Zara Pebbled Leather Trapeze Bags

These are the twin Zara Trapeze Bags from the Trafaluc Collection that I mentioned in My Story: Handbags post (dis). I purchased them along with the Zara Black Peony Eau de Parfum (dis) from the Souq Sharq branch of Zara around 2013, I believe.

I clocked it in Black (my go to) and Tan (which I was slowly warming up to, at the time) and couldn’t decide between the two, so I got both.

This thing was huge! I’m talkin’, fill it up with junk (full size Perfume, full size Body Lotion, Large Notebook to jot down stuff, Cardigan for when it gets chilly, Makeup Bag for “on-the-go touch-ups”, change of Shoes for when Heels start to hurt, pair of jammies for sleepovers, iPad/Laptop or both, Hair Dryer, etc…) and add a large fluffy Towel on top huge! My guy friends would repeatedly ask me how was I was carrying this thing around, because it was pretty heavy, but to be fair, I did fill it up with, well, everything lol

Other than the main compartment being pretty huge, it also had a zippered pocket for smaller knick-knacks that I didn’t want to get lost in the the larger main compartment. Right across the zippered pocket were some other flat pockets in different sizes (for Pens and Lipgloss and sometimes a Makeup Brush).

The outside consisted of pebbled leather, while the inside consisted of… I wanna say canvas? Other than the random Pink Tab, the inside was mostly Beige. The hardware was more of a non-reflective tarnished Gold. These Trapeze Bags came with Top Handles, but also nice and long adjustable straps, which was super convenient! It meant I could carry this thing by the Handles or loop it around my shoulder as a Cross-Body Bag!

Unfortunately, these aren’t the most flattering pictures ever, but I tried lol

Zara Black Pebbled Leather Trapeze Bag

At first, I only wore the Black one, almost exclusively. It looked cool and made me feel like a bad***! Plus, it matched 99.9% of my wardrobe, which was pretty convenient lol

I relished the fact that I could leave my home, but also, bring my entire home with me (everything but the kitchen sink) in this thing! My friends even started to referring as this thing as a “baqala” (which was the local dialect for convenience store/mini-mart lol) while they’d be digging through it for something or other.

Zara Tan Pebbled Leather Trapeze Bag

After some time, I moved on to lugging the Tan one around instead, because I was slowly growing fonder of all things Tan. I even purchased a bunch of Accessories (mostly Bracelets and Footwear) in Tan. It just seemed more “summer-y” and “boho chic” to me!

I alternated between the Black and Tan for a good looong while, but began to favor the Tan more, even traveling with it.

Note the MAC Eyebrow Spoolie (dis) and the itty-bitty Hairclips in the zippered pocket (soz for the blurriness, my cam likes to misbehave from time to time).

Also note, the remnants of my last trip with this thing (Dettol Anti-bacterial Wet Wipes, Jessica Simpson Neon Orange Wallet, some Euros not in the Wallet, Boarding Pass from the Royal Jordanian Airlines where we made a quick stop and I missed out on buying Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts and lastly my missing Anklet lol)

As the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt (… or something). What once attracted me to these Trapeze Bags, was now the very reason I got bored of them. It started to grate on me how Over-Sized these things were, not unlike the Accessorize Bright Yellow Patent Leather Tote Bag (dis) that I used to own when I was younger. They were both too big and shapeless, which made them look frumpy and worse lazy to me. They no longer made me happy. In fact, just looking at them would annoy me.

That trip where I took the Tan one with me, was the final straw. I haven’t touched either one of these Zara Trapeze Bags since. As such, I’m going to be donating them.

They’ve served me well, but my “aesthetic” has changed and rather than holding on to them and letting them just sit there and collect dust, I figured I’d pass them along to someone who’d get more use out of them. My younger brother is in touch with a bunch of local charities, so he’s gonna’ help me out with that.

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