Kilian Apple Brandy Eau de Parfum Haul

The Autumn Perfumes Exhibition took place at Mishref Fair Grounds (Halls 5,6,7,8) during October 24 and was meant to end on November 6, but was extended to November 9 (because… weekend).

I managed to get a lot of gift shopping out of the way:
(Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme EDP for my cousin)
(Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium EDP for my cousin’s wife)
(Guerlain Mon Guerlain EDP for my uncle’s wife)
(Paco Rabanne Invictus Gift Set for my other cousin)

I also managed to snag several goodies for myself:
(Carolina Herrera Good Girl Gift Set)
(Marc Jacobs Decadence EDP)
(Hugo Boss Boss The Scent Private Accord – For Her EDP)
(Maison Lancome Les Parfums Grands Crus Travel Set x4 travel sprays)

Thankfully, there were a lot of good deals on some of this stuff (hefty discounts) and I even got some fragrance samples to boot! Unlike last year’s visit where I ended up with some duds (Perfume Fails), I was extremely happy with everything I purchased during this year’s Autumn Perfumes Exhibition! All the haulage took place in one hall (dis) because I rarely ventured out to the other halls.

Satisfied with the haulage, I leisurely surveyed the hall (the only one I ever visit) one last time before leaving the place and was delighted to find several niche brands including Amouage and Memo and Kilian and more, all offering substantially discounted fragrances! Naturally, I had to hit up the Kilian booth!

I sniffed several scents at the Kilian booth, but none of them really appealed to me… until I smelled Apple Brandy! I’d never even seen, let alone heard of Apple Brandy at our local Sephora before (pics here), because apparently Apple Brandy was exclusive to the brand’s boutique in New York City. It was love at first sniff!!!!

The final fragrance I purchased during this year’s Autumn Perfumes Exhibition was Apple Brandy by Kilian!

Unfortunately, Apple Brandy was only available as a Refill (50mL) and I’m actually quite hopeless at anything DIY (case in point). As such, I tried (I really, really tried) to walk away from Apple Brandy, but I ended up going back to the booth to purchase it. It was just too good!

The Refill came in an small white box with a matching white outer sleeve, all properly sealed.

The Refill and the accompanying Tools were neatly presented inside the box.

On one hand, so many Tools, meant more chances for me to mess something up.

On the other hand, I could play at being an amateur alchemist chemist!

Refill (50mL)

Wow! Wow! WOW!

When I first spritz this on my wrist, I get genuine apple (not a fake overly sweet nor overly fruity apple, but genuine apple)! Almost instantly, the genuine apple turns into the most delicious apple cider scent! Right after that, I get smoked woods and booze! For whatever reason, I get an almost maple sugar vibe from the booze, which I adore! There’s definitely some rum in there too! During the drydrown, the whole thing keeps getting woodsier and smokier! It might just be my imagination, but I could almost swear I’m getting oud somewhere in the mix (so many addictive wood notes)!

My nose is not trained enough to pinpoint each note, but to me Apple Brandy is pretty much an intoxicating blend of apples, smoked woods and booze! I’ve never smelled anything quite like it before and can honestly say that it’s hands down my favorite out of everything I purchased during the Autumn Perfumes Exhibition! If you’re interested in the notes and fragrance story and whatnot, I’ve listed everything at the very bottom of this post.

Another impossibly beautiful Kilian fragrance! How does Kilian do it?

Vial (7.5mL)

The Vial was tiny and already came with its own Atomizer already attached and everything, but no cap.


I’m assuming the Funnel is meant to be used to fill up the Vial from the Refill.


Not quite sure what the Dropper is for, though.


With the smaller Atomizer that’s already attached to the Vial, why was another longer Atomizer included?


Not sure why there were x2 Atomizers; shorter one already attached to the Vial and an additional longer one… but whatever.

Oh, maybe it’s for the full sized bottle of the fragrance (for example, my full sized bottle of Kilian Black Phantom), I mean this was a Refill after all.

So I unscrewed the shorter Atomizer that was already on the Vial

Popped the Funnel on the mouth of the Vial

Unscrewed the Refill to pour it in the Funnel which would fill up the Vial


As expected, I poured way too much, caused the whole thing to overflow, and spill onto my table (you have to squint to see the spill, because the sun was setting).

Well, oops.

At least now I know what the Dropper was for. I used the Dropper to replace the overflow in the Funnel back to the Refill.

Honestly for half a second, I thought about using the Dropper to suction what was already spilled on my table back into the Funnel as well, but decided against it (seemed too gross) so I wiped the spill away with a tissue.

Bonus: my table smells ah-mazing now!

And this is exactly why I hate all things D.I.Y.

I popped the shorter Atomizer back on the Vial and voila, done!

Kilian fragrances tend to vary in price (photos here) so I don’t actually know how much the Refill of Apple Brandy usually goes for (I’m guessing anywhere from KD 47/000KD 70/000) but I purchased it for KD 30.

Kilian Apple Brandy Eau de Parfum was released in 2013

Inspiration: In the heart of a dense forest, the thick smokiness of scented wood is reminiscent of oak barrels that keep delicate distilled Cognac from spoil–a deepening amber-colored liquid matures day by day.

Fragrance Story: A heady combination of rum and manzanate entices the senses at the opening. Apple Brandy is ‘the liquor of the woods’, one might imagine tapping from enchanted trees in myth-based lore. One of Kilian’s most personal creations–the syrup-laden smell of alcohol is a fond childhood memory, perfectly recreated with vanilla and labdanum, punctuating the distinctive personality of the fragrance.

Key Notes: Vanilla, Labdanum

Olfactive Family: Cellars – Woods in all their forms – from sandalwood to cedarwood, from patchouli to Vetyver – but always with a Kilian twist: rum, coffee, cacao, cognac, whisky, as a reminder of Kilian Hennessy’s heritage.

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