Bath and Body Works Shower Gel Haul

The new Fall Traditions 2019 Collection popped up online and as time went on, they added a “sneak peak” of the Holiday 2018 Collection (which was being marketed as “new” even though it was last year’s collection).

I’ve spoken about the local Bath&Body Works tricking customers into believing they were purchasing the latest Holiday Collection except it was always already 12 months old, several times now.

That said, beggars can’t be choosers and when they had an online deal on Shower Gels, it was just too good to pass up. So, I quickly placed my order and picked up some of the stuff I’d been lusting after (sadly, Hot Cocoa & Cream Shower Gel was excluded from the promo and was going for full price… sneaky, sneaky).

Online Promo:
Shower Gels were reduced from KD 5/500 to KD 1/750 each
PocketBacs were 5 for KD 3

The total for this online order was KD 10

I placed my order on November 16 and it arrived safely the next day (free shipping over KD 9)

Currently, for “Black Friday” they’ve got 40% Off Sitewide and free shipping, meaning Shower Gels were reduced from KD 5/500 to KD 3/300.

So… I’m pretty much patting myself on the back for not waiting and taking advantage of the previous deal and purchasing these Shower Gels for KD 1/750 a pop (she said ever so smugly)!

Shower Gels were reduced from KD 5/500 to KD 1/750 each

Vanilla Bean Noel (Holiday 2018)
Twister Peppermint (Holiday 2018)
Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte (Fall 2019)
Toasted Praline & Pear (Fall 2019)

I’d recently hauled a ton of Shower Gels (here), which is why I exercised some restraint (believe it or not, this is me showing restraint) and only picked up just these four (ones I knew I couldn’t live without), my gourmand behbehz! The packaging did nothing for me, but the scents were damn near edible!!!!

Plus, I’d just finished up Happy Vibes Shower Gel (hauled here) and was about halfway done with Bali Black Coconut Sands Shower Gel (hauled here) and I’d given away Dark Amber Hair & Body Wash (hauled here) to my nephew and Ocean Shower Gel (hauled here) and Freshwater Shower Gel (hauled here) to my brother, because they all smelled too manly. Basically, I was saying, I had room for more lol

Also included in the Fall Traditions 2019 Collection were x3 Body Scrubs:
Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Whipped Marshmallow Body Scrub (light exfoliator)
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Smoothing Pumpkin Body Scrub (mild exfoliator)
Champagne Apple & Honey Exfoliating Apple Body Scrub (heavy exfoliator)

I was not interested in the light and mild ones, but would’ve loved to have purchased the heavy one, Sadly, I couldn’t find the Body Scrub nor anything else in the Champagne Apple & Honey scent, both online or in-store (maybe it didn’t make it to Kuwait). Also, despite being older (Holiday 2018 Collection) as I said earlier, Hot Cocoa & Cream Shower Gel was excluded from the promo (bummer).

Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel (Holiday 2018)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – indulge in our most festive vanilla fragrance!

Smells like a wintry sweet treat of fresh vanilla bean, sugar cookies, warm caramel, whipped cream & snow-kissed musk

I’ve loved Vanilla Bean Noel and usually repurchase it every Winter, ever since Bath&Body Works first opened up shop in Kuwait (here). It’s an intoxicating and heady vanilla scent that’s both sexy and addictive!

Sadly, it’s been a minute since I last enjoyed Vanilla Bean Noel as a Shower Gel because the Holiday 2017 version (which was being marketed and sold in-store as the Holiday 2018 version) seemed a bit off and smelled… weak. That’s why I decided to skip it.

It’s been too long since I last enjoyed Vanilla Bean Noel as a Shower Gel so I had to purchase it now (despite the fact that it was the Holiday 2018 version). Not surprisingly, it arrived gross and sticky (like it had spilled all over the packaging) and I had to rinse it before taking photos for this post. It looked beat! Even the name was partially scratched off lol (the words shower and moussant on the face of the packaging). At least it still smelled great though and I could finally get my Vanilla Bean Noel fix!

Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel (Holiday 2018)

Celebrate the sweetness of the season with a twist of peppermint candies!

Smells like a winter-fresh blend of cool peppermint, sugared snow, vanilla buttercream & fresh balsam

I actually predicted that Bath&Body Works would be releasing Twisted Peppermint this year (disappointingly predictable) based on the trajectory they were following, which was displaying the previous year’s Holiday Collection and marketing it as the current year’s Holiday Collection.

That said, I’d purchased Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel two years back (haulage here) and thoroughly enjoyed using it up during the hot summer months (review here). It was minty yet perfectly sweet! I was looking forward to repurchasing the surprisingly delightful scent as a Shower Gel again, last year, but it wasn’t included in the Holiday 2017 Collection (photos here). It was also the main catalyst for this mess (here).

Old or not, I wasn’t about to pass up on getting Twisted Peppermint (which had been sorely missed this past summer)!

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Shower Gel (Fall Traditions 2019)

Stir the fireplace embers one more time & wrap yourself in your coziest blanket. Now cup your hands around a frothy latte that says Autumn is here.

A specially crafted mug of pumpkin latte, toasted marshmallow, creamy sandalwood & praline musk

I’d spotted the latest Fall Traditions Collection online and visited several branches to find the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Shower Gel to give it a sniff, but could never find it in any of them.

So, I went ahead and purchased it anyway (blind buy). It smelled nauseatingly syrupy sweet in the bottle! However, once I used it in the shower, it smelled infinitely nicer and more well-rounded! I could even detect the delightful coffee note in this thing! #noregrets

Imma save Marshamallow Pumpkin Latte for once the weather gets crazy cold though and only start using it exclusively then.

