Bath and Body Works The Big Sale Online Order

I decided to post about my experience using the local Bath&Body Works Online Store (dis).

Like I said in my first post on The Big Event (dis), I didn’t even know that they had a sale going on, up until I checked the website.

I spotted more than a few things I wanted online and even added them to my cart, but didn’t purchase a single thing.

Instead, I went to the Souq Sharq branch of Bath&Body Works and picked up the majority of the items from there.

The things I couldn’t find in-store, I ended up ordering online.

This was my first online order from Bath&Body Works.

As you can see, everything arrived grouped together in a single large box.

It was surprisingly well-packaged too!

Aside from the protective top layer, each item was individually swathed in bubble wrap.

Whereas the larger items such as the 3-wick Candles came in protective cardboard packaging.

The protective cardboard kept the 3-wick Candles from getting knocked around, while also keeping the lids firmly intact.

Even the Body Polish came in protective cardboard.

For whatever reason, the Souq Sharq branch didn’t carry most of the Tropical Summer 2019 Collection during “The Big Sale”.

It really was an awesome collection and I needed these babies in my life! That’s why I ended up purchasing the 2 Travel Size Body Creams and Fine Fragrance Mist and 2 Shower Gels online.

I went through each item individually in my Body Care Post (haulage here).

I was blinded by the awesomeness of Summer Tiramisu in-store and couldn’t see past it. Back home, I leisurely browsed around online and ended up purchasing the following 6 Hand Soaps.

I went through each item individually in my Hand Soap Post (haulage here).

Aside from Mineral Springs, the rest of these 3-wick Candles were in my online shopping cart as soon as I’d noticed that the sale had started.

I couldn’t find Strawberry Pound Cake and Sweet Tiramisu and Butterscotch Toffee in-store.

I did find Evening Hearth and thought I’d purchased it in-store, only to discover back home that I hadn’t.

Mineral Springs I spotted in-store and sniffed several times, but couldn’t make up my mind.

Back home, I ended up ordering these 5 Candles online.

I’ll be going through each of the 16 Candles in an upcoming post.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that this was my first online order, the 10% off Coupon Code did not work. Basically, it means they don’t allow coupon stacking, not now, not ever, which I must admit, is a bit disappointing.

Also, I keep getting an error message “not set for the rule” which won’t allow me to add the item I want to purchase, into my online shopping cart. I don’t know why I keep getting it and I don’t know what it even means. All I know is I’m interested in purchasing the item (as in paying for it, full price if I have to), but the website won’t let me.

Also, the “Search” bar turns up items that are completely unrelated to the term I’m searching, particularly once I sort them by “New In”. Come to think of it, even the “New In” option was kinda’ disorganized, turning up items from the latest collections, randomly intermingled. Basically, the website is a bit glitchy.

Aside from that, my order arrived on time and was quite well-packaged!

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