Bath and Body Works Flash Sale Candles

White Mint Latte (Cocoa Cafe – Holiday 2018 Collection)
Orange Chocolate Truffle (Cocoa Cafe – Holiday 2018 Collection)
Blueberry Sugar (Cocoa Cafe – Holiday 2018 Collection)

Hot Cocoa & Cream (Hot Cocoa & Cream Collection – Holiday 2018)
Fireside (White Barn Mosaic Label Collection – Holiday 2018)
Blueberry Maple Pancakes (Crafted Pumpkin Collection – Fall 2019)
Eucalyptus Rain (Wild Wonder Collection – Fall 2019)

These 3-wick Candles were purchased online during the Flash Sale at Bath & Body Works (haulage here)

The top row were all from the same collection, Holiday 2018, hence the matching snowflakes on the lids, while the rest were a mish-mash from other collections. Oddly enough, all the Holiday Collection Candles were ones released in 2018 (not a single newer one in-store nor online). Meanwhile, the Fall Collection Candles were ones released in 2019.

There was a whole slew of Hot Cocoa & Cream products released last year (Holiday 2018) in the collection aptly named Hot Cocoa & Cream. The products included a Shower Gel (which was not included in the promo) and a Body Lotion (purchased here) and Body Cream (purchased here) and Fragrance Mist (purchased here) and Room Spray and a Wallflower Refill (purchased here) and so on.

The Hot Cocoa & Cream Collection was released world-wide last year, but only popped up locally in Kuwait this year. Geddit? The products were now old!

Also included in that collection were several 3-wick Candles in the same Hot Cocoa & Cream scent, but in a variety of different packaging. I actually purchased one of them last year (here), so we know for a fact, that the collection did make it to Kuwait.

That’s why I find it strange that they’re only now selling the rest of the collection… a year later… especially when the newer version (Holiday 2019) was just released worldwide, well, aside from Kuwait, obviously.

Aside from Fireside all smoky and woodsy and Eucalyptus Rain all fresh and clean, the rest of the Candles I got were all yummy gourmands!

Hot Cocoa & Cream Candle

Indulge in your favorite cold weather treat with this oh-so chocolatey candle! Topped with a decorative lid, it makes the perfect gift.

Decadent Milk Chocolate, Fresh Steamed Milk, Mini Marshmallows

The packaging on this version of Hot Cocoa & Cream Candle specifically was quite charming!

It depicted a Christmas-y motif of a cozy little living room with a Christmas Tree and Christmas presents and the pièce de résistance, steaming mugs of Hot Cocoa! I’m assuming the mug alongside the plate of cookies was meant for Santa, which would mean that this was meant to be Christmas morning (way to read too much into it, LuLu). The window showed that it was snowing outside, as well!

Now here’s the thing, several of the illustrations were actually raised (as in you could feel them if you ran your hands over the thing… as in 3D… as in I’m over-describing because I don’t know the proper terminology… debossed?) which was pretty cool in and of itself, but also, the snow outside and the stripe-y red mug in the forefront were both glittery (I’ve tried my best to attempt to show the the glitteryness in the close-up lol)!

I liked that the wax was brown, to match the scent, and that the whole thing was topped off with a Christmas Tree embossed on the lid! All in all, everything about this particular candle was verra’ cute!

As for the scent, Hot Cocoa & Cream smelled definitively like Hot Cocoa! It didn’t smell kinda’ similar or vaguely close to the scent. It was spot on! Sadly, when lit, the scent was surprisingly weak, which was so disappointing.


Give any room those cozy-up-by-the-fireplace vibes with our Fireside Candle! Topped with a decorative lid.

Smoked Cedar, Clove Buds, Warm Embers

As much as I adore my gourmands, I also quite enjoy my smoky wood scents.

I’d actually clocked Fireside in-store earlier and enjoyed the cold throw on this thing, enough to make a mental note to purchase this baby during the next promo. The pretty packaging in a dark tinted jar with a wraparound sticker of geometric marble print in gold trim didn’t hurt either.

The scent on Fireside strongly reminded me of the scent on Firewood (purchased here)! Sadly, it performed equally as pitifully. The scent was non-existent when lit! Also, I was constantly having to trim the wicks because they kept burning all weird and sorta’ mushrooming in on themselves. So disappointing.

Holiday 2018 Collection

Bath & Body Works release multiple collections every season (and in-between, honestly), each with its own theme and packaging and whatnot. It’s a bit hard to keep track of what’s what, especially since we typically receive the Holiday Collections exactly 12 months later. That’s why I just lump all the collections together by season.

Apparently, the ones shown above with matching snowflake lids were all from the same collection, Cocoa Cafe, but since it was a holiday release, I’ll just refer to it as a Holiday Collection (geddit? got it? good!) which is infinitely easier… for me.

White Mint Latte Candle

Topped with a decorative lid, White Mint Latte makes you think you’re sipping a creamy, Holiday Drink!

Fresh Peppermint, White Chocolate, Whipped Milk

Now this I liked!