Toasted Praline & Pear Shower Gel (Fall Traditions 2019)

Home-baked golden pies. Nostalgia-laced aromas scent the air. Cozy up & reconnect with the delicious fragrances of fall.

A warm, nutty treat of poached pear, toasted praline, graham cracker & tonka bean

Usually, I make it a point, to avoid their pear-scented Hand Soaps and Shower Gels, because they tend to smell off-putting (something about synthetic pear comes across as rank to my nose).

However, I’d spotted the latest Fall Traditions Collection online and during my visit to several branches to find and sniff Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Shower Gel (which I never ended up finding), I came across Toasted Praline & Pear Fragrance Mist (at the Avenues branch facing Victoria’s Secret) and gave it a sniff and subsequently fell in lurrrve!

It had the fruity sweet notes typical to Bath&Body Works scents, but it also had something savory in there! It smelled both nutty and comforting at once! I could distinctly pinpoint the delicious graham cracker in there as well! It was just… gawjus!

I waited and waited and Toasted Praline & Pear eventually went on sale and I snapped it up! Seeing as how I’ve been enjoying the scent so much, I just might purchase it in other forms as well.

PocketBacs were 5 for KD 3

Vanilla Bean Noel (Holiday 2018)
Toasted S’Mores (Holiday 2018)
Hot Cocoa & Cream (Holiday 2018)
Vampire Blood – Petrifying Plum (Halloween 2019)
Let’s Celebrate (Summer 2019)

I’d recently hauled a whole bunch of Summer Tiramisu PocketBacs (here), but I’m the type of person that gets grossed out easily and is constantly reapplying hand sanitizer, when I’m out and about, so in this case, more was more!

I get the most use out of these babies when I’m in my car, or at the movies, or at the beach, or not walking with my friends at Shaheed Park, etc… On the rare occasion that I do have to utilize a public bathroom, after touching the soap dispenser and faucet to wash my hands, I’ll immediately sanitize my hands using one of these babies (public bathrooms are just gross).

Also, these things look stupid cute (I tend to enjoy the graphics on them and the color-scheme) and usually have fun names or funny quotes and once the alcohol dries down, more often than not, smell fantastic!

Normally PocketBacs retail for KD 1/250 each, but because there was a 5 for KD 3 deal on these babies, they amounted to exactly KD 0/600 each.

Currently, for “Black Friday” they’ve got 40% Off Sitewide and free shipping, meaning PocetBacs were reduced from KD 1/250 to KD 0/750.

It wasn’t that big of a difference, but once again, I was feeling a bit smug for not waiting and taking advantage of the previous deal and purchasing these PocketBacs for KD 0/600 a pop.

Vanilla Bean Noel PocketBac

Keep your favorite traditions close at hand with our merry PocketBac!

A wintry sweet treat of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel & sugar cookies

Vanilla Bean Noel was a re-release (it’s included in every Holiday Collection) and was a repurchase (I pick it up every chance I get)! It’s such a great scent!

Toasted S’Mores PocketBac

Dark Chocolate, Fluffy Marshmallow, Graham Cracker

Toasted S’Mores had a cute name and cute packaging and what sounded like a yummy scent, ergo must-have!

Hot Cocoa & Cream PocketBac

Take home holiday treats, not germs, with our coffee shop-inspired PocketBac!

A warm, indulgent mug of creamy cocoa, mini marshmallows & vanilla musk

No clue what this smelled like and not one fig given.

I stan Hot Cocoa & Creamhard!

I’ll probably purchase it in every and any form.

I mean, it’s Hot Cocoa & Cream! ’nuff said.

Petrifying Plum PocketBac (Vampire Blood)

Germs aren’t so spooky when you’ve got a Halloween-themed PocketBac.

A frightful potion of red berries, night blooming jasmine & petrifying plum

I’ve always loved Halloween and all that it entails, so I’m kinda’ bummed out that other than that one time about 5 years ago (here), I never get to see Halloween Collections at our local Bath&Body Works.

That’s why I super stoked to see the Halloween Collection online and later in-stores, granted most of the collection didn’t make it to Kuwait, but hey, something was better than nothing.

The collection included Bath Bombs and Hand Soaps and Hand Creams and PocketBacs and PocketBac Holders and Wallflower Units (which we never get, because different voltage) and Candles and Candle Holders and other very, very cute accessories.

I kinda’ wish Spells Divine (floral brew) had made it to Kuwait because of the cute anime-esque witch on the packaging, but I’m grateful that Vampire Blood (petrifying plum) even made it at all!

Vampire Blood gets re-released every Halloween but this was the first time I’ve ever seen it in Kuwait! Naturally, I had to snatch that blood-sucka’ up!

Honestly, with Vampire Blood in particular, it was more about the novelty (name, packaging, etc…) rather than the actual scent itself lol

Raspberry Vanilla PocketBac (Let’s Celebrate)

Have your cake & kill germs too with our party-ready PocketBac!

A classic, addictive blend of fresh raspberries, vanilla orchid, creamy sandalwood & cashmere woods

The packaging looked hideous, but raspberry vanilla and the rest of the description made it sound like this thing was going to smell ah-mazing!

I’ve recently discovered that I don’t enjoy certain forms of raspberry, but here’s hoping it’ll smell pleasant when coupled with vanilla. Still got no clue what vanilla orchid was, but it sounded nice too! As for creamy sandalwood and heck, even cashmere woods, I’m all about!

So, all in all, definitely worth a gamble!

Again, the total for this order was KD 10 (with free shipping)

There must be a more efficient way of doing this though. I can’t keep getting pages and pages of the “receipt” with every single order, guys.

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