H&M Black Faux Leather Fringe Handbag

This was the Handbag my sister got for me, as mentioned in My Story: Handbags post (dis).

It wasn’t a birthday gift or anything like that. She just happened to be out with her kids, saw this on display in the window, remembered how earlier I was rambling on about how “Fringe” was having a moment (I just remarked on it, in passing) and she thought I might like this thing! Isn’t she sweetest?

I mistakenly referred to it as Faux Suede, but it’s actually Faux Leather (these things happen more often with some of my longer posts).

It came with a cool chunky top handle and a detachable skinny strap. It had a zippered main compartment that had a zippered pocket and right across, more flat pockets. Obviously the main feature was all that fringe detailing on the outside. The entire Handbag was in Black, save for the hardware which was Gold. For whatever reason, as with everything else in Black/Gold, I found the combo aesthetically appealing!

That said, the H&M Black Faux Leather Fringe Handbag was just not my style. It seemed like something you’d wear to a party. I dunno’, it just felt too girly for me… at the time. I thanked my sister and took it, knowingly full well that I couldn’t get rid of it, because that would hurt her feelings. I was stuck with this thing (note price tag still on).

After some time (only about half a decade or so, no big), this thing actually started looking pretty good, in my eyes! It went from looking too girly-girl to rocker-chick chic, to me! I’m definitely ripping that price tag off and going to start wearing this thing out and about. For some reason, I’ve got the strongest urge to pair this thing with a White T-Shirt now!

Funny that, how our taste changes as we grow. I would have never have picked this up for myself, but I’m thankful to my sister for getting it for me! It’s good to branch out from your comfort zone!

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