Techie Tuesday: Double Dare OMG! Princess Rabbit Pink Mini Beauty Fan

Double Dare OMG! Princess Rabbit Pink Mini Beauty Fan

The Autumn Perfumes Exhibition took place at Mishref Fair Grounds (Halls 5,6,7,8) during October 24 and was meant to end on November 6, but was extended to November 9 (because… weekend).

I’ve spotted the OMG! range from the brand Double Dare already at quite a few places around Kuwait, including the Mishref Co-Op (pics here) and I wanna’ say Debenhams and of course, the Perfume Exhibition (pics here, all the way at the bottom).

The Perfume Exhibition floor lay-out doesn’t seem to change all that much (the same brands always have their booths set up in the same spot) and as I was heading towards one of the exits to get to my car in the parking area, I passed by the Double Dare counter (located by the exit/entrance).

I finally caved and purchased the adorable OMG! Princess Rabbit Pink Mini Beauty Fan!

A mini, hand-held fan to quickly dry any peel off mask or just to cool the skin. The portable, travel-friendly device features an ergonomic handle, a rechargeable battery and convenient USB charging cable, and adjustable mode function to turn speed up or down.

The Fan was available in Blue and Yellow (pic here, all the way at the bottom) and Pink. Naturally, I went with Pink.

For something that’s called “mini”, this thing was actually ‘yuuj! It was definitely not something you could just pop in your handbag and take with you on-the-go. However, it covered a lot of… surface area? I’m not sure what terminology to use here lol but because it was so huge, it was actually perfect for drying your face masks (as they suggested) or setting sprays or even freshly painted nails!

The Double Dare OMG! Princess Rabbit Pink Mini Beauty Fan looked so stinkin’ cute!

I mean, look at those lil bunny ears and look at those little bunny legs on the top and bottom of the thing! Ugh, I can’t even!

On the more practical side, the Fan had 2 speeds; the low speed was decent but the high speed was surprisingly impressive!

User Manual

The name on the actual box was different than the name on the user manual…


It came with a nice long strap, which I’m never gonna’ use, but still.

USB Charging Cable

The best part was that this baby didn’t need batteries or a separate charger or whatever. All I had to do was just plug in the USB cable and charge it wherever! So convenient!

According to the user manual:

– Charging time was 3-4 hours.
– Low speed lasted for 3 hours.
– High speed lasted for 2 hours.

Basically, a light would go on, to let you know it was charging. Once it was fully charged, the light would go off. Simple!

I wanna’ say Double Dare OMG! Princess Rabbit Pink Mini Beauty Fan normally retails for KD 9 but was reduced to KD 3/500 during the sale (don’t quote me on that because I lost the receipt).

Again, if you’re interested Double Dare can be found all over Kuwait including Mishref Co-Op, certain Debenhams branches and the Perfumes Exhibition (that takes place twice a year at Mishref Fair Grounds).

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