ColourPop Labor Day Sale Haul

ColourPop were having a 30% off Sale leading up to Labor Day so I placed an order with them, picking up a few things.

Kinda’ cute, I guess. I prefer their Holiday Prints a little bit more.

For my order being late, I got a Pressed Powder Shadow in the shade Upon a Star for free.

Upon A Star Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic) retails for $4.50 but I got it for free

You’ll want to wish upon this metallic cool rose

I’ve got a hate-hate relationship with Rose shades so this is not something I would’ve chosen for myself.

Still, it might come in handy popped over a matte brown in the center of the lid for one of those Autumnal Cranberry Eye Looks. Plus it was free.

Earthshine Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic) reduced from $4.50 to $3.38

You’ll be able to see this metallic pinky lavender with a blue duochrome flip from outer space

It was out of stock during my previous order (dis) so I’m super excited to finally get my hands on this beauty!

I simply adore shades like this and feel most comfortable in them! A sparkly Lavender and a duochrome at that? So. Much. Yes.

Level up your look with our innovative glitters. With self-adhering, ultra smooth application, it’s the easiest way to add glam without the mess.

I also got two of those new Pressed Glitters to try. They looked insanely pretty in the non-official swatches!

The Pressed Glitters arrived in packaging that was more or less similar to the packing of the Pressed Powder Shadows and were available in a variety of colorful shades.

Renegade Pressed Glitter (glitter) reduced from $5 to $3.75

Be a rebel in this soft rose gold with a copper sheen

Since I didn’t know how well these would perform, I figured I should go with a more neutral shade, to increase the chances of getting more use out of it hence Renegade but…

Over Packed Pressed Glitter (glitter) reduced from $5 to $3.75

Don’t act like you don’t need this holographic lavender

I couldn’t resist getting Over Packed too!

Like I said, I’ve got a soft spot for Lavenders/Lilacs, especially ones that have got a little somethin’ extra going on. I mean, just look at that! So stinkin’ pretty!

As pretty as those Pressed Glitters look, I have no clue how to apply them. They’re basically big chunks of chunky glitter… as the name would suggest lol

They adhere to the skin well enough, but the glitter is pretty sparse so you gotta’ keep packing it on, but then it starts looking too chunky and textured.

Just My Luck Palette retails for $12 (This product is excluded from promotion)

She’s so lucky, she’ll be the star of your makeup collection 🍀

This green monochromatic palette features 9 richly pigmented shadows in every shade of green you can think of. Bring on the bold chartreuse looks or add an olive touch to your smokey eye, this palette has got it all.

– Top Row
Chances Are…: matte fresh mint
Kiss My Hass: matte spearmint
50-50: metallic mossy green

– Middle Row
Big Banks: metallic jade
Mary Jane: metallic chartreuse
Olive U: metallic olive green

– Bottom Row
Act Natural: matte emerald
Mo Bamba: matte forest green
Charmed: matte khaki olive

After playing around with the Brown Sugar Palette (haulage here), I am now a die-hard fan of ColourPop’s 9-pan Pressed Powder Shadow Palettes! I really love the direction they’re going with their monochromatic palettes more recently (You milk that thing, Colourpop! Go get your coin!) and I’m totally planning on collecting all most of them! That said, I’m not happy with the steady increase in price which is why I’m waiting for the monochromatic palettes to go on sale.

I love Green though and didn’t want to risk this baby getting discontinued before I get a chance to snag it. The Just My Luck Palette (such a dumb name) was the only item in this entire haul that was not on sale. It’s absolutely gorgeous though (comes with a nice big mirror too but I didn’t wanna’ blind you) and worth every penny/fils!

Disney Collab (Limited Edition)

I also snatched up a few things that I’d been lusting after from the Disney Designer Collection (which I previewed earlier, here) and Disney Villains Collection (mentioned towards the end of the post, here).

A Whole New World Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) reduced from $6 to $4.50 (Disney Designer Collection)

This icy lavender with pink, silver, and baby blue glitter is shining, shimmering, splendid!

Surprise, surprise, I got yet another Lavender lol

What can I say? I like what I like.

Even when I previewed this collection last year, I knew I was going to get my hands on this shade, at some point.

Other than this shade being in my comfort zone, I wanted to get at least one Super Shock Shadow in the limited edition Disney packaging (so cute)!

