Paco Rabanne Invictus Haul

Paco Rabanne Invictus Gift Set (b-day gift for my other cousin)

The Autumn Perfumes Exhibition took place at Mishref Fair Grounds (Halls 5,6,7,8) during October 24 and was meant to end on November 6, but was extended to November 9 (because… weekend).

Initially, I wanted to get the full size of Versace Eros Eau de Toilette (purchased for myself, here) as a birthday gift for my cousin, but after asking around, apparently Versace or rather the local distributors had opted out of the Autumn Perfumes Exhibition. So I hit up the Mugler booth to sniff all the A*Men offerings and find something suitable, but they were completely sold out of all the A*Men (thanks to someone that had posted on Instagram about the really good promo the Mugler booth were having)!

After walking around for a bit, I found a booth (forgot the name) that sold fragrances from several brands including Paco Rabanne and Calvin Klein and Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera and Jean Paul Gaultier and more (can’t remember the rest).

Eventually, I narrowed it down to either 1 Million or 1 Million Lucky, both by Paco Rabanne. I’ve never actually owned a fragrance from Paco Rabanne before (unless you count the Olympea samples I purchased last year), but I have gifted Black XS Paco Rabanne For Men to my ex-husband (before we’d gotten married).

1 Million Lucky was newer, but the original 1 Million smelled nicer. The sales assistant spritzed both on a torn up tissue, but wouldn’t stop yapping long enough to let me concentrate. Thankfully, he had to leave the entire booth for whatever reason and an infinitely more helpful and more knowledgeable and more accommodating sales assistant took his place. With his help, I picked up the Invictus Gift Set (Eau de Toilette + Shampoo) which was a 2019 release for my cousin, and even purchased some things for myself!

He is the man in all his power, the absolute hero. Invictus. Challenged and blessed by the gods. His scent is that of victory. Invictus is a phenomenal clash of biting freshness and animal sensuality. Two forces that nothing (and nobody) can resist.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Mandarin, Marine Accord
Middle Notes: Bay Leaf, Jasmine
Base Notes: Gaiac Wood, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Ambergis

The ad and description were a bit douche-y, but whatever, because the scent was ah-mazing!

Both the Eau de Toilette (100mL) and Shampoo (100mL) in the same scent Invictus came in a really cool “masculine” tin box lol

Honestly? I kinda’ wanted to ask my cousin if I could keep the box, but didn’t think it was in good form, so I exercised some restraint and said nothing. That said, when I gifted the Invictus Gift Set to him, he seemed more excited by the box rather than its contents, which annoyed me enough to punch him in the shoulder (not joking).

Invictus Eau de Toilette for men: The scent of victory. Fierce freshness and animal sensuality. Heroic woody-fresh.

Invictus Shampoo: The shampoo for men with a gentle formula that protects the hair while adding a delicate scent.

Since it wasn’t sealed (only came with a transparent plastic outer sleeve) I figured I could pop it open and show you the contents. I didn’t want to take anything out of the box though because… fingerprints.

I thought the fact that the Eau de Toilette was legit shaped like a trophy was so cool!

For reference, there’s Invictus (clear, as shown) and Invictus Intense (black) and Invictus Aqua (light blue) and Invictus Legend (dark blue).

Not sure how much the Invictus Gift Set normally retails for, but during the Autumn Perfumes Exhibition, it had been reduced to KD 18 only. What sold me on the Gift Set was the fact that the Invictus Eau de Toilette by itself was also reduced to KD 18 so I figured the Gift Set was a better deal.

As I said, when I gifted the thing to my cousin, he politely thanked me (because… manners) but he didn’t seem all that impressed. He’d never heard of the brand Paco Rabanne before and seemed genuinely more excited by the box lol I’m not too worried though, because I’m positive that with use, he’ll realize that Invictus is actually an awesome scent!

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