Mark Hill Perfect Blow Dry Rollers

Mark Hill Perfect Blow Dry Rollers retail for KD 15/000 each

These detachable rollers are the quickest and easiest way to get that celeb blow dry look. It’s super-easy to nail this style, just blow dry your mane as you usually would before using the detachable radial brush rollers to get those big bouncy curls. Perfect before a big night out!

So I spotted these at Boots (Avenues). Initially, I was drawn to the Mark Hill Perfect Blow Dry Rollers because of the 80’s color scheme (like I said, I’m currently on an 80’s kick) which I thought was so cool! However, when I realized they were actually Hair Rollers, I was highly intrigued!

I’ve always wanted to create a salon-worthy blow-out/blow-dry at home. However, I’ve never quite mastered the art of of using a Round Brush in one hand and a Blow-Dryer in the other. Something about it just too complex for me lol That’s why I turned my eye to Hair Rollers, so sure that they’d give me the results I wanted, and that they’d be much easier to use. I’d fill up my Amazon (UK) wish-list with so many Heated Rollers and would frequently check back to read the reviews, but I would never actually purchase any of them. It’s been that way for years.

That’s why when I spotted these Mark Hill Perfect Blow Dry Rollers, I just had to get them. A sane person would’ve purchased just the one. However, Boots were having a Buy Two Get One Free deal going on, at the time. I figured I was actually saving money (when I got back home, my family were like, “that’s not how it works”) and also, down the line, I may wanna’ have more defined curls as opposed to big voluminous yet shapeless curls so more curlers were needed (it made sense in my mind, ok?)

This is what it looks like from the back.

This is what you get inside each box:

x6 Hair Rollers
x6 Hair Clips (to clip the Rollers in place)
x1 Handle (to attach the Rollers to)

Notice how the Hair Clips are actually asymmetrical.

Love the pink-to-orange ombre gradient!

The ergonomic rubber handle makes the whole thing easier to maneuver.

Basically, you just slide one of the Hair Rollers into the Handle.

Then you use this the newly attached Hair Roller Handle in conjunction with a Blow Dryer in the other hand, to blow dry your hair.

To achieve more volume, you curl the hair around the Hair Roller, detach the Handle and clip the Hair Roller in place using one of the Hair Clips. The longer you leave the Hair Roller in your hair, the better the result!

I’ve used this baby a couple of times already and always get massive volume, but unfortunately, I also end up with a lot of frizz. I’ve tried different Blow Dryers, but nothing works. I suppose I should start experimenting with different Hair Products to cut down on the frizz, because the volume this stuff gives is too beautiful to be marred by frizz!

The Mark Hill Perfect Blow Dry Rollers retail for KD 15/000 each but with the Buy Two Get One Free promo, I only had to pay for two… but now that I think about it, it means I actually payed KD 10/000 each, which doesn’t seem as good of a deal lol

3 thoughts on “Mark Hill Perfect Blow Dry Rollers

  1. I always find myself in Boots trying to see what new products are there but surprisingly i never got to see this. I like how this is working for you but not so happy about the frizz. My hair can get frizzy too. I am really interested in getting the Dyson Airwrap though. Do you have any comments about the Airwrap. Am interested to know :)


  2. Hi Sonia, hope you had a lovely time celebrating Onam!

    About Boots, I generally visit the ones that get the most traffic because they’re the ones where I spot newer stuff. I found these Mark Hill Rollers at the Boots next-door to B&BW facing Carrefour at The Avenues. I believe they’re still available for purchase. I found them all the way in the back, next to the Tangle Teezers and Makeup Brushes and Nail Tools and False Lashes, etc…

    I’m interested in the Dyson but not willing to pay that much for it. I’m waiting for the price to go down a bit and then maybe I’ll spring for it on Black Friday or something lol Personally, my tried and true favorite is GHD. I’ve been a fan for almost 10 years now. My hair needs a level of heat that’s higher than the average hot tool can provide, otherwise the curls fall out and my hair straightens back within 10 mins lol

    NotOldYet Hey there :)
    Honestly, you don’t really need these Mark Hill Rollers. They’re just your average hair roller but with more bells and whistles lol You’re better off going for Heated Rollers instead, but that’s just my opinion. Thank YOU for reading this post :)


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