Bobbidi Ultra Glossy Lip (tinted) reduced from $7 to $5.25 (Disney Designer Collection)

Your wish has been granted in this soft coral

ColourPop released three Ultra Glossy Lips called Bibbidi (clear with gold sheen) and Bobbidi (soft coral) and Boo (warm rose) in the Disney Designer Collection. Initially, I was not interested in any of them and actually found the entire collection underwhelming.

After I saw some swatches, I fell in love with Bobbidi and Boo! These babies looked pretty pigmented for a Gloss! Also, those names! LOL

Sadly, during the time of this order, Boo was out of stock (booooo)! Thankfully, I managed to get my hands on Bobbidi though (yaay)!

Disney Villains Collection

Also from their Disney collab, a few months later, was the Disney Villains Collection. It had hands down the coolest packaging I’ve seen from ColourPop to date!

My Pet Ultra Glossy Lip (prismatic) reduced from $7 to $5.25 (Disney Villains Collection)

This cool toned icy lavender with hot pink duochrome flip will set you to stone

I had to get my hands on at least one Ultra Glossy Lip from this collection so I went with, you guessed it, another Lavender lol (I’m sick. It’s fine. I’ve accepted it.)

The iridescent motif has got skulls and bones… and other things that denote “Disney Villains“. It’s pretty cool and pretty pretty too! I love the outer packaging as well! Also the shade My Pet might be a possible MAC Relic Lipstick dupe! Wins, all around!

Evil Queen Matte Luxe Lipstick (matte) reduced from $8 to $6 (Disney Villains Collection)

Magic mirror on the wall, have you seen a better rich cherry red matte lipstick? Not at all!

Out of all the Luxe Lipsticks in this collection, the Evil Queen was the one that appealed to me the most. It was matte and it was Red, enough said.

Again, the outer packaging was insanely cool! The packaging of the Lipstick was pretty cool too! Coolest of all, the Lipstick itself had the word “Villains” embossed on one side of the bullet!

Super Shock Highlighters

I kinda’ wanted them all but “exercised some restraint” and just got these two… for now.

They each came with outer packaging (cardboard box) but I’ve removed them from their boxes to show you how awesome the graphics look on the actual packaging of the Highlighters. I love the contrast of the black background against the characters depicted in neon colors! It’s so cool!

Fairest Of All Super Shock Highlighter (pearlized) reduced from $10 to $7.50 (Disney Villains Collection)

No need to ask the mirror when you’re wearing this champagne gold.

So, Fairest Of All is a dupe of Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife… juuust kidding! I wouldn’t know. Fenty Beauty is way out of my price range.

Typically, I’d go for a soft yellow gold or white gold, but after seeing swatches of this baby, it actually seemed kinda’ wearable for my skintone! As dark as it may look in the photo, it didn’t apply as an orange-y gold (hate those) or lean bronze-y on me or too dark or whatever else.

Fairest of All was a lovely yellow gold that was just perfect (for me)!

You Idiots! You Fools! You Imbeciles! Super Shock Highlighter (pearlized) reduced from $10 to $7.50 (Disney Villains Collection)

You’ll be riding off the rails for this pale peach with a coppery flip and flecks of silver.

This was another shade that applied very differently from the way it looked in the pan.

First, that name! LOL

Second, the packaging! So cool!

Third, the shade itself, while it may have looked “White” in the pan, it actually went on as Peach!

I’d actually looked up swatches online and already knew it was a magical shade, which is why I had to get it. So pretty!

Disney Collab

– 2 Super Shock Highlighters
– 1 Matte Luxe Lipstick
– 2 Ultra Glossy Lips
– 1 Super Shock Shadow

These babies are what I got from both the Disney Designer and Disney Villains Collections. I’m sooo happy with all of them and feel so thankful that I managed to get my hands on them! I cannot stress this enough but the packaging on the Disney Villains Collection is the coolest!

The shades are pretty sweet too! In fact, there’s at least one other Super Shock Highlight from the Disney Villains that I’d still like to get my hands on. Also I really want Boo Ultra Glossy Lip from the Disney Designer Collection and even though I didn’t think much of it at first, I’m contemplating springing for the It’s a Princess Thing Palette from the Disney Designer Collection as well.

I like the fact that the Disney collab was a 2-parter! Between the shades, the packaging and the names, the Disney Villains in particular was just the coolest collab that ColourPop has released ever!

