Sultan Center Small Personal Care Haul

Can’t very well go to Souq Sharq without making a quick stop at Sultan Center, now can I?

Since I inhaled the snackage, I’ve only got the Personal Care items to show ya’. I picked up some Shampoo (looked new) and my favorite Conditioner and my favorite Makeup Remover and some Toothpaste.

Not Shown:
Takis Fuego (previously purchased here)
Hershey’s Gold (previously purchased here)
Cebu Dried Mango Pineapple Balls (just no)

L’Oreal Dream Long Reinforcing Shampoo retails for KD /820

Honestly? I just picked this up because of the cute packaging and cute name (Dream Long). I liked the combo of orange packaging with the pink cap. Plus, this stuff looked new (to Kuwait). Also, I’ve got long hair that’s somewhat weak (snaps easily, sheds, etc…) ispo facto, had to get this stuff.

Cream Silk Dry Rescue Conditioner retails for KD /850

My holy grail Hair Conditioner! I’ve been repurchasing this stuff for years (dis), because it detangles my hair like no other! I’ve even written up an entire post about it (here). I might stray from time to time just for fun, but this stuff is my go to!

Clean & Clear Deep Action Makeup Remover Milk retails for KD 1/580

I’ve written up an entire post about this stuff too (here), because it’s my holy grail Makeup Remover! Again, I might stray from time to time, because trying out new products can be fun, but this stuff is my go to! I’ve been repurchasing it for years (dis)! Y’all can keep your Micellar Water and the oily residue and foggy vision that comes with it. This stuff removes my makeup easily, quickly and efficiently!

Colgate Max Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste with Cooling Crystals retails for KD /680

Colgate Natural Extracts Lemon Oil and Aloe Toothpaste (this) was vile, but I’ve almost finished it up anyway and needed some new Toothpaste. After the chalky consistency of the previous one, I was looking for something minty and cooling ergo dis.

Surprisingly, I found my beloved Takis in the Potato Chips aisle, albeit the painfully hot version (reads extreme in the bottom left corner) and in the annoyingly small size.

I’ve sorta’ been obsessed with Takis but I keep having trouble finding them in Kuwait and when I do, it’s always only the extreme version. I’ll still buy them because… addicted. That said, I don’t enjoy these smaller sizes.

Anyways, I grabbed some more Hershey’s Gold Chocolate Bars (so good) in addition to the Takis Fuego Extreme and a thing of Cebu Dried Mango Pineapple Balls (imported from the Philippines) which I promptly gave away. They seemed like they’d be yummy, but they had a horrible sugar-y coating, ugh.

I’ve actually created an online account with Sultan Center so I wouldn’t have to keep leaving the house at ungodly hours, just to replenish my stock of Walker’s Pure Butter Shortbread Triangles (dis) or Al Kabeer Jalapeno Cheese Sticks (dis) or random Fresh Fruit (latest obsession being Yellow Chinese Pears because they’ve got the consistency and taste of crunchy Red Apples… except they’re actually Yellow Pears! wuuuuuut) and frankly the whole thing is just super convenient! However, not everything is shown on their website and sometimes, it’s just fun to browse in-store.

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