Bath and Body Works The Big Sale (Huge Haul)

I kinda’ went crazy during the sale…

But in my defense…

3-wick Candles were reduced from KD 8 to KD 4
Single Wick Jar Candles were reduced from KD 5 to KD 2/500
Wallflower Refill Bulbs were reduced from KD 2/250 to KD 1

Body Care
Fine Fragrance Mists were reduced from KD 7 to KD 2
Body Scrubs were reduced from KD 7 to KD 2
Shower Gels were reduced from KD 5/500 to KD 2
Body Lotions were reduced from KD 5/500 to KD 2

Hand Care
Hand Soaps were reduced from KD 3/250 to KD 1/250
Hand Creams were reduced from KD 2/250 to KD 1
PocketBac Hand Sanitizers were reduced from KD 1/250 to KD 0/500

Fall Signature Collection (Fall 2018)

Tropical Summer Collection (Summer 2019)

Going Places Collection (Summer 2019)

Mediterranean Market Collection (Summer 2019)

Wild Wonder Collection (Fall 2019)

I noticed on their website that Bath&Body Works were having “The Big Event” so I just went ham and filled up my online shopping cart with, well, everything. I had been visiting their website (without ordering anything) since its launch, and at this point, had my eye on quite a few things.

Since the Privileges App did not apply to online orders and mine totaled upwards of KD 100 (after I’d narrowed it down by removing everything except for the “necessities”), I figured it would be more prudent to visit a physical store and purchase from there instead. Plus, I could actually give everything a sniff rather than getting more “blind-buys” and possibly getting stuck with duds.

Turns out, several of the things I wanted, didn’t actually smell all that nice (once I gave them a sniff in-store). Also, the store was missing a few items that I was interested in purchasing. So I finally created an account and ordered the rest of the stuff online. Between the KD 79 spent in-store (receipt said KD 113 saved lol) and KD 35 online (doesn’t say how much I saved), the total was KD 114 making this my biggest and most expensive Bath&Body Works haulage to date (everything I got was on sale, ok?)… so much for saving up lol

I ended up getting:

16 Candles (x14 large 3-wick candles, x2 small jar candles)
16 Hand Soaps (x8 foaming, x7 creamy luxe, x1 deep cleansing)
8 Shower Gels (x6 regular, x2 square)
3 Body Scrubs (x2 clay scrubs, x1 mineral body polish)
3 Body Lotions (x2 travel-size, x1 full-size)
1 Fragrance Mist
3 Wallflower Bulbs
4 Hand Creams
3 PocketBacs

Rather than lump everything together into a single post, it’ll be easier for me and shorter to read for you, if I just split them up (1 post on Candles, 1 on Soaps and 1 on Body Care). I might do that or I might just lump everything together lol Either way, it’s going to take some time. In the meantime “The Big Event” is still on-going, both online and in-store!

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