Superbloom Velvet Blur Luxe Lipstick reduced from $7.50 to $5.63

This unique matte lipstick creates a soft focus, blurring effect with the same high impact colour you know we’ll deliver, the silky, velvet soft texture smooths over fine lines and imperfections, while never drying out your lips, a formula that works with your look, build up the color to add drama, or blur out the edges for a soft romantic look.

Superbloom: You’re looking like a wildflower in this bright pinky-red

I’ve tried to avoid purchasing ColourPop Luxe Lipsticks because just based on the official and unofficial pictures online, they looked like… garbage. Also, I much prefer their Lippie Stix.

During my last order (dis) I decided to finally bite the bullet and get one of their Luxe Lipsticks (creme finish), just to try. As expected, it was… garbage.

The outer packaging was whatever, but the component was pretty cute and had tiny stars on it, while the lipstick itself had stars embossed on the actual bullet, which was equally cute! I got it in the shade Stone Fox which was horrible on me (my fault) but the consistency was horrible too (their fault). Also there was a suspicious bright pink spot at the base of the lipstick.

Apparently, they keep coming out with different finishes for these Luxe Lipsticks and the latest release was “Velvet Blur“. The shades were named after different songs. I decided to go with Superbloom because I thought it might be a possible dupe for my beloved long-discontinued Revlon Strawberry Suede Lipstick.

The packaging was exactly the same as the previous Luxe Lipstick that I’d purchased earlier, down to the suspect item at the base of the lipstick (this time, a piece of string). While Evil Queen (matte) and Superbloom (velvet blur) were both Luxe Lipsticks, it seems that since Evil Queen was part of a limited edition collection, it looked and felt like it had been manufactured more professionally.

I’m a big fan of the Asian-Inspired “Ombre Effect” on the lips. That’s why I picked this up in the finish “Velvet Blur“.

Swing Away Ultra Blotted Lip reduced from $7 to $5.25

This vivid red orange is your MVP

This baby was listed under the “New Arrivals” tab and looked pretty.

Heck, I just love Ultra Blotted Lips, indiscriminately! What’s not to love? They’re great for that Asian-Inspired Ombre Effect on the lips! They’re buildable in opacity and don’t dry out the lips!

Swing Away came in special limited edition packaging (which was nice, I guesss) and had a reflective gold cap (blech). Unfortunately, on the gold cap and on the side of the tube were some gross red smudges. What the heck, ColourPop?

Ojai There Ultra Blotted Lip reduced from $7 to $5.25

This fresh coral feels like a sweet weekend getaway

Just like Lavenders, I’ve got a soft-spot for all things Coral and couldn’t resist getting this gorgeous, gorgeous shade! Also the name cracked me up! “Oh, Hi there” geddit? LOL

This cutie came in their standard packaging with a reflective silver cap and thankfully had no gross smudges.

Lip Stuff

Superbloom Velvet Blur Luxe Lipstick (bright pinky-red)
Evil Queen Matte Luxe Lipstick (rich cherry red)
Swing Away Ultra Blotted Lip (vivid red orange)
Ojai There Ultra Blotted Lip (fresh coral)
Bobbidi Ultra Glossy Lip (soft coral tint)
My Pet Ultra Glossy Lip (cool toned icy lavender with hot pink duochrome flip)

Excuse My French Pressed Powder Blush (matte) reduced from $7 to $5.25

We swear you’ll love this soft peach

I’m actually in the market for a shade that mimics the effects of the sun when you’ve stayed out a wee bit longer than you should have and gotten a wee bit sunburned.

I had my eye on My Sun and Stars (vibrant peachy pink with a golden sheen) but that was sold out. Excuse My French was (matte soft peach) seemed like the next best thing and here we are.

Star Brite Lite Stix (pearlized) reduced from $8 to $6

Our creamy, dreamy, first ever Lite Stix are the easiest to use stick highlighter ever, glides on the skin, blends effortlessly, and easily builds shimmer to your heart’s desire, the lightweight, natural, skin-like finish plays well when layered and doesn’t disturb your makeup, take it with you anywhere for on-the-go application – just dab, blend, and glow!

Star Brite: I wish I may glow in this icy white champagne highlighter

ColourPop released a “new” product called Lite Stix along with Blush Stix in a ton of different shades and finishes. I wanted to try one out, to see the consistency and pigmentation and wear-time and all that, but there was just so many to choose from.

