie when I did!

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