These were the Backpacks I mentioned purchasing abroad in My Story: Handbags post (dis).

At the time, the Backpack Trend was at its peak and literally every store around the world was selling them! While traveling abroad on Summer Vacation, I picked up a bunch as gifts for my friends and family back home. Inspired by the success of the New Look Black Box Backpack (dis) I even bought two for myself!

Both of these Backpacks had pretty much the same layout (as did the others that I’d purchased as gifts). They were a little bit on the larger side. They both had a single handle on top and two nice and long adjustable straps on the back. They both had spacious main compartments with toggle closure (I wanna’ say drawstring but that doesn’t sound right so I’m going with toggle) in addition to the single-button closure on the flap. Inside the main compartment, both had a zippered pocket and facing it, several flat pockets. Both of them also had a zippered pocket on the back and 2 pockets on the front. Despite all the buckle detailing, all the front pockets had a single-button closure as well. That’s where the similarities ended.

The Ivory Backpack seemed to be made out of pebbled leather, had reflective gold hardware and a more plain inner lining, while the more colorful Aztec Print Backpack with brown leather accents was seemingly made out of canvas (felt like denim), had tarnished gold hardware and an appropriately Psychedelic Print (kinda’ looks more like something out of Naruto) albeit in Black/White. I picked them up from one of those tourist-y Novelty Stores (that sold all kinds of random junk), so they didn’t have a brand name or anything like that on them.

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t actually worn either of them out and about yet, because I was pretty much obsessed with my New Look Black Box Backpack (dis) and it was the only thing I carried around, for 2 years straight!

Ivory Pebbled Leather Backpack

As far as Bags go, I didn’t own as many neutrals, as much as I owned black ones and other more colorful ones. When I saw this thing hanging by the entrance to the store, it occurred to me that I should at least attempt to incorporate more neutrals in my accessories wardrobe.

I mean, I wished the gold hardware would’ve been silver, but I also really liked the contrast-stitch detailing! I thought the Ivory Pebbled Leather Backpack was pretty feminine and would look cute paired with dresses or something. However, since purchasing this thing, every time I’ve actually worn a dress, it was usually to a formal event where this thing would’ve stuck out like a sore thumb lol

If I’m being honest, it’s not really all that unique, so even if I did donate it right this very second, I’m sure I could find something similar just as fast. I’m only hesitant about getting rid of it because I went through the trouble of bringing it back with me from abroad. Maybe I’ll get more use out of it if in the upcoming year, but if by the same time next year, I still haven’t worn this thing at least enough times to be counted on both hands, I’m definitely going to have to donate it.

Multicolor Aztec Print Backpack

As soon as I clocked this baby, I thought “WOW this thing is ugly… I must have it!” lol

I’ve always loved Aztec Print, but with all those colors (which I’ve fondly dubbed “Rainbow Vomit”), this thing looked hideous… and therefore quite unique (logic!) ergo must-have lol

Had the the entire Backpack been in that same Rainbow Vomit Print, it would’ve looked… cheap (as opposed to now? lol) and I definitely would’ve had to skip it. However, I liked that all the straps and buckles were in a more palatable brown leather to tone it down and like I mentioned several posts ago, I was having a moment with all things tan/brown. I even liked that the hardware was in a more antique-y, sorta’ brassy, tarnished gold, which in my eyes, gave this thing “character”. Mostly though, I had a killer tan going on at the time and I liked how the Multicolor Aztec Print Backpack really offset my tan lol

With that being said, I’ve never actually worn this thing… mostly because I’m not quite sure what to wear with it, without looking insane lol Any suggestion?

As hideous as this thing was, it looked pretty unique to me (where else was I going to find a Backpack in Multicolored Aztec Print with Brown Leather accents?) and I don’t foresee myself getting rid of it any time in the near future (it’s a keeper)!

2 thoughts on “Backpacks

  1. Those are some pretty unique looking backpacks . I’ve started carrying one around with me as well , mainly when I was visiting family in Mexico. I could put my makeup , spare stuff and nintendo games and go . Theres literally the cutest backpacks now , I have a Jellyfish one at the moment .


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