When I first started ordering online from them, ColourPop used to have a product called Sculpting Stix that was available for purchase. I purchased a contouring shade called Dove (1st order) and a highlighting shade called Illuminati (2nd order). These Lite Stix seemed to be very similar to the discontinued Sculpting Stix.

I went with something simple, Star Brite (icy white champagne). There was no chance of this baby pulling too dark or too bronze or too gold or too pink or too anything, on me. Oddly enough, Star Brite applied even lighter than it looked in the tube and looked closer to what it was described as… in the description lol

Face Stuff

Star Brite Lite Stix (icy white champagne)
You Idiots! You Fools! You Imbeciles! Super Shock Highlighter (pale peach with a coppery flip)
Fairest of All Super Shock Highlighter (champagne gold)
Excuse My French Pressed Powder Blush (matte soft peach)

Eye Stuff

BFF Mascara
BFF Crème Gel Liner
BFF Liquid Liner

As someone who “suggested” that ColourPop come out with a Mascara and Liquid Liner and updated the packaging or discontinue their Creme Gel Liners (ColourPop Reads My Blog!), it was my responsibility (lol dramatic much?) to follow through, by purchasing and trying out these newer products.

Black on Black BFF Mascara reduced from $8 to $6

Introducing the bff mascara, she’s with you from thin to thick, bff will never let you down, instantly lifts lashes while volumizing and lengthening in the blackest black formula, the unique twisted nylon fiber brush is shaped to comb through each lash from root to tip, delivering a buildable look that never clumps. Who needs flakes in their life when you have bff? No flaking, no bs, just a ride-or-die formula.

Black on Black: black

BFF Mascara was available in a bunch of different colors but realistically speaking I only wear Black hence Black on Black.

Straight outta’ the gate, I really didn’t like the plain white packaging with black doodles (looks cheap). That said, the brush-head strongly reminds me of the one on the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

I haven’t gotten around to using this baby yet because I don’t like having half a dozen mascaras open at once.

Try Me BFF Liquid Liner reduced from $8 to $6

Introducing bff liquid liner, our first ever precision felt tip liquid eyeliner pen, the easy to use, flexible tip glides on smoothly with intense pigmentation in one swipe without skipping or tugging, she’s with you from thin to thick, from a sleek wing to a full-on cat eye, she’ll build you up and won’t let you down. Find a friend that keeps you looking sharp all day, this transfer resistant formula won’t smudge, feather or run.

Try Me: Bright Red

Out of everything in this entire haul, I was most excited for the Just My Luck Palette and Try Me BFF Liquid Liner! I’ve always just loved a true Red on the eyes!

The plain white packaging (cap looks slightly more white than the rest of the thing lol) with red doodles looked so cheap! That said, one look at the tip put my heart at ease. It was in fact quite fine and perfectly pointy, just as advertised in the official photos!

One quick (yet gentle) swipe on the back of my hands, proved otherwise. The tip was so flimsy, it might as well been something I’d ordered from ELF! Forget $8 or $6, I can’t justify paying more than $3 at most, for this thing.

Such a shame because the color was so pretty!

Venus Crème Gel Liner (matte) reduced from $5.50 to $4.13

This vibrant red will have you feeling like you’re floating on a shell.

As you can see from the broken tip, it’s literally the exact same defective product as before (haulage here), only in the updated BFF packaging.

As soon as I’d twisted a little bit of it out of the neck, I could already tell it was lopsided lol I continued twisting it all the way up for the photo to show you how much product was in this thing. After twisting it back down, I quickly (yet gently) swiped it across the back of my hand… and the tip just broke off… again.

You know what? This was totally my fault. I should’ve known better lol It’s obviously the same defective product but I couldn’t help but have hope. Also the color was just so beautiful! Now I know to avoid these things completely, no matter how pretty they might look.

~ Fin

3 thoughts on “ColourPop Labor Day Sale Haul

  1. Manaswi Tanwar: Oooh! I’m excited for you! ColourPop is fun to just browse let alone purchase from (so many colors)!

    oliveunicorn: Thank you! Honestly, they’ve got swatches on their website and they have their own channel on YouTube where they swatch stuff, but they use crazy bright lights so everything looks different. Thankfully, I can find a ton of much better swatches from other makeup lovers (way better than my swatches lol) whenever I google a certain shade.


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