H&M Mini Haul (August)

Before my nieces and nephew moved back to their home for the start of the school year, I took them shopping for clothes and things like that at The Avenues.

We actually had to make two trips though. The wonderful human being that worked as a sales assistant at Next, informed me that they were having a sale the very next day and I should come back tomorrow instead, which I did and got everything that I’d reserved the day before, for 40% off! Also, the sales assistant at H&M forgot to include a pack of Neon Hair Ties that I’d picked out for myself during the first visit. She set them aside and never scanned them. She also forgot to remove the security tag on the Unicorn Onesie for my niece, so we had to go back to get it removed. During the second visit, she did the same thing again and left out some Hair Clips that my niece had picked out lol I guess she’s got something against selling Hair Accessories.

Unfortunately, the eldest (who’s almost 13) was a little bit on the overweight side and none of the 13-15 sizes fit her, but neither did the smaller adult sizes (too long or too tight in the waist area, etc…). Heck, I couldn’t even find a Training Bra for the kid, despite checking out Marks&Spencer and H&M! In the end, I only managed to get her a few pairs of Black Leggings. I felt bad about not finding stuff for her to wear, but she found a bright and colorful sequined T-shirt that she liked and picked up several packs of Ankle Socks and some Hair Accessories by the cash register all from H&M.

We got way more clothes for the youngest (who just turned 9). As a matter of fact, the majority of the haulage was hers. I found the cutest Black Leather Jacket for the youngest at H&M which I was particularly happy about. I also got her a Unicorn Onesie from H&M and matching 3D Unicorn Plush Slippers from Next which she was particularly happy about lol I don’t feel like going through everything else that I got for her because it’s boring, but just like her older sister, I had to get everything 2 sizes up, for anything to fit her. I tried to enforce the rule about no sugar after sundown, but I also never wanna’ comment on their weight so it doesn’t mess with their self-esteem (precarious situation).

Meanwhile, everything fit the boy (who had just turned 11) perfectly. He could wear whatever he wanted from any store. That made my life easier. We got him a bunch of Jeans and Trousers and Sweatpants and T-Shirts and several Hoodies, a lot of them with really fun slogans! He liked the playstation-related ones in particular, because of the disease that is known as Fornite.

Anyways, also at H&M I picked up these Straw Flip Flops and a Velvet Scrunchie for myself.

Chocolate Brown Velvet Scrunchie retails for KD 1/500

I snatched this up from the Hair Accessories Bin, by the cash register. Typically, I’d go for Black, but seeing as how much use I’ve been getting from the Yellow Scrunchie (dis), I picked up the Chocolate Brown on a whim. It’s overpriced as heck, but that’s just the way things are in Kuwait.

Black Braided Straw Flip Flops retail for KD 3/990

Flip-Flops with braided straw insoles. Fluted soles in ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

These were available in Black (as shown) and a hideous metallic “Powder Pink“. They strongly reminded me of my H&M Tan Thong Sandals (dis), except these were slightly higher and had more padding/support (which meant I wouldn’t feel every single pebble that I stepped on). Personally, I like the Woven/Braided Straw look!

However, despite the fact that my dad is the kind that rarely if ever comments on anything I wear, he never misses a chance to comment on how much he hates the ASOS Natural Jayme Espadrille Sandals (dis). They seem to have offended him somehow lol Hopefully, he’ll find these less offensive.

Since I had the kids in tow, I didn’t bother with trying these on. I just grabbed them in a EUR39/UK6/US8 but back home when I finally had some free time to slip them on, they were way too big. Since I was going back to The Avenues again to pick up the 3D Unicorn Plush Slipper along with some other stuff from Next for my niece and to get the security tag removed from the Unicorn Onesie we got at H&M too, I got these Flip Flops exchanged for the correct size this time, EUR38/UK5/US7.

I suppose now that I’ve got these H&M Black Braided Straw Flip Flops, I really should get rid of the H&M Tan Thong Sandals (dis), sadly. I mean, they weren’t the sturdiest to begin with, but they’re practically threadbare at this point lol

RIP H&M Tan Thong Sandals. You will be missed.

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