New Look Black Box Backpack

New Look Black Box Zip Front Metal Trim Backpack

This was the Backpack I mentioned in My Story: Handbags post (dis).

I got this Box Backpack I wanna’ say about 4 years ago from New Look (top floor at The Avenues, but they either closed down that branch, or moved it to another location, since then), back when Backpacks were trending or starting to trend.

I missed the whole Backpack Trend the first time around (back in the 90’s) because I was too young, so I was pretty excited that the trend had finally circled back (only taking about 20+ years lol)! Backpacks slowly started trickling into stores, until every store had no less than a billion variations (different colors, shapes, sizes, material, etc…). With that being said, none of them spoke to me.

Honestly, I wasn’t really a Handbag type of girl. Unless it was a special occasion, I hated carrying anything around, including any sort of Handbag! Mostly, I’d purchase them for practical reasons (if they seemed spacious and could carry a lot) and even then, it was only once every few years or so. My previous purchase was the H&M Ombre Tote Bag (dis) which I’d purchased about 2 years earlier and before that were the twin Zara Trapeze Handbags (dis) which I’d purchased a year or so before that. I didn’t purchase a new Handbag on the regular nor did I feel the need to.

However, as soon as I clocked this baby hanging on the wall among all the other Handbags next to the cash register at New Look, I was utterly smitten! It was just so cute! It looked like a Book Bag which just played into that whole “Collegiate Vibe” that I so enjoy! It also seemed pretty spacious. Mostly, I loved that it was a Box Backpack, which made it seem different and set it apart from all the other Backpacks I’d seen up to that point!

It had a single top handle and two nice and long adjustable straps.

It had a spacious main compartment, that included a zippered pocket and right across it, a flat pocket.

I stashed my Liquid Lipsticks and Hair Clips in the zippered pocket, along with other smaller items that I didn’t want getting lost in the main compartment (didn’t feel like digging for them, when it was full).

While the flat pocket was more for things like my hearburn meds (dis) and such.

It also had a wide front pocket where I stashed things I needed easy access to, like my Sunglasses and PocketBacs and Body Lotion, etc…

The Box Backpack only had a single-button closure, which held the flap in place. While the flap had a zipper that could actually be unzipped, the zipper didn’t appear to serve any purpose other than aesthetics.

All in all, I loved the way this looked, but also how practical it was!

New Look Black Box Backpack was available in Burgundy and Black, but I opted for Black because I figured it was more wearable and would go with almost everything, as opposed to Burgundy. Also, I seem to have developed a strong liking to the combination of Black + Gold, during the more recent years. Plus, the one in Black just looked cooler!

I took this thing on Summer Vacation with me, where it came in especially handy during certain activities, such as long arduous treks (the only time I ever actually walk and only because I was forced into it, on account of how my friends basically turn half goat when we’re abroad and always wanna’ walk everywhere) and when we rented bikes (input code on your phone, lock releases on one of the bikes on the rack, you get billed via your phone, once you’re done with the bike, you can just place it back at any other bike rack, even in a totally different area… which was just super convenient) and things like that.

Back in Kuwait, I wore this thing to work and out and about with my friends and even to visits to my uncle’s house (so far away from the city, I practically need to take my passport with me). Unlike those over-sized, shapeless, slouchy Tote Bags (dis), this baby was about average sized and really nice and structured! It stored so much, yet didn’t look like it. Best of all, I loved how I could just loop this thing around my shoulders and practically forget about it, which freed up both my hands to do whatever I needed to do!

From the moment I purchased the New Look Black Box Backpack, I literally wore it for 2 years straight! Other than the fact that it looks pretty cool, and can be both dressed up or dressed down, and is pretty handy for carrying a lot, I really appreciate how it frees up my hands!

I really, really like this thing and plan on getting even more use out of it! New Look Black Box Backpack was such a great purchase!

2 thoughts on “New Look Black Box Backpack

  1. Nice… I like the look of this backpack Very different from the usual style. Also, where did New Look go? I used to love shopping there and all of a sudden they just disappeared.


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