It might just be my mind playing tricks on me (due to the color), but I found the scent on White Mint Latte to be quite calming! It was light and sweet without being obnoxious. I really got a sense of the whipped milk and white chocolate, and every now and again, undertones of peppermint.

Aside from the peppermint, White Mint Latte smelled nothing like Mint Chocolate Chip (hauled here), because to me, White Mint Latte seemed more subdued. It was still a gourmand, but less… full-on.

Also, it needed to burn for quite some time before emitting any scent. I’d say, upwards of an hour, at least. I wouldn’t necessarily be able to detect the scent if I had this thing burning right next to me, but I’d definitely be able to notice it if I re-entered the room where it was burning.

I currently have this baby lit in one of the hallways at home, so everyone can smell it as they’re coming or going. The throw isn’t the greatest and it needs some time to get going, but the entire hallway now smells quite pleasant! I especially adore the seafoam green wax and the way it pools so beautifully in the jar, and backlit by the flames, even the green knitwear-inspired background with the cut-out of a mug!

Definitely worth the purchase!

Orange Chocolate Truffle Candle

There’s no better gift than a box of chocolates with a citrusy twist — except when it’s this oh-so decadent candle topped with a decorative lid!

Orange Zest, Sea Salt, Rich Dark Chocolate

Honestly? I’m not quite sure if the cut-out is supposed to be a knitted pom-pom hat or a chocolate truffle lol Either way, not a fan of the orange knitwear-inspired background and boring wax color.

While Orange Chocolate Truffle smelled like orange-flavored chocolate unlit, the scent was completely non-existent once lit. I’ve moved it from room to room, heck even the bathroom, but nothing worked. This thing might as well be unscented. Such a waste of money.

Blueberry Sugar Candle

Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth quite like Blueberry Sugar! Topped with a decorative lid.

Sweet Blueberries, Brown Sugar, Graham Cracker Crust

The wax on this thing was beyoootifull! The blue knitwear-inspired background and oven mitt cut-out, less so.

I really liked the scent of one of the blueberry candles in-store, but couldn’t remember what it was called, once I was back home. So I just ordered both of the available blueberry candles online and hoped for the best.

Also, Blueberry Sugar listed graham cracker crust in the notes, so it couldn’t be all that bad. Unfortunately, it really, really was that bad.

Unlike the others that I’d purchased from this particular collection, the scent on this thing was obnoxious AF! All I got was an artificial blueberry air freshener scent. The scent actually hurt my nose and gave me a headache, within 15 minutes of being lit! My dad swears the scent suffocated him at one point and he couldn’t breathe.

I’ve since placed Blueberry Sugar in the kitchen to counteract unpleasant cooking odors, but the scent is barely discernible over there. It’s got a weak throw, just like the others from the same collection, but the scent is still somehow quite irritating! Total regret.

Blueberry Maple Pancakes Candle

Who says flapjacks are just for breakfast? Enjoy them anytime with this sweet & fruity candle. Topped with a decorative lid.

Wild Blueberries, Griddle Fresh Pancakes, Warm Maple Syrup with Essential Oils

This was the candle that I’d liked so much in-store, but had forgotten its name!

I’m indifferent about the packaging, which had pancakes drowning in maple syrup and a few blueberries scattered all over. I guess the foiled leaves were kinda’ pretty. The dark blue wax was gawjus though, even more so when lit! The pumpkin etched on the lid was quite cute too!

The scent was equally delightful! It smelled so familiar to me. At first, I thought it was maple syrup that I was detecting. Then, I realized, Blueberry Maple Pancakes literally smelled like a fruit-flavored vape/hookah-pipe/sheesha lol

It had a pretty good throw and I only needed to burn it for a few minutes at a time, because the scent would still linger on forever, even after I’d extinguished the flames! I was very impressed with this baby!

The gorgeous wax was identical on both, but Blueberry Sugar smelled obnoxious, whereas Blueberry Maple Pancakes smelled fruity and almost boozy!

Eucalyptus Rain Candle

This candle revives any space just like a light rainfall. Topped with a decorative lid.

Aromatic Eucalyptus, Spearmint Leaves, Fresh Spring Rain with Essential Oils

I’d already purchased a handful of items from the Wild Wonder Collection earlier, including x2 Shower Gels and an Aloe Lotion and an Exfoliating Body Polish (here), but wasn’t really as interested in the Hand Soaps and 3-wick Candles from this collection… up until I sniffed them in-store.

The cold throw on Freshwater & Aloe seemed nice in-store, but I could tell it would veer into boys’ locker room or stinky Highschool Gym territory, when lit. Eucalyptus Rain on other hand, smelled nice and clean, and even “dewy”, if that makes any sense.

Despite the notes, there was nothing minty or jarring about the scent. It just smelled peaceful and serene and… calming!

The succulents on the packaging were whatever, but the light blue wax added to the overall calming effect, especially while lit! The throw wasn’t the greatest but the scent more than made up for it.

I’ve actually designated Eucalyptus Rain specifically for burning in my bedroom! It’s nice and light enough to burn there without ever becoming cloying in any way. Simply lovely!

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