Designer Handbags (Wedding Gifts)

I got these babies as Wedding Gifts, like I mentioned in My Story: Handbags post (dis).

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I haven’t worn either of them… ever (for different reasons), just so you know. I’m not about to start making stuff up for the sake of a post lol

Celine Bright Orange and Black Mini Luggage Handbag

Now I don’t know much about Celine, but a quick search showed me that a lot of people know a lot about Celine lol At first, it was all a bit confusing, but then I started thinking of it in terms of Makeup and it became much easier for me to grasp (not joking).

Basically, shown here is one of the Celine Luggage Handbags. They were released in 2010, but didn’t become a hot-ticket item until one of the Olsen Twins was photographed toting it around, which consequentially led to this baby doubling in price and rocketing in popularity!

Back in the day (around the time it was gifted to me), it was available in several sizes and several finishes. Large Phantom and Medium Phantom and Mini and Micro and Nano, with Large Phantom being the largest and Nano being the smallest. They have since discontinued both sizes in Phantom and now the Celine Luggage Handbag is only available in the following 3 sizes

Mini: 12 X 12 X 7 IN (31 X 31 X 18 CM)
Micro: 11 X 11 X 6 IN (27 X 27 X 15 CM)
Nano: 8 X 8 X 4 IN (20 X 20 X 10 CM)

Mine could be a Micro, but it looks bigger so I’m gonna’ go with calling it a Mini. I could be wrong though (I’m just eyeballing it here lol) I will update this post, once I know for sure.

The different finishes range from Smooth Calf to Drummed Calf to Bullhide Calf to Nubuck Calf to Calf Hair to Grained Calf to Palmelato Calf to Calf and Textile to Textile to Crocodile to Croc Embossed to Python.

I believe mine is in Smooth Calf but again, I could be wrong. The only calves I know of generally tend to be in my Burgers (sorry, vegans).

They’re available in Solid Colors (1 color) and Bicolors (2 colors) and Tricolors (3 colors), but that changes from season to season… or something (I dunno’). Mine is one of the Bicolors in “Bright Orange” and “Black” (very Halloween-y, no?) which I stan!

The pricing for these Celine Luggage Handbags is quite… painful, but if you’re willing to spend KD 870 on a Handbag (yikes), might as well add another KD 50 and get it as a “Mini“, no?

Nano: KD 740
Micro: KD 870
Mini: KD 930

As with most fancy-schmancy brands, this baby came housed in a Drawstring Dust Bag and had a Care Instructions Booklet. The Handbag had 2 zippered pockets: 1 in the front and 1 in the main compartment. The main compartment which was quite spacious, also had a zipper. The hardware was Gold (which was offset the Black… or vice versa?) while the inner lining and much of the Handbag was Bright Orange with the rest being Black. I like that the handles were Black as opposed to Bright Orange though. I’ve seen some of the newer ones in the aforementioned Tricolors and they just seem a bit… busy for my taste. I’m quite happy with the look of my Bicolor. Lastly, this thing both looked and felt quite structured!

I never wore this thing or even got to play with it… because I kinda’ misplaced it. That’s why I can’t say much about it (as if all that wasn’t enough lol), but I like the Celine Bright Orange and Black Mini Luggage Handbag! Also, the front kinda’ looks like a a Robot or DJ Marshmello, which makes it even more endearing to me lol

I can’t wait to bust this baby out during Autumn/Fall (not that we actually get any other seasons in Kuwait other than Summer, aside from 2-3 months of Winter that begins in January lol) paired with complimentary knit-wear (possibly a rust-colored sweater or maybe a mustard-y one) or year-round paired with matchy-matchy nail polish! I’m pretty excited about finally getting to play around with the Celine Bright Orange and Black Mini Luggage Handbag!

Chopard Banana Yellow Milano Handbag

Finding the proper name for this thing was so fun (and by fun, I meant the exact opposite).

I had to do a google image search (with results that were almost similar but not quite) which eventually led me to where I copied the serial number and kept changing the last digit, hoping to stumble on the exact same style as mine, which I did, eventually, except it was on what appeared to be a Russian site and I couldn’t find the exact same color. All I could find was the name of the collection (Milano Collection) and the dimensions. So I’m just going to call it whatever I wanna’ call it instead lol

(35 x 20 x 21 cm)

This means nothing to me (my eyes glaze over when it comes to numbers), but in case you’re interested, those are the dimensions.

Like I said, mine was from the Chopard Milano Collection which was available in different finishes (I classify them as smooth leather and pebbled leather, but they’re basically variations on calfskin) and several colors (including Black and Red and Rust and Banana and so on). That said, I got mine ages ago so it’s practically considered “retro” at this point and I believe they have since updated the design (few minor changes here and there). Heck, I don’t even know if they sell it anymore. Also, not sure if it came before or after, but there’s also a Boston Collection that seems somewhat similar to the Milano Collection (they’re all in that same Bowling/Doctor/Top Handle Handbag territory).

It was handed to me in a large Chopard Shopping Bag (a wee bit banged up from all the moving it had to go through lol) literally with a ribbon on top, tied into a bow. The actual Handbag was housed inside yet another Drawstring Dust Bag (oooh, foncy, foncy), except this one was much better quality than the Drawstring Dust Bag from Celine.

The Handbag was a Banana Yellow which I mistakingly referred to as Muted Lime Green in My Story: Handbags post (dis), but to be fair, I only glanced at this thing once, before banishing it away from my sight, while we moved house. I still think it’s hideous lol but after taking pictures of it for this post and now blogging about it, I dunno’… it’s kinda’ growing on me lol

On the outside, all the hardware was a lovely Rose-Gold, from the iconic “C” logo on the face of the Handbag to all the zippers and whatnot. However on the inside, the zipper as well as the inner lining was a more discreet Black (nice and subtle)! The only pop of color on the inside was the matching leather tab with the brand’s name (underneath the zippered pocket).

The main compartment was nice and spacious (stuffed with tissue paper for the Handbag to retain its shape), with a single zippered pocket inside. However, unlike all those other Handbags that were quite deep, but had stiffer necks/openings, this baby had a zipper that went all the way around the Handbag! I really, really appreciated that!

Honestly, from the moment I saw this thing, I thought it was hideous (maybe I’m allergic to luxury lol). In fact, I even flirted with the idea of selling it (not joking lol), but alas, it was a gift and we have a saying in Arabic that roughly translates to “A gift should not be gifted (as in regifted) or sold”. Plus, I’m too scared that the person who gifted it to me, might someday ask to see me using the Handbag. I just couldn’t bring myself to wear it though and with time, sorta’ forgot about it.

I like how spacious it was while also being structured, and I do so enjoy quality leather, not to mention all the rosegold hardware (particularly the zipper that goes all the way across), but for whatever reason, this particular shade of Yellow just bugs me.

Between the textured leather and in this particular shade, it almost looked like an unappealing lemon… only more muted and dingier and with a greenish tinge to it, which I strongly disliked. I wish the Yellow was brighter or maybe darker or something. All in all, this thing did not make my heart sing with joy (that’s the criteria I go by) lol

That said, it seems petty to dislike a Handbag just for its color, especially since I got it as a gift (an expensive gift, mind you) and since I dug it out of storage and everything, I suppose I’ll start “incorporating” it into my looks from now on, and take it from there (baby steps).

Like I said at the start of this post, I’ve never worn either of them (one was lost and the other was ugly), but I’ll start doing so… soon (maybe) lol

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