Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare

First of all, no Zombies Mode. Not gonna’ lie. I’m extremely disappointed about that. I mean… I cut my teeth on Call of Duty with Black Op 2 Zombies. Heck, it’s the whole reason I skipped Call of Duty: Ghosts. Is it even Call of Duty without Zombies? lol For real though, Spec Ops doesn’t do it for me.

I like that there’s no more Black Out a.k.a. no Big Team Battle Royale Mode a la the disease that is known as Fornite. Now that’s a great decision!

Apparently, there isn’t going to be a Seasons Pass this time. I’m interested to see how that’s gonna’ play out.

Also, as someone who’s got a ton of friends that play COD on their pc (eww) and a bunch of cousins that play COD on their psx (whom I’ve disowned), I’m equally interested in seeing how this whole Cross-Play thing is gonna’ work out.

Truth be told, COD is broken as is (it takes a year for me to gather everyone in a lobby because some people from different parts of the world tend to have trouble joining us and the spawns are just awful) lol so I can already foresee the nerds on computers, glitching and abusing the heck out of it (read: cheating), but hopefully all those things will get patched up as we go along.

I prefer having a physical copy, so I’m not going to be pre-ordering the digital copy, but I’m pretty interested in giving the Beta a try! Although it may not sound like it, I’m supah excited about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare because it looks so good, sounds so great and above all, seems so fun!

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